Scrying the Aethyrs: 26 – DES

This is the text of my journal entry for my scrying of the 26th Aethyr, DES. See my previous post on scrying the aethyrs for instructions and a description of exactly what the Aethyrs are.

I light my candle, recite the call, and close my eyes waiting for the vision to come.

I see a tower, like a gigantic pointed obelisk or monument. The base of it has an open doorway leading to darkness. Around it are people walking on a cobblestone floor. Some are entering, or leaving, the open door. Near the top, a clock is set into the tower. It is 3:25.

I am huge, or very high up, far above the people below such that they are just tiny dots. Like watching ants while standing. I am near the pointed roof of the tower. I shrink, or lower, and stand on the cobblestone path. I walk up to the door and enter.

I am in darkness. Everything around me is black. No light enters from outside, and the exit has disappeared. I call out, asking to meet a governor of this place. A small figure appears nearby. He is a tiny person, somewhat like a cartoonish gnome.

I am in a cave. It is dark, but I can see tan stone around me barely illuminated. Looking around, I see the cave slopes upward to its exit. I hear sounds of explosions from outside. The small person is gone.

I’m still in the cave, but now looking downward toward the exit, as if the whole place has shifted. There is a staircase leading down and out into the light.

I’m now looking upward toward the exit again. The stairs lead up.

Now the cave is level with the exit. There are no more stairs. Instead, a simple path is lit from the light coming in, and I follow it outward.

In the distance I can see the tower. The entire area is circular, like a clock. I am where the 3 would be on its face.

Soldiers rush around, firing guns. A tank is nearby. A helicopter shoots from above toward the ground. Something explodes. Its like being in a video game. Surreal in many ways.

A small stone wall is nearby, and the figure from earlier sits upon it. His name is Pophand. Someone in what I’d call regular clothes walks up to us and tries to insult me. He tries to show me a picture on his phone, but he (and the phone) fades away.

I ask Pophand “What is this place?” He responds “This is the place in which conflict arises.”

I ask “Why?” He responds “Because this place is time. Things are separate here.”

I ask “Is there still time in higher Aethyrs?” He says “Yes”.

He transforms, such that his form is that of a small grey cloud of smoke with a gigantic eye looking outward from it.

I ask “Why have you taken this appearance?” He answers nonverbally. Because it is my nature.

“What is your nature?”

I watch conflict as it arises.

I understand that it is his job in this place. I again ask “Why do conflicts arise?”

Because of separation.

We share a brief moment as he watches this place.

“Do I need to see anything else here?”

No, you understand.

Can I continue on to the next Aethyr?



This was the first Aethyr I’ve scryed in many months. It was not immediately as strong as others have been in the past, but became so once I reached the cave.

I don’t take this place as meaning that in higher Aethyrs there is no time and no conflict. Instead, this place is about the material world in which we live every day. It is not a source of problems, but a place where disparate things mix, and differences between them are brought to light.

It was only when leaving the darkness, and moving into the light, were the conflicts of this place revealed. Only when the things could be seen against each other.

The Aethyr being “time” as well doesn’t mean that it is where time exists, or comes from. Instead, it seems that separation between things is an inherent property of time.

We will move on to the next Aethyr soon.