Conversations with The Seven: Part 1

Over the past year, I, along with my fiancĂ©e Cassandra, have conducted a series of experiments to contact spirits using an SB7 radio with the Estes Method, along with a Dreamachine. In doing so, I’ve started up a conversation with a group of entities that call themselves The Seven. This is a summary and partial transcript of the first session.

Session 1: Dreamachine and SB7

May 9th, 2021. 1:13 AM

Cassandra is in the isolation headphones, listening to the radio sweep. We both close our eyes and look at the dreamachine spinning in front of us.

We see lights flashing, rotating, and dancing around behind our closed. Colors appear and disappear, mostly grey and red. Spinning rainbows float through the field of view. A few general hellos and greetings via the radio.

The voices coming through seem to be trying to set something up. Like they’re rushing to turn things on. They weren’t expecting this to happen right now, but are taking advantage of the opportunity. The conversation seems mostly between different voices coming through, with little reaction to us speaking back.

One of my dogs walks around, disturbed by the lights flashing around the room. The spirit(s) comment on it and ask questions about it. Shortly after, more bright lights appear:

I feel like I'm visually seeing as if there is a very, very bright, solid light not flickering at all. That was on my right side, slightly above me and has now moved directly center of me. Now it's moving to the left. 

It's like there's something above me shining an incredibly bright light down onto me, like in a dentist chair or something like that.

Are you trying to get a look at me?

It's moving around. I get a very strong idea that it's very specifically looking at me like it's some sort of examination.

Spirit(Via Cassandra):  I'm moving it. 

Oh, okay. What's the purpose of it?


The light moves around in my vision for a while. It stays where it is independent of where I physically turn my head, however I can chase it around with my mind.

The lights above me again. Off to the right side. Now it's moving to the center and now back to the left. Every time I say something about it, I feel like it purposefully moves.

Oh, there's two of them now. One's off to the left, the other one's off to the right.

Now there's a whole bunch of them. Six, seven. Something like that. They're off to the side so they're hard to count. They blend in together a little bit, but they're moving independently of each other.

Find them. 

Well, they move out of the way. Every time I move my head, it's kind of hard to find exactly where they are.

They seem to all be dead center above me now I can't tell if they've merged into just one light.

At this point a voice on the radio says something rude and Cassandra stops the session. We turn off the radio and the dreamachine and discuss the results.

It seems to us that we contacted some sort of “workplace”, where experiments are conducted. We could identify 5 different individuals:

  • An older male voice. Felt knowledgeable and benevolent, and seemed to be helping organize things.
  • A female voice. Seems to be the one running things and performing whatever observations or experiment they were doing.
  • The expert. A quiet voice that would speak up from far away. Seemed somewhat shy, however when they spoke everyone else stopped talking to listen to them. They seemed to be offering advice to get things to run smoothly.
  • The “fun uncle”. A voice which did not speak much, but their presence was felt more than heard. A joyful and mischievous energy. They wanted to have a good time.
  • The rude voice. Heard only once or twice in the session, it would say unhelpful or mean things. They are the reason we stopped this session.

This group, as we later will learn, calls themselves “The Seven”. We’ve interacted with many different individuals. This session was only 5 of them. It seemed like they were trying to test something, or possibly test us to see what we were able to talk to them about and visualize through the dreamachine.

Some will return in later sessions, some we have yet to identify clearly, and others may be ones we’ve talked to previously taking different roles.