Circles Within Circles

As a general rule, I’ve avoided reading other’s descriptions of their experiences in any particular Aethyr until I have personally scryed it. A habit I picked up from Remote Viewing experiments, where foreknowledge of the target is eschewed both for verification that the experience was genuine and to not preload ideas which may interfere with the results. Consequently, I generally have no idea what other’s visions of an Aethyr are like until long after I’ve done it on my own.

I also avoid interpretation of the images I’ve seen. I’ve found meanings tend to become clear on their own, and adding my own explanation of them can muddy the message both for myself, and for anyone who reads them later. If these are truly Divine experiences they are capable of standing on their own, without my disassembling them into their component parts. I also do not wish to tell my readers what to think.

After my recent scrying of Aethyr 14, VTA (or sometimes UTA, as V and U are equivalent in Enochian), it was suggested to me that I read both Duncan Barford‘s vision of it, as well as Crowley’s. The person who suggested this was Alan Chapman, who has also seen this Aethyr, but as I am uncertain if he has made his experiences of it public I will not share it here.

Duncan has published a book describing his visions of the Aethyrs, which he scryed over 10 years ago. I had not read it at this point, but at Alan’s suggestion I looked at his experience of 14. In doing so, I began to experience a number of striking synchronicities between his and my visions, as well as to previous Aethyrs I’ve scryed, and even to other visions and dreams that I had. Following this, I had the same experience while reading Crowley’s writings of his.

Below are many of the synchronicities which I found between theirs and my experiences, followed by some final thoughts. Ones that I found which are not public, or that I am unsure of their publicity, are not included.

  • Duncan’s vision contains a prophetic component, potentially signaling an end or change to the current American way of life. My scrying of Aethyr 24, NIA, contained similar prophetic imagery, in the form of a storm and television signing off.
  • Duncan’s vision contains themes of dreams, and is in part a dream that he had earlier. My vision returned me to the location I visited in the dream which kicked off my entire magickal journey.
  • Duncan’s vision has him starting out in a school, where children can be heard. My vision starts me where my previous dream of this place had ended, which was essentially a school in concept (if not physically resembling one), complete with a teacher and students. In an Estes session I did publicly on Adventures in Woo Woo, at one point I comment that I hear children laughing.
  • In Duncan’s dream, part of the prophecy included Alan rescuing a hostage, a student, from a patriotic figure holding him at gunpoint. Near the beginning of my practicing of Magia I had a dream (which I sadly did not write down at the time, as I thought it was just an ordinary, everyday dream) in which a group of students were hiding in a burnt out building, either from war or terrorist action. They were unmoving and anxious, waiting for Alan to come to their rescue.
  • Duncan’s commentary on his vision contains an explanation of the rune Mannaz ( ᛗ ) which has an “M” sound, and Ehwaz ( ᛖ ) which has an “E” sound. One of the governors of Aethyr 14 is “TEDOOND”, but for my vision he was introduced as “Tomoond”, a transposition of the letters M, E, O, and D.
  • Duncan describes distant sirens going off ominously, as if there is a nuclear attack happening. Many of the students around him take shelter with their teacher. He concludes that it cannot be as serious as it sounds, and that it is likely just raining outside. My original dream had an incoming storm announced by distant trumpets, and all of the “students” rushed into the “classroom” with their “teacher”. The classroom in mine was a hidden room under ruins of a temple, and the teacher was a gigantic blue and gold entity, but the roles are undeniable for me.
  • When Crowley scryed this Aethyr, he first met with an angel telling him not to do it at that time, but to wait until darkness. Crowley went out at night, then successfully scrying the Aethyr. When I first tried to scry the Aethyr it was day time and, despite my efforts at concentrating, I fell asleep twice before giving up. When I went to try scrying it again it was night, and I immediately entered the vision.
  • Crowley’s vision contained symbols of roses, temples, Cherubs, The Book of Genesis, The Garden of Eden, The Holy of Holies, light, water, and honestly too many others to be able to address them all. Previous scryings of Aethyrs that I’ve done have contained many of these symbols, especially roses. Aethyr 14 had the revealing that the location from my original dream was in fact Eden. The angel present was identified as a Cherub. I experienced being both light and water. It contained temples, one of which contained the Ark of the Covenant, which was kept in the Holy of Holies in Jerusalem. The commentary for the version of Crowley’s visions I have actually equates Eden itself with the Holy of Holies, as it is spiritually the axis mundi, the junction of Heaven and Earth.
  • Aethyr 14 is where the Master(s) of the Temple dwells. I have engaged in quite a few Estes sessions to speak to the Secret Chiefs.

Thinking for another moment, I say “I’m sorry for bringing this up, but how do I know I’m not just making this all up in my head?”

“Will it comfort you to hear me say you are? You created it it. And like all creation, it is done in an ideal fashion, and perfect in itself. It would not happen any other way. It changes nothing.”

I pause to ponder this.

Before I can speak again, Tomoond says “You do not have to understand now. But you will. And you will remember.”

In my vision, I asked the angel if I’m just making this all up. It is a question I have often struggled with, as sometimes what I see feels “too convenient” and well put together, and often involves themes I had recently experienced in my waking life.

The angel answers affirmatively, that yes, I am indeed making it all up. The visions I see are my own creation. And that changes nothing.

I indeed did not understand in the moment what that might mean. If I was just making it up, how could any real truth be gained from doing these workings.

These synchronicities revealed the answer.

What is more amazing? That we say some strange words and close our eyes and spiritually travel to another location where we experience things that others can experience? Or that we close our eyes and enter a state of mind conducive to creating visionary experiences all on our own, of a personal nature and relevance, and that those experiences we create are able to line up perfectly with other’s experiences, even when those other experiences are unknown to us and took place 10, or 100 years, earlier? Almost as if an all-encompassing intelligence is facilitating the journey for all involved to be both personal and archetypal in nature.

For me, this went far FAR beyond synchronicity.

This was direct participation in Truth.

An embodiment of Divine Mystery through experience and then revelation of that experience to be far beyond what I as an individual could create.

I was left speechless day after day, unable to find words to even describe what I was experiencing.

I hope these few can provide even a hint of what it was like.

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