Scrying the Aethyrs: 29 – RII

This is the text of my journal entry for my scrying of the 29th Aethyr, RII. See my previous post on scrying the aethyrs for instructions and a description of exactly what the Aethyrs are.

I light a candle and incense and settle into a comfortable position. I recite the 19th Call, using the term RII, and close my eyes to await the visions.

Grass and mountains at first. They look fake. Plastic. A grove of trees appears. A deer rushes by and gets shot with an arrow. The hunter walks by with his bow, says he needs to “go to the castle”. Unlike last time, his voice is audible. The vision fades away, leaving nothing but blackness.

I’m in a place that appears to be darkness with two flat planes above and below me stretching out to infinity. There is a fog, or clouds, in the distance. Like nebula. It slowly swirls, but otherwise there is no motion here. Tiny dots of light speckle the far reaches of this place, seeming like you could never move far enough to reach them.

An entity approaches. It’s appearance is like that of a lens flare. It is a bright central point inside a bubble-like object that doesn’t have a clear edge. Like a blob of ink in water. The light dances around inside it, like the pattern created by sunlight shining through a glass of water.

Caustic (optics) - Wikipedia

I introduce myself to the entity and ask its name. It responds similar to the last time, where I just “know” what it is saying rather than hearing any sort of voice. It’s name is Vortilb. It is an archangel. It says it is a governor of this place, but I don’t remember its name on the list. It tells me there are many like it here.

This aethyr is a point of transition. A place between places. Energy flows both ways here, some up and some down. Most simply pass through here, it is not a location where anyone not of this place stays for long. The majority don’t even realize they’ve been here.

There are no “things” here. There is not anywhere to go. It simply is, spaceless and containing nothing, as a point in-between. Vortilb transforms such that it looks like a backlit figure in white robes with flowing hair, a more archetypical angelic image. It tells me to look down. In doing so I can see the entirety of the Earth spread out below me. Looking up, I still only see the far off clouds swirling.

As there is no “place” to explore here, our conversation is short. Everyone on Earth moves through here twice. This place allows that flow and serves to direct it. Not only people though, all energy moving to and from the universe. Vortilb’s “job” or function is to guide all that pass through to wherever their proper place is. He bids me to continue onward, as there is no need to stay. I can think of no further questions and the vision ends.