Conversations with The Seven: Part 4

Over the past year, I, along with my wife Cassandra, have conducted a series of experiments to contact spirits using an SB7 radio with the Estes Method, along with a Dreamachine. In doing so, I’ve started up a conversation with a group of entities that call themselves The Seven. This is a summary and partial transcript of the forth session that is part of this particular working.

I’d like to make a note here, to alleviate any confusion, that these are edited transcripts. While over time we have become much better at this form of communication, with much clearer methods, these were still experimental for us. No wording has been changed, and the meaning of each snippet has been preserved, but the noise in the signal has been cut. Small individual words between phrases that don’t contribute anything to the conversation. Also, small bits of conversation that are personal or not relevant to the main conversation have been removed as well.

Session 4: SB7

October 13th, 2021 1:32AM

We start this session, only using an SB7 and the Estes method, with me in the headphones and Cassandra preparing to ask questions. Cassandra puts out an invitation for anything that comes in peace for conversation with anything with helpful and benevolent intentions.

Spirit (via Jason): We are here.

Cassandra: Welcome. Where are you from?

Spirit: The store.

Cassandra: What is sold at the store where you are from?

Spirit: Right now? Will.

Cassandra: What is the coinage?

Spirit: Dogs

Cassandra: Our dogs are not for sale. To be extremely clear, you may not have them.

A playful beginning, but no clear indication who is speaking yet. Its become very common for whoever comes to talk to us (provided we aren’t doing an invitation for something / someone specific) to comment on our pets in some fashion, as they hang around our feet during the sessions.

Spirit(via Jason): Mic check. Now we are doing it.

Cassandra: Yes, its working fine. Who are you?

Spirit: We have aspects of you. I thought I am free.

Cassandra: Who are you?

Spirit: Why are you so human?

Cassandra: I ask who you are because you are a guest here.

Spirit: One. Six of them after me.

Again the theme, they are one of seven, despite there being more than seven individuals we have identified so far. But confirming they are one of the ones we’ve spoken to before, or are at least aware of them. But note the refusal and deflection from giving a specific name.

A strange sound comes from outside.

Spirit (via Jason): What is that? Is it The Hunt?

Cassandra: I don't think so.

Spirit: It sure looks like it.

Cassandra: Tell me about The Hunt.

Spirit: Sometimes there is a hart. Its here.

Jason: I hear a beeping that's crossing many channels. Beep beep beep beep. Its repeating. Its gone now.

Spirit(via Jason): Its that. The sound. The Hunt.

Cassandra: You're worried for the hart? We are not hunters.

Spirit: Help me.

Interesting to note here, the Wild Hunt is something that occurs in many traditions around the world. In some, it is associated with Samhain (Halloween). This session occurred in mid-October and the spirits seem concerned. This is followed by a change in who is speaking.

Spirit(via Jason): Hello. I am here.

Cassandra: Hello, who is speaking?

Spirit: Madeo.

Cassandra: Where are you from?

Spirit: Holy. Love. I want you to go around it.

Cassandra: Go around what?

Spirit: Holy. Love. I really expect food.

Jason: I hear church organ music playing. Its lasted for a few seconds.

A positive identification this time. And the spirit we speak with changes again.

Spirit(via Jason): Hello. We are slow.

Cassandra: That's alright.

Spirit: I don't speak it normally. I speak, I hear, your thoughts. That's it. Smooth.

Cassandra: Are you around us often?

Spirit: She doesn't want me to... wait. Its going back.

Cassandra: Who is she?

Silence from the spirit. And again, a change in who is with us.

Spirit(via Jason): Hello.

Cassandra: Hi!

Spirit: No one can see us. Great!

Cassandra: Is there someone you're afraid of? Someone you don't want to see you?

Cassandra puffs her vape

Spirit: Long exhaling noise Woooooo.

Cassandra: Are you making fun of me? Because of the vape?

Spirit: No. Walking home. I want someone to go with me.

Cassandra: Are you the hart?

Spirit: There's a lot going on here.

Cassandra: I'll keep you company. Will you tell me about home?

Spirit: They don't know us. They can't hear enough.

Cassandra: The people at your home? Are you afraid?

