Servitor: The Waiting

This is He-Who-Waits.

He is a servitor which I created, who is available for you to make use of.

Unlike DJ P.H., whose purpose is straight forward, He-Who-Waits has a more subtle task.

He waits.

Specifically, he waits in your place. Any time where you would have to be waiting, he can do the waiting for you instead. He takes any wasted time and returns it to you, and removes any anxiety about missing your turn. He can alert you to when the waiting is finished, however this is not an excuse not to set an alarm, he’ll just make sure that you hear it!

This is his sigil.

To use him, bring your mind to a calm state and picture his sigil, or draw it in front of you.

Call out to him: “He-Who-Waits, come to me. This is the task I set for you… “

Then describe what you want him to do.

Picture him in a waiting room, sitting in a comfortable chair. He has plenty of snacks and beverages, a television to watch, and a phone to call you at the appropriate time.

When the time has come, thank him for waiting in your place. Offer him gratitude, and tell others of his good deed. He is also fond of offerings of coffee or tea, or some form of entertainment. You can let him watch your TV, give him a magazine to read, or offer other refreshments.

Get creative in what you ask of him!

He can hold your place in line while you pay attention to other things, wait to contact someone on the phone, or even make sure you get to sleep and wake up on time.

He can also take your mind off something you want to happen, but have no control over. Perhaps one of the most useful things he can do for magicians is help you to not focus on the results of magick you have done but which has not yet come to fruition.

Waiting is blissful for him, and getting to tell you the waiting is over even more so. So give him a try! Share him around for others to try as well. If you have success using him, please share with me on twitter or discord!

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