Scrying the Aethyrs: 5 – LIT

This is the text of my journal entry for my scrying of the 5th Aethyr, LIT. See my previous post on scrying the aethyrs for instructions and a description of exactly what the Aethyrs are.

I light a candle, say a prayer, recite the 19th call, and lay down with my eyes closed to let the vision overtake me.

I see a door in a black void.

Brown, but plain, in its frame. It opens, and I move through it into further blackness.

Looking up, I see a lightbulb above me. A normal incandescent bulb at the end of a black cable, just hanging in the nothingness. There are moths flying around it.

I am the lightbulb.

I am warm, and I am radiating light.

Electricity flows through my filament, agitating it so that it shines brightly.

I feel an upward pull.

I am in darkness in a forest.

There are trees and ferns and rocks around, but beyond them is blackness. It is as if this place is simply growing in the void.

I stand in a small clearing, encircled by the trees.

In my right hand I carry a lit lightbulb on a rope-like cable. [I actually own this device, as it is part of the dreamachine.] Bugs gather around it, flying in lazy circles and bumping into the glass.

I touch one of the trees, feeling each little crevasse in the bark.

Looking forward, I see a woman standing before me. She is made of pure light, with a slightly blue tint to it. She wears a long, but simple, dress or robe, also made of light. It trails on the ground behind her, and her extended sleeves dangle low from her arms. A hood covers her head, hiding her hair. Her outfit sparkles as she moves in the darkness.

She smiles as I meet her gaze, and I approach her. I have an inherent understanding there will be no speech or conversation here.

I kneel. She places her right hand, and then her left, upon my head. We remain like this for a few moments.

I stand and she begins walking away on a path that I previously did not notice. It is as if it is only there when she moved to take it. She pauses and looks back waiting for me to follow.

As I step forward, I see on the ground before me is a lottery ticket. I pick it up and place it in my wallet before continuing on.

We walk through the path to the next clearing in the trees.

Seated with crossed legs on a rock, I see an old man in white robes meditating. It is me many years from now. The lightbulb on the rope-cable is laying next to him.

As the elder-me opens his eyes my point of view shifts to be his. I see the Woman-of-Light before me, but no other version of myself beside her.

I stand from the rock, lift the light-rope, and continue following her. A new path presents itself as she approaches the circle of trees that enclose this clearing.

We follow the path, and arrive in the next clearing where a large angled stone rests.

I walk up to it, and give it a push, finding it to be solid and strong.

A tiger has approached.

I hear it moving in the circle of trees around me. It growls.

I see glimpses of its stripes, its face, its claws.

It leaps out, and instead of a full grown animal pouncing onto me I am presented with a small tiger cub.

It walks up to me, rubbing against my legs. I crouch down and pet it for a few moments before the Woman-of-Light moves to the next path.

I follow her, lifting the cub in my left hand.

Continuing on through the black forest, light in one hand and cub in the other, we come to an area where the trees are not so dense.

Looking up into their branches, I see tiny blue lights. Many of the green leaves are illuminated from beneath by a little shining spark. The bare tips of some of the branches glow as well.

I place the cub on the ground, and it scampers away.

The Woman-of-Light walks onward, and I again follow.

We come to a point where the forest is evidently flooded. Black water stretches out before us, with tree trunks growing upward out of it.

The Woman-of-Light approaches a small rowboat, gracefully entering it. She sits, looking away from me, waiting for me to board.

I carefully climb inside, still holding the light-rope.

The boat begins moving under its own power, out over the dark waters.

Behind, the wake it leaves is a bioluminescent blue, marking our trail.

The sky opens up above us as the trees become less dense, revealing a night sky full of stars. From this view a beam of light shines down onto the water.

I look at the face of the Woman-of-Light. She smiles at me as the boat steers into the beam.

As her side enters it she is sucked upward into the sky. It reminds me of a scene from some sort of alien abduction.

My side of the boat enters the beam and I feel and upward pull as everything goes white.

I am standing on the snow capped peak of a mountain. Above me is still a night sky full of stars. Below, off the edge of the peak, I can only see white clouds.

In the distance are other snowy mountain peaks. Each one has a blazing fire at its point.

A short distance away, across a thin ridge, is a single room stone building. It has a rounded roof and pillars flanking the doors.

I cross the ridge, approaching this structure, and knock on the doors. They open inward, allowing me to enter.

The figure which has opened the door for me is an angel. It has large white wings tucked behind it. It carries a spear, and wears a long blue robe underneath a silver breastplate.

Inside the building is a warm orange light coming from a large golden brazier containing a roaring bonfire at the center of the room. Surrounding it are other angelic figures dressed similarly to the one at the door, also carrying spears. They stand facing the fire.