Another spirit here seemingly needing help. Not wanting to go out alone to get home. At this point the spirit mentions a number of things about the communication being difficult, and then reestablishing the ability to speak with us.

Spirit(via Jason): Hello. I'm listening and now its working. Hello who's there? Is there someone around.

Cassandra: I'm Cassandra, this is Jason. What have you come here to say?

Spirit: Ohio

Cassandra: There's nothing wrong with Ohio.

Spirit: Rude. Where are we?

Cassandra: Florida.

Spirit: Is that it?

Cassandra: Earth. The material plane. Malkuth. How specific do you need me to be.

Spirit: Go here to me.

Cassandra: Where are you?

Spirit: Around here. Help. Drive them away.

Cassandra: Drive away who?

Spirit: They are here. You are different.

Cassandra: What are they?

Spirit: Twenty packs. Don't wait. Help.

Jason (Commenting on the last spoken word): That was so loud and clear.

Cassandra: How can I drive them away?

Spirit: Apple. Apple. Don't wait.

Same theme in this part. The spirits seemingly need help. Protection or obfuscation in some fashion from something else which is around.

Cassandra: Tell me your name please.

Spirit(via Jason): Bullseye. I know you.

Cassandra: Your name is Bullseye? Do I know you?

Spirit: We don't know.

Jason (Commenting on the voices): There's two different voices trying to talk on top of each other.

Cassandra: Alright, the one that asked for help, tell me your name please.

Spirit(via Jason): Mark. Can you hear me? Ah hah! We're all in love. Too much!

Cassandra: Go slowly.

Spirit: Give... [a pause]. Help.

Cassandra: Is this still Mark? If you want my help tell me who you are.

Spirit: The Seven. A party. Come home... enough.

Cassandra: Who is calling you?

Spirit: Can you hear? The one that was spent.

Cassandra: Where is your home?

Spirit: In love. I'm glad we are here, in this room. Talking.

Cassandra: I am too.

Spirit: We are in love.

The spirits do seem to find some sort of safety in being with us, though at this point its unclear how. A change in voice again.

Spirit(via Jason, a childlike voice): Hello. But what is it? Oooh. Who's that dog? What is its names?

Cassandra: This is Thorin, the little one is Ender, and the one on the floor is Enzo. The Cat is Moosh, the snake is Gordon. What is your name?

Spirit: Woah. Hi Dogs. You are very beautiful.

Cassandra: Would you like to be friends with them?

Spirit: They're nice. Who is this one?

Cassandra: The one I'm touching, or do you mean Jason?

Spirit: I feel like they're a pet. They're great.

Cassandra: Have you gotten to pet a dog before?

Spirit: See them. Hahaha. Wow. Can dogs see me?

Cassandra: I don't know. Right now they're asleep, but if they were awake I dont know if they could.

Spirit: They probably do. Wow. Wow.

Cassandra: Will you tell me what your home is like.

Spirit: I have passion.

Jason: I hear a phone ringing.

The cat, Moosh, wakes up and starts walking around us.

Spirit(via Jason): Get back.

Cassandra: No, he's friendly.

Spirit: Hi baby! 

A new voice yet again, interrupting the current conversation.

Spirit (via Jason): What's going on?

Cassandra: We were having a nice conversation about the dogs. Who are you?

Spirit: Kids. Hah!

Cassandra: What are your names?

Spirit: That was me and me talking.

Cassandra: I get it, two different people. What are your names?

Spirit: I see two of the people talking.

Cassandra: Tell me your name.

Spirit: What about Alex?

Cassandra: What do you like to do Alex?

Spirit: What is that?

Cassandra: What is what?

Spirit: A car. Can I help you? Theres a thing.

Cassandra: A thing like a car?

Spirit: In the room.

Cassandra: A thing like a car in this room?

Jason: There's too many voices talking too fast, I can't catch them all.

Cassandra: One at a time please.

Spirit: He's hearing us all. Sorry.

Again, we have to stop and ask to clear things out to get only one person talking. It seems to be one that arrived earlier this night.

Spirit(via Jason, childlike again): Hello. This is Maximus.

Cassandra: Hello Maximus.

