Conversations with The Seven: Part 5

Over the past year, I, along with my wife Cassandra, have conducted a series of experiments to contact spirits using an SB7 radio with the Estes Method, along with a Dreamachine. In doing so, I’ve started up a conversation with a group of entities that call themselves The Seven. This is a summary and partial transcript of the fifth session that is part of this particular working.

October 16 2021 1:54 AM

We start the session using the SB7 and Estes method, with Cassandra in the headphones and me asking questions. I call out, inviting the same group of spirits we’ve been communicating with to return and speak with us again.

Spirit(via Cassandra): Won by the army.

Jason: With whom am I speaking?

Spirit: Tuva

Jason: I don't remember that name previously. Have you been here before?

Spirit: No

Jason: Is there something in particular you'd like to say to us?

Spirit: I can. Able. But you wont play.

Jason: Wont play what? Is it because I asked for only the spirits we previously were communicating with, and you say you are not one of them?

Spirit: Negative.

Jason: Why don't you tell me about yourself?

Spirit: Inside, I'm going. Hello.

Jason: Let me be clear: You don't have permission to go inside anyone here.

Spirit: It was always groovy.

A straggler shows up at the beginning of this session. They say they haven’t been here before, but its not clear if they are or are not a member of The Seven. They seem to want a closer connection, which I decline. With a request like that, we’re beginning to get a clearer picture of what these particular spirits may be.

Jason: Again, you don't have permission to go inside anyone. If you'd like to communicate with us, you can use this radio.

Spirit(via Cassandra): Magic. Good.

Cassandra: I want to make a note, I saw a symbol. A red, circular symbol.

Jason: What is this symbol Cass is seeing?

Spirit(via Cassandra): Go to it. Direct. Believe it.

Jason: Tuva, can you tell me why you've come here to speak with us?

Spirit: Circumspect. No, no way. Thinking... asking. Take it.

Jason: Is there something you wanted to ask us?

Spirit: Then you wouldn't be sure you've earned more. The stone. The mountain, bloody. In my tower there's a possible spark. Forgive me, I have seen it there. Watching. Sparky, from African people who are watching. My mother, asking why.

Cassandra: I see yellow writing on black.

Jason: Can you tell us what that symbol or what that writing means?

Spirit(via Cassandra): New, and rare. Why are you methodical?

Its not rare for a spirit to put an image into someone’s head while doing an Estes session, if the person is open to it, but its not something that’s been happening with The Seven previously.

Jason: Is this still Tuva that we're talking to?

Spirit(via Cassandra): No. Slow down. Are you ready now?

Jason: Ready for what?

Spirit(speaking over me): Ready to speak.

Jason: Ok, who am I speaking with?

Spirit: I am the left. Moving.
Spirit 2: The right.

Cassandra: That was a second voice that said "The right".

Spirits(via Cassandra): We work in and out, and demand forgiveness.

Cassandra: Two voices are talking back and forth.

Jason: Are you spirits what we were speaking with just the other night?

Spirits(via Cassandra): Yes. Music. A great spark of love. Its fresh.

Jason: I remember you from the other night when I was in the headphones.

In our previous Conversations with the Seven I heard music coming through the headphones. This is the entity confirming that is the same one, or at least knows of, that conversation. We now know we’ve got The Seven on the line and are speaking with one of their members.

Jason: How many entities are with us right now?

Spirit(via Cassandra): May I speak?

Jason: Sure, who are you?

Spirit: Ursa. A prescription. Pavlov.

Jason: Do you mean you're a trainer of some sort?

Spirit: You must be certain. Air. Air air. 46, there. Hey.

Jason: Ursa, can you tell me why you came at my call tonight?

Spirit: Turn up... don't stop. No, please. Think. If its not good news don't start it. Impaired, but unafraid.

[a pause]

Spirit: New transmission. The one who has arrived. I... Curtains. Smoke. See? Its very appropriate.

The smoke from our incense is curling around the curtains by the window. The spirit seems to be commenting on this.

Cassandra: This is too fast, too many voice, I can't make anything out.

Jason: Lets try to slow down the conversation, and speak one at a time, ok?

Spirit(via Cassandra): Sorry. Sorry, wont do it again.

A common problem for us when speaking with The Seven. Everyone wants to talk at the same time. This is the sort of issue that led to me changing the way we go about the Estes method and creating DJ P.H.

Spirit(Via Cassandra): Anyway... one big offer.

Jason: Offer for what?

Spirit: Folk. For the love of terror.

Jason: Well it is October, we do like spooky things.

Spirit: Thank you. They feel like they have to. This is Roosevelt and Barbara. Before I go now, respect your ethic. You know? You've been respected, even though... grey. Hmm. Excellent.

Spirits arrive and spirits leave as the conversation continues. Some immediate names for this one, even though they don’t stick around very long. A short message from them as they continue on their way to make room for others to speak.

Spirit(via Cassandra): This is... Gray.

Jason: Hello Gray.

Spirit: I've got a matter of magick work. Group work. You'll love it.

Jason: Ok, well tell me what it is then.

Spirit: Please stop.

Jason: I'm just listening.

Spirit: Ok. You've gotta make it. Flowers, with...

Cassandra: I hear a tambourine.

Spirit(via Cassandra): Do it, yeah. Like that.

Jason: Make flowers and a rhythm? Is that what you mean?

