The Secret Chiefs

I generally try to keep a schedule of posting one blog per week. However, sometimes things happen such that getting the information down as quickly as possible is important. And sometimes, you’re directly told to make a post. This was the case this evening.

The Secret Chiefs are said to be an organization of transcendent spiritual beings that observe and guide humanity. They are though to be incarnate, in physical bodies, or at least to have been at one point. They are also known as the White Brotherhood and are said to dwell in various places, such as the White Lodge (which Twin Peaks fans know as opposition to the Black Lodge), or Shambhala.

Over the course of the last few weeks, I’ve been working with Tommie Kelly and Spud Murphy to contact a member of the Secret Chiefs via the Estes method. They, in turn, contacted Duncan Barford, whom I’ve also worked with recently, to try a different method of contact. Below are the videos of my ritual with them, Duncan’s ritual, and their conversations about the results and about the Chief they spoke with, who is known as Black.

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Tonight my wife Cassandra and I performed a ritual and Estes sessions intending to have our own contact with the Secret Chiefs. The following is a description of the method used, partial transcript of the contact (edited to remove personal details and repeated questions, and a few technical difficulties), and my notes about potential meanings of some of the communications.

Wednesday, March 30th 2022. 8:55 PM.

I prepare the equipment for the Estes method, and the recorder. I have written down a general guideline of questions to follow. I will be in the headset first, and Cass will be asking the questions.

DJ P.H. is on the table in front of us. His sigil, as well as a sigil of the intention to speak with a member of the Secret Chiefs, is drawn on the paper with the list of questions. I take flying ointment (not the hallucinogenic type), created by Dana Newkirk as part of her Magic of the Month club and rub a tiny bit onto my ears and throat. I light benzoin incense and a black candle. I activate DJ and ask him to assist in our efforts for communication tonight. I then speak our intention, that we wish to converse with the Secret Chiefs and have them answer some questions for us.

I put the headphones and blindfold on, confirm that I’m not able to hear Cassandra, and we begin the session.

Spirit(Via Jason): Greetings.

Cassandra: Greetings, thank you for joining us.

Spirit: We're back!

Cassandra: Glad to hear it. Who are you?

Spirit: Dark.

Cassandra: Is that your name?

Spirit: Lots of people. Every faction. What a jam. We're viewers. Visions at home on a Wednesday night. Party.

Cassandra: I'm excited to talk to you. What can I call you please?

Spirit: Good luck!

Cassandra: Is that your name?

Spirit: That's a statement. I'm Dark. I'm called.

Cassandra: Oh, I'm sorry, I didn't realize you introduced yourself immediately.

Sound-in-the-room: A dog walking around and shaking his head so his collar jangles.

Spirit: A creature! 2 - 3, Love.

Definitely not the first time that entities which have shown up have reacted to our pets.

Cassandra: Are you a member of the Secret Chiefs?

Spirit(via Jason): A-L. Any time. Family. 

Cassandra: Are you a member of the Secret Chiefs, Dark?

Spirit: Love. Good times.

Cassandra: Its hard for me to tell at the moment if we're communicating well. Could you say either my name, or Jason's?

Spirit: Patience. And work.

Cassandra: I don't mean to be impatient, I just want to make sure we're actually having a conversation.

Spirit: A mutual plan. The smartest thing you could do, on top of it. Be noisy. Active.

Clear intent that they wish to communicate here. AL might mean “all”?. Or perhaps Liber AL, and I should reference some of the numbers mentioned tonight in the NAEQ. “Family” points to the fact there might be more than one as well, as do its earlier statement about “lots of people, every faction”.

This session is difficult, as there is a lot of static and many gaps in the communication. Long periods at first where we’re not getting any words at all.

Cassandra: DJ PH, we're having trouble. Could you clear the line and reconnect with a clearer channel of communication?

Spirit(via Jason): That's what he does. Here's the thing: look back in your head. Cross, and something new. Its for Jason. Hi Jason.

Cassandra: Ah, wonderful.

Jason: If that was something saying hi to me, hi!

Cassandra: Sounds like you knew the next question. Are you just here for Jason, or for both of us?

Spirit(via Jason): Its a crash course, ok? 101. Calm. Travel easier.

Cassandra: I'll take that as an answer and move on. Do you have any general message for him before we get more specific?

Spirit: Lovely. The Game. What a good player. An even counter. Woo!

The “game”. My interpretation of this is that the “game” is incarnation, or reality. These figures, as we’ve learned in previous conversations, seem to view reality-in-time as a lighthearted adventure.

Cassandra: How is...

Spirit (via Jason): In a location. Tonight. Move forward. [personal information has been removed here]

Cassandra: Does Jason know what he should move forward on?

Spirit: Love. Down in one week.