I walk around the fire and see the Woman-of-Light seated on a throne behind it. I walk up to it and she smiles down at me.

Turning around, I see there is a small staircase leading up the side of the brazier to the fire-altar.

Angels approach either side of me and remove the white robe I am wearing. They hand the rope-bulb back to me.

I climb the stairs and step into the flames.

The fire turns silver around me and blasts upward, through a hole in the roof. It creates a pillar of flames which reach up to the stars above.

I begin rising with the flames, as if I was just a piece of burnt ashes being carried into the sky.

My body is positioned such that my arms are extended downward and outward, with palms facing forward. [This is sometimes called the Sign of the Temple]

I am lifted by this pillar of flame high above the world. I see it far below me, and am surrounded by the heavens.

From my back extend two enormous red and orange wings, each feather tipped with flames. They curve around downward, wrapping around the whole of the world, in a similar position to the way my arms and hands are placed.

Before me I see the face of the Woman-of-Light. It is enormous, encompassing the whole of the sky, but simultaneously human-sized. In her eyes is reflected the entirety of the universe.

She addresses me by the name of my Holy Guardian Angel. She places her hands upon my cheeks, tilts my head downward, and kisses the top of it.

This pose is held for an uncountable length of time, or no time at all. I seem to dissolve away, but also remain physically within the pillar of flames.

I am nothing.

I have no form or thought.

I feel no sensations.

The only feeling I do seem to have is an intense wave of love, balled up in the chest of my physical body where it lays as I scry.

This persists for some time, and I then naturally open my eyes.

The vision ends.

As with previous Aethyrs, I had not read the scrying of Aethyr 6 by either Duncan Barford or Crowley before scrying today. I am reading them now, and adding relevant similarities here:

  • Duncan’s vision starts with a fight which is quickly broken up. This reminds me of the tiger in the forest.
  • Duncan looks at the sky to see colored lights, which come down to the world around him. This is similar to the lights in the trees.
  • Duncan meets a woman, who does divination, who is there to tell him about the 5th Aethyr. I followed the Woman-of-Light through the forest.
  • Duncan’s vision ends shortly after this, as the woman makes a prediction about a date which has already passed for him. I find no other similarities here.

  • Crowley’s vision starts with a shining pylon, sigil of an eye, and a shining triangle, where he sees the face of Isis-Hathor. My vision contained many pillars of light, reflections in eyes and shifting perspectives, and the Sign of the Temple creates a triangle with the arms and head. It also makes an arrow pointing upward, and Crowley’s vision of this Aethyr is called the Vision of the Arrow. I saw a woman made of light, and later just her face in the stars.
  • A voice tells Crowley “thou knowest not how the Seven was united with the Four”. The Seven, to me at least, were a group of entities I communicated with for a short time. They may not relate to this Seven, but the similarity here is that I was carrying the light from the Dreamachine which I used for communication with The Seven.
  • The author of Visions and Voices which I am reading for Crowley’s visions of the Aethyrs, points out here that the three letters in the name LIT are symbolic of the honeymoon night, and the presenting of the sacramental cup. This is interesting in the context of my vision as well as in previous ones.
  • Crowley sees more pylons of light, carved from the rock of the mountain. In each mountain top pylon is seated a god, in an endless series of them. This is very interesting to compare to my visionary experience on the mountain top, with countless others blazing with fires.
  • At the top of the mountain Crowley enters a circular hall with a shrine with many marble figures of men and women facing inward. This is very much like my experience on the mountain top as well.
  • Crowley is lifted by an angel to the edge of an alter in the shrine. It is surrounded by “holy men” carrying swords, spears, and a thunderbolt. Each gives the Sign of Silence. I was surrounded by angels holding spears at the fire-altar. The entire vision, I also did not experience any speech.
  • Crowley enters the center of the ring in the shrine, surrounded by angels. I stepped upon the fire surrounded by angels and the Woman-of-Light.
  • Crowley encounters the Angel of this Aethyr, with vast wings (and other dangerous parts, such as claws). It is black and gold. I experienced angels with wings, I myself had vast wings, and the danger and colorization of this angel, though Crowley describes it as dragon-like, is very similar to a tiger.
  • The phrase “There is no god” (with an emphasis on there as a location, in the shrine) is Crowley’s password given by angels here. The Angel of the Aethyr explains to Crowley that the true God is equally in all the shrines, and the true I in all parts of the body and soul. When I entered the fire and was kissed by the Woman-of-Light I seemed to become nothing.
  • The Angel fills the Aethyr with smoke. Looking down from the mountain peak the only thing I could see was clouds.
  • The Angel says to Crowley “in that arrow is the Light of Truth”. I stepped into the light and adopted a position that formed me to be an arrow.

Once again, I am rather speechless at the similarities between my vision and Crowley’s.

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