Scrying the Aethyrs: 14 – VTA

This is the text of my journal entry for my scrying of the 14th Aethyr, VTA. See my previous post on scrying the aethyrs for instructions and a description of exactly what the Aethyrs are.

I light a candle, recite the 19th call, and lay down with my eyes closed to let the vision overtake me.

I am looking at large stone double doors. They bear the face of a lion. They are at the end of a long hallway, which extends to my right.

I recognize where I am from a particular dream long ago.

The doors open and I enter a room made of tan stone bricks. The floor is one solid piece of stone.

Above, to my left, a single brick is missing and daylight shines into the room, landing on a tall, faceless blue figure who is seated next to the door. Its sitting height is slightly taller than I am standing. The golden glow within its heart has faded to a pale light.

I ask “Are you ok?”

I get the impression that it smiles, despite not having a face. “I will be fine” it answers.

“I didn’t expect to be back here. Are you the governor of this place?”

“No” it answers again.

“Are you here to teach more? Answer more questions?”


“Well, can you tell me where I can find the governor?”

The entity takes my hand in his for a moment, and I know it is time to leave this place.

I walk down the hallway and climb up a brick shaft into the sunlight.

I am standing on the peak of a mountain. The shaft I ascended is within the ruins of a very old temple. There is a dip in the peak, and across it there is a second temple, standing fully built. Many people are around it, wearing white and tan robes.

Looking outward, I am above a long green valley with a river flowing through it, dotted with small towns along it. The valley is flanked by other mountains.

Looking behind me, I see that the mountain on which I stand is the first of a huge range which extends as far as I can see.

I begin walking toward the other temple.

I stop one of the people who is walking here and ask where I can find the governor. He replies that they are in the valley below.

I move the full way to the other temple and through the crowd to look inside.

Within is a long hall flanked with stone columns. They, and the tops of the walls, are decorated with many painted images, though I do not get a clear look at them.

Continuing down its length, I come to the far end where there is a staircase leading to an altar. On top of the altar is a large box covered in gold. Resting on its lid are two golden angelic figures with wings extended to touch each other.

“I think I saw this in a movie” I say to no one in particular.

No one answers me.

Exiting this temple, I begin looking for the path down into the valley. Finding it at the dip in the peak, I follow the switchbacks the whole way down.

When I get to the bottom I begin walking toward the closest village when an angelic figure descends from the sky on my left.

“Are you the governor here?” I ask, but get no reply.

A second, and then third angel appear from the sky around me. They extend their wings, such that they all touch, forming a triangle around me.

There is a flash of white light and I am elsewhere.

I am in front of a small open-air temple at the opposite end of the valley, near the base of one of the mountains that flank it. It has a small staircase leading up to it. Its made of a stone base, four white pillars in its corners, and stone blocks connecting the pillars at the top, leaving the center open to the sky. In the middle of it is a large bronze bowl filled with a bonfire that extends through the center of the temple’s roof.

I turn around to see a figure in a black suit, white shirt, and red tie approaching me.

I extend a hand to shake his and once again find myself asking “Are you the governor here?”

“Yes”, he replies, “I am Tomoond”. It should be noted that one of the listed governors of this place is “TEDOOND”. Close, but not exactly the same.

“Where are we?”

“VTA.” He says. (Pronounced like “vita”, Latin for “life”). “This valley is Eden.”

“Shouldn’t there not be people here then?” I ask.

“Did you see any?”

I admit I did not see any in the valley, only on the mountain above.

He nods. “Travelers. They come here, but they do not enter.”

Thinking for another moment, I say “I’m sorry for bringing this up, but how do I know I’m not just making this all up in my head?”

“Will it comfort you to hear me say you are? You created it it. And like all creation, it is done in an ideal fashion, and perfect in itself. It would not happen any other way. It changes nothing.”

I pause to ponder this.

Before I can speak again, Tomoond says “You do not have to understand now. But you will. And you will remember.”

“So, are you a cherub then?”

He smiles. “Walk with me.”

We wander a short distance to where the river exits the valley through a pass in the mountains. Tomoond tells me to sit on the grass, and he seats himself next to me.

I ask about the blue entity under the ruins of the temple, and if they are ok.

Tomoond answers. “They have given their all. They will return.”

He tells me to look at my reflection in the waters. I lean over the edge of the bank and gaze downward to see my face. It looks back at me, and behind it is a field of stars despite the sky above me being bright blue with the sunlight.

The sun begins to set in the west, through the gap in the mountains where the river runs, turning the waters into a bright golden road.

Tomoond tells me to drink. I reach my hands into the waters, extracting a handful of the light, bring it to my lips, and drink. It is neither warm, nor cool, but fulfilling in a way that is hard to describe with words.

I am the river.

I run down from every mountain to form this point, and continue out of the valley.

I nourish all things.

Tomoond places his hands on either side of my face and kisses my forehead, smiling.

I look back into the waters and again see the field of stars. Instead of my face I see just a brilliant light.

I am the sun.

I am the sun.

I shine over the valley, and as I touch plants they begin to grow. I fall over rocks and they are warmed. I melt the snow from peaks to form the river. I shine on the surface of the water.

I am the sun, and I am the river.

I am the source of life.

I am creation and the source of creation.

I am light.

I am light and I am fire.

I am light, and I burn.

I am light, and I burn.

I burn.

I am light.

I am.

I open my eyes as the vision ends.

I sit on the edge of the bed lean to the candle. I blow to blow it out, but it stays lit.

I blow again. It is still lit.

I blow a third time.

Still lit.

I reach to pick up the candle. The moment my hand contacts the alabaster container it is in, it snuffs itself out.

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