Cassandra: How has Jason's path been progressing, with magick, enlightenment, the blog, Estes sessions, etc.?

Spirit: Well, its not the whole story.

Cassandra: Is there something he's missing?

Spirit: I got you, its free.

Cassandra: How should he approach finding the rest of the story?

Cassandra: Note, I feel an energy shift, as if there is a presence here in the room with us.

Spirit: Go back.

Cassandra: He needs to go back to where, or to what?

Spirit: Available, or... it was. Its all only a thrill.

Cassandra: The work he's been doing is only a thrill?

Spirit: You might be crazy. We really appreciate you though. Each day.

Cassandra: Thank you... What do you mean its only a thrill?

Spirit: The Seven. You're welcome.

A very clear reference to The Seven, a group of entities I’ve posted about numerous times on this blog previously. I’ve not yet gotten to the point I was making with that series of posts here, but the spirit we are speaking with is calling me out for it here. The point is that having an open channel of communication with just “whatever comes to talk” is absolutely a fun thing to do, but is not a practical step forward on a magician’s path, other than just as practice. It’s a wild thing to do to talk to any random voice, a thrill, but nothing more.

Spirit(via Jason): Move forward, starting today. Show me tonight.

Sound-in-the-room: One of my dogs starts barking at the front door.

Spirit: Behave!

Sound-in-the-room: Silence as the dog stops barking.

Cassandra: Move forward tonight?

Spirit: Well actually, today, or even right now, you can. You'll know what that means.

Cassandra: Jason will know what that means? Because I don't.

Spirit: Its not cryptic. You'll find it. And something else on Friday. You got it?

Cassandra: Is the "move forward tonight" about [personal information about an intended magickal working removed here]?

Spirit: I was good, but that's even better. Its a great surprise! Move forward!

I’m posting this blog right now because of repeated insistence by the spirits to do something tonight. After this is posted, we’re going to do the other magick working referenced above, which may become the subject of a later post. Also, evidently something else will be happening at the end of this week.

Spirit(via Jason): Parties over?

Noise-in-the-room: Silence for a few moments.

Cassandra: May I ask more questions? 

Noise-in-the-room: Silence for a few moments.

Cassandra: DJ PH, do we still have a caller on the line? Get them back please.

Spirit: Thank you.

Cassandra: Thank you! The next thing we want to ask is it a good idea for Jason to focus on doing more with his blog and Patreon? Try to grow that community?

Spirit: The more chances to help you find, we'll always have your back. There it is.

Cassandra: I think that's fantastically clear. Do you have any specific advice for moving forward?

Spirit: You can do it. [a pause] If you need help find us when you need. I'll be around.

Cassandra: Thank you so much!

Thanks for the pep-talk, Dark! This echoes a sentiment that Black expressed to Tommie and Spud, in that help is available if asked for.

Cassandra: Is there anything Jason should know about the work he's been doing with Tommie and Spud, and Duncan involving Black?

Spirit(via Jason):Its a mystery. Kind of quaint!

Cassandra: Enjoy the mystery?

Spirit(via Jason): We're available, and in the open.

Sorry guys, no answers about Black and the symbols from Dark here! Seems that if you need help though, just ask!

Cassandra: Are there any ways we can improve on the Estes method for this type of communication?

Spirit(via Jason): We're out of those. But surely, credit cards!? No! That's not it. Its reflective, from me. Alright, this will get interesting. Keep working. Double time.

Cassandra: Should Jason speed up the radio?

Spirit: No. Its internal. Everything. Doubled.

Cassandra: Should we try it with both of us in the headphones and see what happens?

Spirit: Hopefully perfect, if at the right time. Inside, with friends, and with me. And we're able.

Cassandra: So should we involve more people?

Spirit: March. Is that a request? Its a job we do. Totally.

Interesting here. I think this is a clear indication that its not about the equipment used to perform the Estes method, but rather the circumstances around performing it. Don’t go buying stuff thinking its going to help, its an internal thing.

Cassandra didn’t know this when doing the session, but I’ve been looking for ways to involve others in Estes sessions, and to attempt one with one person in the headphones and another doing a traditional channeling while a third party asks questions. Seems that this is the right way to be looking.

Spirit(via Jason): You're not going to bark again, are you?

Cassandra: [Looking at the dog] Haha! He's lying down, but you never know what will set him off.

Spirit: Well, we'll deal with it. I understand.

Cassandra: Is there anything specific Jason should focus on next? A new priority

Spirit: Well, it couldn't get worse.

Cassandra: Haha! So just keep moving?

Spirit: Its my life. One of you guys, its going to be amazing. An important partnership.

Cassandra: With you, or with someone else?

Spirit: I'm ready. The time is right now.

Cassandra: Any other messages specific to either of us?

