Scrying the Aethyrs: 15 – OXO

This is the text of my journal entry for my scrying of the 15th Aethyr, OXO. See my previous post on scrying the aethyrs for instructions and a description of exactly what the Aethyrs are.

I light a candle, recite the 19th call, and lay down with my eyes closed to let the vision overtake me.

There is a desk. L-shaped. It sits in a black void. On it is a green banker’s lamp and some papers. I try to read one, but am unable, or it is blank.

The rest of the room comes into focus. It is somewhat reminiscent of a noir detective’s office. There is a filing cabinet, chairs to sit in, other shelves, and a door leading out.

I stand and walk to the door.

I am in a hallway. To my left is the end of the hall. A radiator rests below a window. Outside of it is a fire escape. Across the street is the brick wall of the next building.

To my right the hall extends an extreme distance, such that I cannot see the far end. I head down it, finding it is something like a hospital hall. A short walk brings me to what I suspect is a nurse’s station on my left and a split staircase on my right. There are no people around.

I turn right and descend the stairs.

Now on the first floor, I stand at the base of the stairs looking toward the glass doors and windows of the building entrance.

Exiting, I find a yellow taxi waiting on a bright sunny day in the city. There are simultaneously many cars driving on the street, and none. I enter the taxi.

“Where to?” the driver asks. I can only see the back of their head.

“OXO” I say.

“You’re already there.”

“Well, take me to see the governor then please”.

He begins driving.

We arrive at a skyscraper among many others, but this one towers above the rest.

I enter the lobby and tell the man at the security desk that I’m here to see the governor, and he gestures toward the elevators. Walking through the turnstile, two figures approach and swipe up and down me with what appear to be handheld metal detectors.

I press the button to call the elevator and look up to see which floor it is descending from. The screen above its doors reads “400”. The number does not change, and a different door from the one I was watching opens with a ding.

Inside the elevator I press the button labeled “GV”, which I assume stands for “governor”, and the doors close.

The elevator starts slow, but I can feel it accelerating underneath me. As it nears the top, it decelerates rapidly, giving me a weightless feeling. As it stops, I find I am floating in the air inside it. The doors open.

I am looking into a large open room. To the right is a hall and a small kitchen area, like in many offices. Directly across from the elevator are the large windows which make up the entire wall. Small two-seat coffee tables are lined in front of them.

“I’ll be there in just a moment, go ahead and have a snack and grab a seat” a voice calls from somewhere down the hall.

On the kitchen counter is a box of donuts. I select one with sprinkles and a cup of hot chocolate. Interestingly, earlier today I ordered donuts, and despite asking for ones with sprinkles none of that type arrived.

I sit at one of the coffee tables, looking out the windows at the rest of the city far below, and wait.

A woman in a grey pencil skirt suit walks out from the hall and approaches. Her hair is in a tight bun. She apologies for not greeting me as I entered and sits across from me.

She identifies herself as the governor, briefly showing me wings as proof. Her name is Tastoxo.

I ask what there is for me to learn here, and she chastises me for “being in a hurry”. I take a bite of the donut and sip of the hot chocolate.

I ask “Why do many of these visions start with me not at the location where the governor is?”.

She answers “Because this is a journey”.

I ask “Why was I floating in the elevator, but not when I went to the counter or came to the table here?”.

She answers “Because you didn’t experience that part. Think about it. You were in the elevator, then at the counter, and then here at the table. At no point did you see yourself walk or float to them.”

She looks at me, and I realize I am floating a small distance above my seat. I will myself to return to sitting.

We talk for a short while longer.

She stands, extending a hand for me to take. “Alright, it is time.”

I stand, taking her hand to follow.

We walk away from kitchen area and down a short staircase to a large swimming pool that is build right against the glass windows.

Tastoxo gestures for me to enter it, and I walk into the water. As I lean back and submerge myself she hits a switch, turning out the lights.

I float in complete blackness, as no light is entering through the windows. I realize I feel no need to breathe. I feel myself slowly sinking, and eventually bump into the bottom of the pool.

I float in the water above it for a few moments, before righting myself and standing.

I am standing on a cliffside, looking west out over an ocean.

Looking around, I see a young girl also standing near the edge of the cliff, a bit behind and below to my right. She looks out over the sea, tears in her eyes. Her left hand holds the leash to a small dog, a terrier, that sits next to her. Her right hand is clenched in a tight fist.

As she watches, a mountain far distant in the water begins to emit smoke.

I approach her and ask if she is ok, but get no response.

I notice that in the grass next to her right foot is a wand. Seeming to notice that I noticed, she says “you can have it”. I reach down and pick it up. It is wooden and has “OXO” burned into it.

Tastoxo is here. She tells me “with this wand you can manifest whatever you like, without even speaking”.

I raise the wand high and use it to create a set of clouds above us, which I send west over the sea to mix with the smoke rising from the mountain.

The young girl is now an adult woman. She wears an deep blue dress, and over her face is an antlered animal skull. Her eyes peek through the skull’s, out over the sea toward the fading light of a now-passed orange sunset. The small dog and Tastoxo are gone.

She turns to look behind, where a bright orange full moon has risen in a sky filled with stars. Tonight, outside of the vision, is a full moon.

She walks a few steps and stops, gesturing for me to follow. I do so.

We walk away from the cliffs to the edge of a forest. There are large multicolored striped tents set up around a bonfire.

Within the circle of tents many people dressed in mummer’s outfits dance, play music, drink, and eat. I try speaking to a few, but they give no response.

The woman moves to stand in front of the fire, looking at me. I ask her why none of them will speak to me.

She says “This is how we celebrate the return of the dead. That which gave them life has already moved on, and possibly returned and forgotten who they were. They live now only in memories, and us remembering them is how they are able to come back. They require us to exist and to interact with the world for them.”

I realize I am slightly floating above the ground again.

“But, I’m not dead” I say.

“No,” she responds, “but you have travelled as one dead to arrive here. Few die while alive and come here, and then return to life.”

All at once the revelers collapse to the ground. The fire snuffs itself down to embers. The moon is high, right above where the fire once burned.

I examine some of the people here. They are all in a deep sleep.

Tastoxo is here again. She takes my hand and begins leading me away, towards the woods. We walk on a path of large circular stones. As we get closer to the trees our route becomes lined with standing stones of increasing size.

As we become surrounded by tall trunks and green branches, she looks to me and speaks.

“There are always some who tend to the forest. They are why it exists. Grow tall, as high as you can, and help the others to do so.”

My eyes open involuntarily, and the vision ends.

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