Spirit: Eight hours after, a new cooking is shown. Now, the thing is, you need an edge. More of one.

Jason: More of an edge? Like a knife?

Spirit: Lithium. Pluto. All the candles. A triangle. With a poem and mascara.

Jason: A triangle? Are you trying to get us to evoke, or otherwise summon something? And cover our eyes?

Spirit: With a blindfold. All of the above. 

Jason: Flowers, candles, a triangle, a sword, blindfolded. You're giving us instructions for an evocation.

Spirit: Too often you've been stopping. Alleyways are breaking. It wont hold up. Two people for the night working.

Jason: Why don't you tell me what it is you want us to be evoking.

Spirit: Not your fault. It will feel incredible. The spirit. Mushrooms, their nightmare compliments.

Jason: want us to be on psychedelics when we do this?

Spirit: Fire. Love is, love is, love is...

Jason: I'm not going to do a ritual for you unless you tell us the purpose of it. Not just how to do it.

Spirit: Movies. Speaking of them.

Jason: So you're saying we'll get visions.

Spirit: I saw control. Loved it.

Jason: I do follow what you're saying. What spirit does this involve working with? You, or someone else?

Spirit: Is this your first time answering anyone? Spit it out.

Jason: No, I've done this a number of times.

Spirit: A thousand?

Jason: No, a few.

Spirit: Maybe you're not the advanced one. Unable?

Jason: [Laughter], you tell me your name.

Spirit: We become marked by the mother. We love her.

Jason: I understand the ritual you want us to do. You need to tell us what it does and  your name if you want us to do anything along those lines. Who are you?

Spirit: Too true. Linda.

Jason: Linda?

Spirit: mmm hmmm, Linda. It'll work.

Jason: I believe you that it will work.

Spirit: You must have the mettle. Unafraid. Step forward... on your mark. Move out!

Jason: We're not going to do this ritual right now. This is only to communicate and get information. If you tell me more about it, I might consider it in the future at a later time.

Spirit: Little walk back. Mad.

Jason: Don't be mad.

So here we go, a climax of communication with The Seven. We’re given some comprehensive, yet non-specific instructions for a ritual to perform. No real indication on what it might do, other than a vague notion it will provoke visions of some sort. The entity is in a hurry for us to get moving, and wants us to perform this ritual right now.

Here, we can clearly get a picture of what this entity might be. All entities can only communicate their understanding of themselves. It’s asking us to do something for it, but is vague about it. It knows the general form of rituals, but not the details. It doesn’t know, or won’t tell us, who the ritual is working with nor what the results might be, other than some potential visions. It gets upset and tries to provoke me when we don’t immediately get started on it and question it. It gives a name that is different than the original one it gave, a more human sounding one, to appease my questions.

It seems like we’re talking to some sort of low-end parasitic entity. Its feeding off attention. It knows that incarnate humans sometimes perform magick, but doesn’t really understand why or what it does, beyond the fact that the rituals can benefit it in some way. Its trying to make a deal, or convince us to follow its instructions so that we continue to pay attention to it and possibly try to contact it again.

We can now look back at the previous sessions with clearer eyes.

The Seven seem to be a group of entities near humanity which watches and studies them. They take whatever opportunities they can find to have contact with people, as this is likely a blissful and fulfilling experience for them. They try to grow the relationship and keep us interested with small manifestations, like little noises in the house, eventually trying to go so far as to get us to perform magick for them. One after another cycles into the conversations, each trying a different strategy. Some are funny, some are aggressive, some want to talk about our pets. They deflect questions about who and what they are.

There’s no real harm in simply having a chat with such beings. They aren’t, or at least most of them aren’t, malevolent. They’re not trying to harm us. They just want to be known.

However, I would caution against performing a ritual or giving unspecified offerings for any spirit unless you are absolutely certain you know who you are talking to. If someone you’ve never seen before walked up to you on the street and asked you to just hold a bag for them for a short time, and they’ll come back and get it later, do you think it would be a good idea?

Jason: Linda, what nature of entity are you?

Spirit(via Cassandra): Group

Jason: A group of what?

[The cat's collar jingles as he moves around]

Spirit: Hola! Who is doing that?

Jason: That's just the cat.

Spirit: Hmm... Pardon me.

Jason: Its ok.

Again, an example of what this entity is. It tries to change the subject away from its nature.

Jason: Linda, have you come to talk to us before?

Spirit(via Cassandra): Yeah

Jason: Well thanks for coming back, I appreciate that.

Spirit: Cute. I'm staring at you. Have a good life.

Jason: Thanks.

Spirit: Murdered monsters do it too. Hold.

[A long pause]

Jason: Is there someone else who would like to come forward and speak now? One inside, one out. Everybody out in the front, away outside. En français.

Spirit: They do that. Gaslight your sentiment. Twelve years running on Earth.

Jason: Who is this speaking now?

Spirit: Tune in. FEAR.

Jason: I don't think anyone here is afraid.

Spirit: Repeat that.

Jason: No one here is afraid.

Perhaps one of them here has decided the best way to keep us talking is to give up the game and straight up tell us that some of them try to gaslight us. From the inside and from out.

Here, the conversation became simply random phrases for another minute or so, until we decided the communication was over and ended the session. When speaking with spirits, always keep in mind who you are talking to and do your best to identify them. Have conversations, but don’t do anything that you wouldn’t do for someone you don’t know.

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