Spirit: [sound of a baby laughing]. 7 - 3.

Cassandra: Is there a particular symbol that we...

Spirit: Who was it?

Cassandra: Who was what? Is there a symbol that we can use to contact you again?

Spirit: I like you, its beautiful. There's no crime for us. Another late night.

Cassandra: Hmm...

Spirit: A warning: Each day never is an end. So, be friendly. A serenade. Come play with me.

Cassandra: I think our connection is ending. Are you still here Dark?

Spirit: Its an honor. But take care of yourself. You got this.

At this point Cassandra ended the session. There is a lot to unpack here. The voice that was coming through from my point of view was consistently feminine, as if I was directly talking to the same person over and over.

We discussed the session briefly, mainly about the quality of communication as opposed to the content of the messages. Before I reviewed the recording we made a decision to do a second session tonight. We swapped places, so she was in the headphones and I was talking. This way, I’d be going in blind, and Cassandra wouldn’t know specifically what questions I’d be asking.

Wednesday, March 30th 2022. 9:17 PM.

I relight the candle, call upon DJ again, state our intentions, and we begin the second session.

Spirit(via Cassandra): Aim for the heart. Here we go!

Jason: Hello! Is this a member of the Secret Chiefs?

Spirit: Mark.

Jason: Is your name Mark? Are you a member of the Secret Chiefs?

Spirit: Then we have answers. Believe them. You're the one to do the work. With Black!

The name “Mark” is remarkably close to “Dark”. Debatable at this point if it means their name is Mark, or if they are saying “thats on the mark”, as in “that is correct”. It could also refer to “mark” as used in audio recording, to indicate the beginning or end of a session. Also, there is possible recognition by the spirit that I have been a vehicle of communication for Black with Tommie and Spud.

Jason: Are you a member or representative of the Secret Chiefs?

Spirit(via Cassandra):The date? May? June?

Jason: This is March 30th. Are you a member of the Secret Chiefs?

Spirit: Cats, bats, wrinkles. On a roll.

Jason: I'm not giving up until I get an answer, are you a member of the Secret Chiefs? What is your name?

Spirit: Its Cold. I'm hard to see. Twelve features, one... the answer.

A rough start for us here. Its not clear if we’re really communicating yet, as they don’t seem to be answering questions well. I ask DJ PH to clear the line and reconnect so that we can start talking again.

Cold may make some think of Indrid Cold of Mothman fame, but consider this instead: “Dark” in Hebrew gematria comes out to 95. Other 95 words include “One”, “Neo”, and “Bird”. However, in English gematria, “Dark” comes out to 204. “One” and “Neo” also come out to 204, but so does “Cold”. And dark things could be said to be “hard to see”. Interestingly, “Daath”, the point where all ten Sephirot of the Tree of Life are united as one, also comes out to 204. “Daath” has the meaning “knowledge”.

Jason: Who am I speaking with?

Spirit(via Cassandra): A faction. Of the White.

Jason: Great. What is your name?

Spirit: You knew...

Jason: So its Mark, or Dark, then?

Spirit: Cassandra, are you listening?

Jason: She can hear you.

Spirit: Remember your cup.

Another implication that there is more than one member of the Secret Chiefs present. The “White” being a reference to the “White Brotherhood”, and saying that its a faction of them here now.

Once again difficulties with the radio at this point. We briefly stop and change some settings, and then ask DJ PH to restore contact. This should be noted as the place in the house where we did this just plainly has bad reception. A new location next time is important to consider.

Spirit(via Cassandra): Hey all.

Jason: Hello! We're trying again. Thank you for being patient with us.

Spirit: A gift. Why don't we just say: loads of MVPs in here. And we see what you do.

Jason: Thanks! So I want to try part of this last conversation again, ask some of the same questions.

Spirit: No.

Jason: Is there something else you'd rather talk about, than going over this again?

Spirit: 18. Beauty. Don't wait, there's more. Come down. Its a premium, its free. Love.

Jason: How about this: Can you answer about how my personal path in enlightenment and magick is progressing?

Spirit: An expert.

Jason: Uh, thank you? If that's referring to me...

Spirit: All of them really. Yours forever. Making envy.

Jason: Can you tell me if focusing on my blog and Patreon is a good idea? Should I be trying to grow that?

Spirit: You and the whisper. Old, and climbing. Round, a feeling. Quickly.

The spirit begins speaking too fast for Cass to catch the words, and I ask DJ PH to ask them to slow down so that we can communicate easier.

Jason: Dark, or Mark, it'd be great if you could confirm which of those is your name.

Spirit(via Cassandra): Ask them, the truth will come.

Jason: Ok. What is your name?

Spirit: You can figure it out. Esheba. One more, a winner. Or, it could be. Go for it, are you ready?