[Some personal things here are removed for this transcription. The spirits identified some very specific personal journey related items for us.]

Spirit: Is that a radio?

Cassandra: It is!

Spirit: I see that. This is hard. The cat! What kind of a feline?

Cassandra: Is the cat making it harder to communicate.

Spirit: Your feline... what a boy. What a cat. Cool.

Cassandra: Were you the one asking about the cat and dogs before?

Spirit: All day, every day, and the weekend. All we talk about. Oh dogs! Wow! What are they doing?

Cassandra: They're sleeping.

Spirit: Sneaky. Are they a problem? Its sweet.

Once yet again, another new voice arrives to talk.

Spirit(via Jason): Another! Wow! Welcome to the radio. Step forward. The group cheers!

Cassandra: Hello!

Spirit: Seven. Touch my hand. You can! Like this

Cassandra: Where is your hand?

Cassandra raises her hand and reaches forward

Cassandra: Like this?

Spirit: Hey! Something just hit me. Oh wow!

Cassandra: I'm sorry, I hope I didn't hurt you.

Spirit: Wow! Pinch me!

More and more distinct personalities keep showing up at this point. Its becoming difficult to differentiate who is speaking at any given moment.

Cassandra: I think we're going to end fairly soon. Is there anyone who hasn't had a chance to speak yet and would like to, I'd like to hear from you.

Spirit(via Jason): Its all free for us. The Seven.

Cassandra: Anyone else that hasn't had a chance yet?

Spirit: I'm here now. Rise. Do it. Do it.

Cassandra: Tell me why I should. Are you royalty?

Spirit: I fear you doubt.

Cassandra: I do. Are you someone I should rise for?

Spirit: Is there a problem?

Cassandra: Tell me who you are.

Spirit: Damn it. Well then. I tried.

Cassandra: Do you want to just have a normal conversation then?

Spirit: Never.

Cassandra: Laughing. I like your sense of humor.

Spirit: Eat salad. Its good.

Cassandra: We did, we had salads with dinner. Who are you?

Spirit: Why?

Cassandra: So I know who I'm talking to.

Spirit: You gotta take a break? Its not even late.

Cassandra: Do you want us to stop?

Spirit: Crap. Its way over time. I see them.

Jason: I hear beeps again. Beep beep beep beep beep.

Cassandra: Is that the Hunt again?

The spirits go quiet for a moment before returning.

Spirit(via Jason): Hi! (this was a very enthusiastic greeting)

Cassandra: You know how to make an entrance. Welcome. How are you?

Spirit: Special. Say it. Do it.

Cassandra: You haven't told me anything to say or do.

Spirit: Love.

Cassandra: Good thing to say and do.

Spirit: Carbide. The Sun. Friend. Hippopotamus. Well then. Boing!

Cassandra: Do I know you?

Spirit: Boing!

Cassandra: We're going to stop in a moment. I'd like to thank all of you that...

Spirit(interrupting): Right now?

Cassandra: Yes. I'd like to thank you all that...

Spirit(interrupting): You're a lot. Fuck you!

Cassandra: And we're done.

There’s a lot to unpack from this session. It was one of the longer ones we’d done up until that point, and with a huge amount of activity.

The spirits were definitely stirred up by something external, and they seemed to be finding that we had an open line of communication one by one. Maybe it was the season, maybe it was just a quirk of that particular night, but something had clearly changed at this specific session. Rather than having been watching what we were doing and waiting to experiment, they discovered us slowly. Some would leave and return, evidently having brought friends. Others would wander in for their moment to talk.

Something about what we were doing appeared to be granting some form of safety from something they were afraid of. A lot of chatter about home, trying to get home, and love. One of them was very childlike, apparently brought here by another because of the safety.

Up to this point, it was definitely the most individual entities we had at a single time, to the point where they were fighting for the ability to be the one speaking. This led directly to me developing ways of controlling who was talking and when.

Another takeaway from this session is that the the content of the conversation, though remarkable and interesting on its own, is not the important part of these workings. You can engage with this phenomena and follow it as deep as you like, but keep in mind what doing this is actually pointing to. But still, nothing wrong with providing a safe, warm, and loving space for some wayward entities taking refuge for a time.