Scrying the Aethyrs: 6 – MAZ

This is the text of my journal entry for my scrying of the 6th Aethyr, MAZ. See my previous post on scrying the aethyrs for instructions and a description of exactly what the Aethyrs are.

March 13, 2023

I light a candle, say a prayer, recite the 19th call, and lay down with my eyes closed to let the vision overtake me.

It takes a little longer than “normal” for a vision to arrive this time.

I see a cave made of clouds.

A covered bus stop. It is quite a storm here in the city, lightning striking the skyscrapers and heavy winds blowing the rain sideways, but I remain dry under the small roof.

The bus arrives. It is empty except for me and the driver. I board it and choose a seat on the left side a few rows back.

I ask the driver if this is the 6th Aethyr. In response a sign above him rolls down to say MAZ. Next to it a digital clock begins counting down from 1:30.

I watch every second as it ticks down, completely oblivious to anything which may be happening around me.

As it hits 0:00 the bus pulls up to its next stop. I rise to exit and put two quarters into the toll machine before disembarking.

It is still raining.

I rush under the awning cover and through the door of a corner bodega with many covered displays in front of it. Inside is completely empty of people, even behind the counter. There are extremely long aisles full of products, much longer than should fit inside this small store.

Not completely knowing why, I begin walking down the aisles. I get a small bottle of milk, a box of cereal, and a package of dried dates. [Dates are something which came up in a previous recent vision which has not been included on this blog yet.]

I walk to the front counter and a young girl, maybe 9 or 10 years old, pops up from behind it to check me out. I ask her name, to which she replies “Saxtomp” (pronounced Sax-Tome).

I ask if she knows where I should go next. She suggests I try the door in the back.

I walk down the long aisle and find a door next to the refrigerated products. Saxtomp has walked here with me. As I open it, she rushes inside.

There is a small room here with a child sized table and chairs. There is a small couch and an old television playing cartoons high up on the wall.

She sits at the table and begins coloring a sheet of paper with crayons. I sit across from her and also begin coloring.

I ask what she is drawing, and she shows me her picture: a child’s portrait of me. So, I draw a picture of her in the same child-like style.

I ask if there’s anything else I should be doing here, and she shrugs her shoulders.

I collect a few bowls from the table and pour us each a bowl of cereal and milk. She happily eats it, and I eat with her.

We talk for a short time and I find myself getting restless, both in the vision and in real life.

Eventually I find it so hard to sit still that my eyes open and I have to stand up and move around, and the vision ends.

March 15, 2023

Occasionally I find myself dissatisfied with the result of one of these visions, and so I decided to try this one again.

I light a candle, say a prayer, recite the 19th call, and lay down with my eyes closed to let the vision overtake me.

There is a heavy wind blowing. I see birds trying to fly, but they are unable to fight it, getting tossed around through the air. I feel bad for them.

I see, floating in a void of blackness, a gigantic sphere of what seems to be a tan satin cloth. It is wrinkled, as if it were carelessly balled up around something and left floating in space.

I notice Saxtomp is here. She stands next to me, clinging to my leg.

She tells me that this is something for me “to not have yet”.

I ask if I should stay here and wait, or if I should move on.

She replies that I can continue to the next Aethyr.

I accept this as the completion of the scrying, open my eyes, and the vision ends.

As with the previous few Aethyrs, I had not read the scrying of Aethyr 6 by either Duncan Barford or Crowley before scrying today. I am reading them now, and adding relevant similarities here:

  • Duncan’s vision starts in a windy place with a childhood friend. Both of my visions started out with wind.
  • Duncan sees a duplicate of his girlfriend, specifically the part which is childlike. I met a young girl.
  • Duncan sees a man attaching a red cube high on a wall. I saw a television high up on a wall.
  • Duncan asks who is in charge, but is told he’ll never see them around there. The bodega didn’t seem to have anyone running it.
  • Duncan mentions there was a second part to the vision which he cannot remember. My scrying of this took place over two sessions.
  • Duncan does remember that he was given something in the second part, though not what. In the second part of mine it is implied there is something for me there, which I have not yet been given.

  • Crowley mentions it is hard for him to understand this Aethyr, as the images form and dissolve “more rapidly than lightning”. I found it hard to get much of anything from this Aethyr, and also there was a great storm with lightning preventing me from straying from a specific path. [Also of note, as I am reading this and writing my comments, Crowley’s text provided no less than 3 synchronicities alone on this first paragraph with other things I have said or read just moments ago].
  • Crowley feels helpless, and the more he tries it seems he is further from success. This reminds me of the birds being blown around in the wind of this Aethyr. Also, that I could not seem to find something specific to do here.
  • Crowley references Genesis 9:20-27, in reference to Noah’s sons seeing him passed out drunk and naked and covering him with a cloth. In Crowley’s version it is BABALON which has lured the Most High to drunken nakedness, and adepts cover him with three cloths: white, yellow, and black. This is where his three schools of magick come from. In my second vision there was something covered with a tan, or a dull dark yellow, cloth which was not for me to see or have yet.
  • Crowley speaks of a sea raging with storms, a dead planet, and a darting hawk. These are all images which are close to things which appeared in my vision.
  • Crowley continues with a description of a temple, which though made of pillars could fit as a description of the bodega.
  • Crowley finishes by describing a number of symbols which I have come across in previous aethyrs: Greek writing, wands, ashes from a cup, a village in the desert.

It amazes me every single time how even the visions which do not seem to amount to much have so much in common with those of others.

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