I wasn’t aware that Esheba was a name, but a quick google search revealed it to be Hebrew in origin and means “Chosen by God”.

Jason: Is there anything that...

Spirit(via Cassandra): Damn it, a drag.

I think the spirit was upset that I was willing to just google search for the name, rather than playing a game about it.

Spirit(via Cassandra): Your angel. An absolute Chief. An offer. Everything. In front. Are you the promised one?

Jason: Are... are you offering me to join the Secret Chiefs? Is that what's going on here?

Spirit: Say more.

Jason: I'm trying to understand what you're offering. Are you saying that my Holy Guardian Angel, or Higher Self, or Soul, or whatever you'd like to call it, is either a member of or is being offered to join the Secret Chiefs?

Spirit: Not bad. True.

Now, lets say here that this, and ANY TIME a spirit calls you “the promised one“, “the chosen one“, or anything of the like, should be taken with a HUGE grain of salt. So let us examine this very carefully.

The spirits present tonight, or any night for that matter, can be identified at least in part by their manner of speech. Lower order and parasitic entities very often refuse to give names, or give garbage names after being pressed for a long time. They also often demand things, either right in that moment, or unspecified offerings and rituals to be performed at a later time.

On the other side of things, angelic beings, in my experience, often speak in poetic language. It usually sounds like worship or scripture.

Neither of these things seem to be the case tonight. The conversation has a very human quality to it. Its not unreasonable, based on this, to think we’re speaking to someone who is, or was, a person.

It is an interesting part of this conversation, and one I’m going to have to think about very carefully. To be very clear though: I’m not “the promised one” any more than anyone else who reads this blog is. My personal belief is that when a spirit says something along those lines, it is because they are recognizing a potential path that any person could take which would eventually lead them to enlightenment.

Jason: How about this: Are there ways we can improve this communication? With the Estes method?

Spirit(via Cassandra): March 7th. I'm alone.

A very, very clear answer, at least to me. This is not something I had told anyone, including Cassandra, but March 7th was the date of my most recent awakening. The closest anyone knew was that it happened sometime earlier in that week, as I waited a few days to talk about it. “I’m alone” could be a reference to the specifics of the awakening itself: the experience of non-duality.

With that in mind, the spirit seems to be saying here that the way to get better at this sort of communication is to wake up, become enlightened.

Jason: So, what happened on March 7th is a way to improve these types of communication?

Spirit(via Cassandra): You've got it.

Jason: OK! Thank you.

Spirit: This planet...

Jason: Is there something I should be focusing on next?

Spirit: Dreams. Hear them. You're ok. Go straight. Don't blink, its extant.

Jason: OK. I blinked as you said that, sorry.

Spirit: Zero.

Jason: Do you have any specific messages to give either of us?

Spirit: Say your prayers. Light the bell.

“Light the bell” is something else that is very interesting synchronically with a working I had recently done with Tommie and Spud. In the conversation with Black, he told them “The light is ringing”. Symbolically these seem to point to the same thing, something to be done. Light, vibration, divine fire as internal light creating consciousness… I’m not actually sure what this means at the moment.

Further conversations with Black had revealed symbolism around light being scattered, as in a prism. Perhaps that is somehow related.

Spirit(via Cassandra): Thank you for understanding.

Jason: Thank you for being here.

Spirit: You have a demon. A faun. Its only doubt. But one day, fly. Amalthea.

I don’t think the spirit is literally saying I am possessed by a demon. Just that I should be aware of doubt and treat it accordingly. It is definitely something I’ve dealt with along this whole magickal path, and so is good advice.

Amalthea is the supposed foster mother of Zeus. A goat, or a nymph which tended goats, that cared for the infant god. It is also, fittingly, a moon of Jupiter. I’m not yet sure how it is relevant in this conversation.

Jason: We're going to stop this shortly, is there anything else you have to say to us? Lets start with Cass, do you have a message for her?

Spirit(via Cassandra): Someone up ahead. 50 years old. Mark. Hold hand. Lay down. Feel abandoned. Hold still. Don't speak. Only one day when. Friend and forgive. Moving. I don't mean her. Look down. One fall.

Jason: Ok, how about for me? Any specific message before we go?

Spirit: Bye. That's enough.

Jason: ...ok. Thank you.

The message for Cassandra is still cryptic, and while we have some idea of what it may mean we aren’t absolutely certain yet. The one for me, much more simple.

I think it will likely take some time to unravel all the details of this conversation. I will be posting updates as we figure it all out. If you’d like to discuss it, you’re welcome to join the discord for this blog. If you would like to support me, the Secret Chiefs think you should consider joining our Patreon, where very soon we will be starting lessons and group magick rituals via video and livestreams!