Scrying the Aethyrs: 27 – ZAA

This is the text of my journal entry for my scrying of the 27th Aethyr, ZAA. See my previous post on scrying the aethyrs for instructions and a description of exactly what the Aethyrs are.

I light my incense and candle, recite the call, and close my eyes waiting for the vision to come.

This is the personal heavens. Many people are here, but only interact if they choose to. I see a grass field with a palm tree and a tan dirt road. Overall, very empty.

A figure appears, looking like a classic painting of an angel. He says his name is “Orpanib”. His appearance transforms such that he looks more like a classic biblical angel, showing three separate faces: a man, a lion, and an eagle. None of these are his “true” form.

This is a place of rest. He suggests I lay in the grass and feel the sun. The appearance of here could be changed in any way I wish. It is all an illusion, similar to the “real” world, but here I have personal control over it.

Dead relatives are shown to me as being in this place. I speak with them briefly. They seem happy, but I feel no emotion here. I am not sure if they are “real” or part of the illusion of this place, but it seems like the latter. They are only what I want them to be, but there may be no difference in this appearance of them, my internal feelings of them, and any external reality of them. Hard to say in this place.

I’m shown this can be a comforting location from my childhood if I wish it, but even with that this place holds no joy for me. Again, it is just an illusion, and in being able to see through that it loses the magic of it.

I ask to see the ruler of this place multiple times, however I’m never taken there. Orpanib waits calmly until I have the realization that it is because each individual here is the ruler of their own version of it. It is confirmed that I may move on to the next Aethyr and that my time here is finished.


This Aethyr was a strange one. This was the first one I had scryed after experiencing an awakening. It seemed like it was supposed to be an emotional , exciting, and wonderful place, however to me it looked paper thin.

I can speculate on many reasons for this. Perhaps its not my time to be there. Perhaps I wasn’t completely there. Perhaps its not a place that, after arriving at a certain stage of realization, I will ever need to go.

But plainly, I don’t know. Something was missing in what the seeming intended experience of that place should have been. We can wonder if there is any difference in the illusion of that reality versus the everyday one that we experience. I think at some point I will try scrying it again and see if the journey differs.

One thing I can say for certain from examining it: it is plainly still part of this reality. And by “this reality” I mean the place that exists within time. It, like our regular lives, is just a shadow of the perfect world in eternity, outside of time. I’m curious if, having seen that higher place where true divinity resides, this aethyr is simply no longer for me.

This is the highest aethyr I have scryed since before starting this blog. All following aethyr posts will be as new for me as they are for you.