Scrying the Aethyrs: 30 – TEX

Much earlier in my journey through all this occult woo woo I set about to try scrying the Enochian Aethyrs. The Aethyrs can be thought of in numerous ways. Some say they are different “planes” to which you astrally travel. Others think of them as different levels of consciousness. But by sitting down and reciting the 19th Call one can reliably produce visions of other worlds and interact with the denizens thereof. You start with the 30th Aethyr and work your way up all the way to the first, only going as far as your growth will allow at any given point.

Here is a record of my vision of the 30th Aethyr, TEX, from my journal. At the time of this posting, I’ve not scryed every single one yet, but I’ll be getting back into it soon. If you’re interested in trying this yourself, I recommend you don’t read any further until after your own attempt at it, as the visions produced are different for everyone and its better if my vision does not influence the ones you will have.

Lighting incense and a candle, I wait a few moments to clear my head and settle in to a comfortable sitting position. I recite the 19th Call with the word TEX and vibrate the names of the 4 governors. I close my eyes and wait for the vision to overtake me.

I see tan cliff sides rising up above me. I “knew” they were one-sided, there was no back to them. They only exist from the side that I am looking at. Then, beneath me a gossamer white plane stretches out in all directions underneath a brilliant sky full of stars above. A being approaches me, but I’m unable to see it clearly. Just a blurry shape coming closer and closer. I explain that I can’t quite make it out, but it just tells me to wait a moment. It never speaks audibly, but I “know” what it is saying in my head.

My vision clarifies. The white plane underneath me is a thin, glass-like layer over massive bronze colored gears. They rotate in silence below my feet. The entity that approached is a large crystal in form. Geometric, such that it is two opposite pyramids. The bottom side is long and pointed, while the top is much shorter.

I asked it to identify itself, and it confirmed it was TAOAGLA, one of the governors of this place. It set about explaining to me, wordlessly, that this place was “fractal”, in that it contained an infinite level of detail. One could look at it from any wanted perspective, and it showed me how to do this. It all exists at all levels of itself constantly, but the choice I make on how to view it “colors or flavors” how it looks to me. Trying then to mentally shift in the way it explained, I saw the gears beneath me change to thousands of smaller and smaller gears, all interlocked and turning. The cliffs grew more and more ridges and cracks in them. The entity itself gained more sides until it was almost round.

In the distance I saw a strange deep purple pyramid, like something out of a sci-fi movie. I asked if it looked like a pyramid to everyone that comes here or resides here, and my guide explained that no, it only looks like that to me because that is the way I’m currently capable of understanding it. I asked what was inside of it, but was told that such a question “doesn’t make sense” in this place. However, he took me over to the pyramid and opened it up. Opened is the best description I have, however it was more like the pyramid was a hole in the “reality” of that place. The “inside” of it simply contained more of the gears that everything there was evidently made of.

I asked for more information about exactly what my guide was, and he said that he was an Archangel. I asked about the nature of the place that I was in, what and where was it, why is there a sky full of stars. My guide told me that the place I was in was very close to the “reality” in which I normally live, and the location we were standing in was local to the Earth. However, anywhere in “my” universe has its counterpart here. He told me he would take me to see other places here that I would recognize.

We lifted into the air and flew toward the Sun. A distant journey, but it only took moments in this place. When we arrived, I almost couldn’t look at it. The Sun was a swirling mass of golden rings and gears, all turning and spinning at impossible speeds and in directions that didn’t make complete sense. They would clip through each other without colliding, moving in and out of sharing spaces. Somehow the speed at which they turned was the same thing as the “brightness” of the sun, and I couldn’t stay close to it for very long.

Next we passed the Sun and continued on toward Mars. Red and orange gears turned here, much slower than they turned on Earth. In all this traveling, the tan cliffs stayed at the same distance relative to me, no matter where we went. I asked my guide about them and was told they are the border of this plane. You cannot pass them any more than you can walk off of a sphere by moving along it’s surface.

I asked about the purpose of the gears. It was explained to me that they are representative of physical processes in “reality”. The fact that the gears are able to pass through each other is the result of “randomness” being present in the universe, or the way that choices can create different paths through time. You can “zoom” your perspective in or out here infinitely, but if you were to “pass” infinity it would eventually loop around back to your starting perspective.

At this point I had a sensation of falling. My guide noticed this and followed, and we were suddenly in a room with soft arm chairs, a pool table, and a radio playing soft music. He explained that I’m “slipping away” and the vision would end soon, and that the current appearance of things was of something simple to focus on so that we could have a few more moments together. He said I was welcome back any time, and could move on to the next higher Aethyr if I wished. I thanked him and the vision ended.