Scrying the Aethyrs: 28 – BAG

This is the text of my journal entry for my scrying of the 28th Aethyr, BAG. See my previous post on scrying the aethyrs for instructions and a description of exactly what the Aethyrs are.

Sitting up, legs crossed, I light a candle and incense and perform the 19th Call. I close my eyes and wait for the visions to overtake me.

I am in a garden, or large park. In the distance a city skyline rises above the trees. There is a metal bench next to a stone path. An old-fashioned street lamp lights the seat. Bushes line the walkway, with sparse trees in the grass behind it.

There is a woman here wearing a fancy white dress. She speaks and I can hear her. Her name is Zalzn. She is not a governor of this place, but is here to be my guide. “This is a place the dead come” she says. “Not all, but many. Before they go elsewhere. There is a train station here that can take them where they need to go, but you have no reason to take it now.”

I ask “Why can’t I see the others here?”. She says “You can if you want to”. I suddenly realize there are many other people around. I ask “Can they see me and each other?” She answers “If they want or need to, they can. If not, they cannot”. I ask to be taken to the governor of this place.

We walk along the stone path, flanked by rose bushes, under a starry night sky. The yellow glow of street lamps lights our way. Her dress looks like attire from the late 1800s and she carries a small parasol. I ask more about her. She says her full name is “Estelle Zalzn”, but tells me nothing else. The governor’s house is a short walk up the path.

We arrive at a small Victorian style house. A sign hangs above the door. It reads “OXN”. We enter and stand in the foyer. There is a door to the left and a hall straight ahead with stairs on its left side leading to the next floor. His office is through a door on my right. I enter and see a desk with small stacks of papers and a lamp. A man in a brown suit sitting behind it stands to greet me. We shake hands.

As we touch, I see that he is actually composed of a golden light. Estelle is as well, but to a lesser degree. He is an archangel, and she is …an angel? It’s not completely clear exactly what to call what she is, but she is not something that was ever an incarnate human.

I’m expected here, but I’m late. Or possibly early. Either way, the governor is happy to see me, but as it is not the exact time I should have come he doesn’t have long to break from his duties to talk. He further expands on what Estelle already told me, that this place is a resting spot for people to come before they move on to wherever they are going next. No one needs to “do magick” here, because there is nothing that needs to be done here other than to spend a short time in comfort. The upstairs offices of this house, like the city in the distance, are only for appearance and do not actually “exist” in this place in a way that could be interacted with.

He checks his watch, and it is clear I’ve already taken up too much of his time. I thank him for meeting with me and say I understand he needs to get back to work. We say a short goodbye, I exit the building alone, and the vision ends.