Servitor: Spirit Communication

This is D.J. P.H.

He is a servitor I created that you can use to facilitate communication with spirits, or otherwise disincarnate entities. P.H. is short for “Paranormal Host”.

Some things he is designed to do:

  • Facilitate communication between the physical and non-physical
  • Control the strength and quality of radio and EVP recorder reception.
  • Make it so that only one entity at a time can use any particular device to communicate.
  • Identify entities present and control which are allowed to communicate and which are not.
  • Locate and bring a requested entity into the local space to allow communication.
  • Remove an entity from the local space so they can no longer communicate.

Think of him like a producer on a radio show or a switchboard operator at a telephone station. He’s here to help whatever conversation you’re trying to have, and make things easier for both you and the spirit.

He’s able to control the lines of communication with spiritual beings, help improve their reception, go fetch specific ones if they are willing to come and talk, and stop chatter from multiple entities at once.

While he helps to facilitate communication, he cannot manipulate the content of that communication. You may be able to get his voice to come through on an EVP recording or via a sweeper radio, but he can’t control what other entities say or do. At best, he can cut them off from being able to be heard via these methods.

This is his sigil.

To use him, bring your mind to a calm and meditative state for a few moments. Picture the sigil in your head, or draw it on something so that you can focus on it.

Then call out to him, using his activation phrase: “D.J. P.H., you’re on the air”.

After this, simply speak to him as though you were speaking to someone in the next room who is listening to you through their headphones. Ask him in plain English whatever it is you wish for him to do. To change the command, call his name again and state the next task you have for him.

With everything you ask of him, picture him working his switchboard and picking up the phone to keep things running smoothly. Think of his voice as sounding like the host of your favorite paranormal radio show or podcast.

When you are finished, it’s good practice to let him know by saying “D.J. P.H., you’re off the air”.

Give him gratitude and thanks. He’d love it if you burned incense for him, or left a beer out for him after the show, but it is not a requirement to do so.

I hope you have success using him, and that he is helpful to all of your spirit communications. I’d love to hear any stories any of you have when giving him a try, so feel free to hit me up about him on our discord, twitter, or facebook!