Scrying the Aethyrs: 7 – DEO

This is the text of my journal entry for my scrying of the 7th Aethyr, DEO. See my previous post on scrying the aethyrs for instructions and a description of exactly what the Aethyrs are.

I light a candle, say a prayer, recite the 19th call, and lay down with my eyes closed to let the vision overtake me.

The vision starts disjointed. I had trouble getting into it due to outside noises, eventually getting up and putting on headphones to try to block out the sounds. I also had intrusive thoughts which I had trouble pushing away at first. I found this frustrating, but decided push on rather than try again later.

I seemed to have less autonomy in this vision, more that I’m just watching things happen rather than directly controlling myself.

There is a tree with wind chimes in it, ringing out in a light breeze.

I am walking up the steps to some sort of Greco-Egyptian structure.

There is a statue of “the Goddess”, though its details are not specific, or different at each glance.

I am walking through a sandstone crevasse.

I am in a small cave.

A red carpet stretches out before me. I walk forward past monks who are seated to either side of it. They are wearing red robes, heads bowed in meditation with candles in front of them, playing singing bowls in their laps.

The carpet ends at a statue. A statue of me. It is made of a white stone. At the heart is a clear crystal which goes the entire way through it. It’s left hand is slightly raised and extended away from the body.

Behind it, there is an opening in the cave which forms a shelf at about head level of the statue. Golden sunlight pours through it, illuminating the statue and causing a prism-like effect as it passes through the heart crystal. It is almost like water is spilling through the opening, sparkling behind the statue, but I do not see it splashing or collecting on the shelf.

The base of the statue reads “Ἰάσων“. This is the Greek form of my name, Jason. It comes from “ἰάομαι“, which means “to heal”.

Again I hear wind chimes. As I walk up to the statue, it’s left hand comes to rest on the top of my head.

It is like the cavern is then filled with stars, or a field of stars is overlaid upon this vision. Each one twinkles and rings out as one note of the chimes.

I turn and follow the carpet back to the entrance to this cave.

Light pours down a stone staircase. It turns left, then right as I ascend.

I am in a grass field. There are rolling hills with small tower-like structures and some other buildings on them.

From where I stand a dirt path leads west toward a small village and the sea. I notice I am wearing a garment similar to a white toga.

I follow it and arrive as the sun begins to set over the water.

I do not stop on the sand, instead walking directly into the water. I do not sink into it. Rather, I am walking on top of the still ocean.

The Sun sinks below the horizon

In the darkness of the night a wind begins to blow inward toward land.

I continue striding forward into the blackness.

My chest begins emitting a brilliant white light, such that it is almost daytime.

From out of the darkness boats begin to appear and silently drift past me on both my left and right.

I stop walking, and more and more continue to come. I do not see anyone aboard. Some are larger, some small. Some have lights, some are completely dark.

As the last passes me, I turn. The light in my chest dims. No longer a beacon, but just a subdued glow.

Seeing the ships pulled ashore in the distance, I begin walking back to the beach.

As I return, I can hear music playing. There are small half-covered huts near the beach. Numerous fires have been lit. Some have large cauldrons over them.

People are eating and singing and making merry.

I walk amongst them, occasionally placing a hand on a head or shoulder as I pass by. Each person greets me with a smile, though I cannot see most of their features clearly.

Passing completely through the crowd, I continue walking down the beach.

I come to a part where the hills rise up, forming a small cliffside above the water. I walk on the small sliver of land here for a short time and then sit down.

With my fingers, I write D E O in the sand beneath me, and circle it.

I lay down, take a deep breath, and as I exhale my entire body turns to sand, melting away and merging with the beach.

Despite the body being gone, I am still present here. Nothing feels any different.

Because I was never the body to begin with.

With a disembodied third person view, I see the beach and the ocean and the people around their fires.

I watch for a short time, and the vision fades away.

As with the previous few Aethyrs, I had not read the scrying of Aethyr 7 by either Duncan Barford or Crowley before scrying today. I am reading them now, and adding relevant similarities here:

  • Duncan begins his journey by being bothered by an unrelated spirit, and then by outside noises, which he took to be a quality of this Aethyr. I started my vision frustrated by outside sounds.
  • Duncan experienced a quiet night, apart from the wind. This is similar to my experience on the water.
  • Duncan experienced someone else playing music from a room above him. I experienced people playing music and singing on the beach, and the chimes of the stars. Neither of us participated in it, and Duncan actively disliked it.
  • Duncan was attempting to experience this Aethyr as a lucid dream, but missed multiple opportunities to do so. For me, this Aethyr was less of a participatory journey and more just a vision that I was seeing.
  • Duncan sees deceased family members and acquaintances being happy together, and decides to leave them. I walked away from those I saw on the beach. Were they some of the dead?
  • Duncan experiences a tiny, enclosed space underground. The main part of my journey started in a cave. He says this suggests a grave. Was my vision a rising from a grave in some fashion?

  • Crowley writes: “And a voice said: It is kindled into fire that was the blue breast of ocean; because this is the bar of heaven, and the feet of the Most High are set thereon.” I walked upon the ocean.
  • Crowley says it is impossible to describe all the ways the vision is changing. I found the beginning of my vision disjointed as things changed multiple times.
  • Crowley speaks of many forms of a “goddess of love” which changes. I saw a non-specific statue of “The Goddess”.
  • Crowley speaks of the Logos and the Tetragrammaton in ways that are reminiscent of a previous experience of mine.
  • Crowley sees a woman’s head sparkling and its “light of gems”, which is similar to the statue of me in the cave.
  • Crowley speaks of the Legend of Creation, which is again similar to my previous experience, and then of Eden, which is also similar to a previous Aethyr vision of mine.
  • Crowley says “She” comes again riding a dolphin, and then he sees wandering souls. He mentions them encamped upon the sea. Given Duncan’s interpretation of his vision, this reminds me of the ships and then revelers on the beach in mine. Crowley identifies them as Black Brothers.
  • Crowley speaks of the “joy of dissolution”. I dissolved into the sand.
  • Crowley says that the true voice of the Aethyr is “continual song”. There was music in the cave from the bowls, the chimes of the stars, and from those on the beach.
  • Crowley is told “thine eyes were not able to bear the splendour of the vision”. This again reminds me of a previous Aethyr vision of mine, where I was gifted eyes.

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