Scrying the Aethyrs: 25 – VTI

This is the text of my journal entry for my scrying of the 25th Aethyr, VTI. See my previous post on scrying the aethyrs for instructions and a description of exactly what the Aethyrs are.

I light a candle and incense, recite the 19th call, and lay down to let the vision arise.

I am in a desert. No sand, more like a dry lakebed with cracked ground. There is a dead tree here with many branches. On the ground next to the tree is a tiny jeep-like vehicle. It is sized like a toy, or both the tree and I are gigantic.

A man approaches in a off-white tunic-like robe. He introduces himself as Ziimp. He is here to take me to the next location. We get in a vehicle he has, one that is like an appropriately sized version of the toy jeep, and begin driving. He tells me it is a very far distance we have to travel, but it will not seem to take long. Out of the window I can see sand and dunes in the distance, but we do not drive near them.

We arrive in a settlement. There is a small wall around it and many sand-colored one story buildings. It is like a market, and we drive through the streets. There is simultaneously many people around and no people around. Ziimp says these are “echoes”.

He parks the vehicle in front of a two story building on the far end of the settlement. I get out and enter through saloon-style swinging doors. Inside is a bar which is empty except for one individual sitting on a stool. He wears a black suit with a red shirt and has wings. He is slowly sipping on a drink.

His name is LVNDEL (pronounced somewhat like “Elvind-el”). I ask what he is drinking and he tells me “it doesn’t matter, its not real anyway.” He suggest I take a moment to look around. The bar has a few wooden tables with chairs, a jukebox, a staircase leading to the second floor, and dirty windows. He finishes his drink and tells me this place is something along the lines of a “supply outpost” for lower aethyrs.

LVNDEL leads me upstairs, as there is more for me to be shown. We enter the first room and I see a pair of long, golden binoculars pointed out of an open window. He tells me these are used to see what is out of balance. He bids me to look through them.

Through the lenses I see a swirling mass of flames. Very little of anything else is present. He asks what I saw, and I tell him “There is too much fire. It needs water to balance it out.” He quips “You didn’t need to look through the binoculars to notice that here”. Its true, this entire place is completely dried up.

We walk down the hall to his office. His desk is covered in log books and ledgers. He shows me a case of different lenses for the binoculars, to see many different things. There is a globe next to the desk. He tells me this place, and his post here, is reactionary to the state of “lower” aethyrs. They can’t “get ahead” of what is needed, they only can respond to the current state.

LVNDEL says he can be called upon by me for balance if I so wish. He is an angel of balance. I ask why his name is not that of one of the governors of this place. He says that it is because names are descriptive of appearance, and that one of those names would not be the appropriate way for me to view this place.

Looking out his window, I see a crow waiting in the dead tree in the distance. He tells me it is waiting for the waters that will come next. He says he is happy when people become enlightened, or even just when they follow spiritual paths, because it “brings all things at once” and helps maintain balance.

He tells me I have the ability to make it rain there if I wish. I will it to do so and it starts raining. Drops bounce off the windowsill and onto us. He says this is not the normal way they bring water, but it helps. He asks that I make sure it is not too much, as they were not prepared for this. I will the rain to continue, but slow down. He thanks me, and I thank him, as we return downstairs and part ways. The vision ends.

Shortly after this I went to bed. I woke later in the night to find it raining, and the rain continued through the next day. We should seek balance, and prepare for a change, as the waters are soon coming to quench the fire.