Scrying the Aethyrs: 16 – LEA

This is the text of my journal entry for my scrying of the 16th Aethyr, LEA. See my previous post on scrying the aethyrs for instructions and a description of exactly what the Aethyrs are.

I light a candle, recite the 19th call, and lay down with my eyes closed to let the vision overtake me.

I see a forest. It is night, and above the treeline is a sky filled with stars. As I watch, I rise into the air, so that the tips of the trees are a short distance below me. The world begins rotating, and I can see the curve of it before me, as if it was on a very small globe.

As the trees move beneath, I see the path I am traveling stretch out in front of me like a monorail track. I’m following it, but I do not seem locked to it. As I continue onward numerous tracks branch off from the main one. Some stay close, some stray far away, some go far and then return to rejoin the central track. Some are black and some are white. Some that branch off descend to the forest below.

As I follow the track, before me floating in space I see a scene of a beach house under a blue sky. The track goes straight to it, and I find myself standing on the sand in front of it.

I walk to it and up the porch steps to knock on the white door. There is no answer, so I open it and enter, finding that it has a similar layout to other buildings I have visited. There is a table to my right, sitting area to my left, bar/kitchen ahead to the left, stairs to a (non-existent) second story ahead on the right, and a hall straight ahead past the stairs. The décor is nautically themed, with anchors, life preservers, and small sailboats decorating the walls and shelves.

I walk down the hall and into the second room on my left. Inside I find a small bedroom. There is a desk with a desktop computer, a dresser, a window, and a single person bed with flannel sheets. I lay on the bed and, finding it incredibly soft and comfortable, fall asleep.

Despite the fact that I am “sleeping”, the vision continues. I see myself on the bed from a 3rd person perspective and float above the house, now seeing it from a birds-eye view.

I am looking downward at another forested area in late evening. There are people here dressed in loincloths and few other clothes, similar to some depictions of Native Americans. There is a great winding mound that they are gathered around. As I watch, they take precious items and carry them through a small doorway to deposit into the mound.

I feel a presence next to me and turn to my right, revealing a stereotypical angelic figure. They have a kind face, long white hair, large white wings, and are wearing a white robe. “You are a governor of this place? Are you Cocarpt?” I ask. The angel nods in return.

I get a sense, not through words or transmitted speech as has happened in previous Aethyrs, that they do not talk. I ask if this is the case, and they nod again. They gesture with their head and eyes back toward the people and the mound, so I turn back to that scene.

It is now night time and the people have gathered in a semi-circle around a bonfire that they have built in front of the mound.

From the group emits a song. A wordless, simple two note chant: “OOOOOOOO ooooooo”.

As they sing the mound begins to sink into the earth. It does not get swallowed up completely, leaving a small bump along its length.

In the sky, a shooting star falls overhead, and its trail reminds me of the monorail path I was on earlier.

Cocarpt gives a gentle tug on my hand to indicate that we are moving on, and I give a nod to show I will follow them. Together, we fly into the sky. We move so high that we watch the sun set in reverse, seeing it slowly climb from the horizon to settle as a red globe to the side of the planet.

I take in the beauty of this scene, and after a few moments look around and see the full moon directly behind me. Cocarpt is gone.

There is a sort of magnetic force, such that I feel at an equilibrium at this point, settled between the Sun and Moon with the Earth directly below me. The planet comes to a complete stop, and then begins rotating again, faster and faster to a blinding speed.

I feel myself stretch out, and my form completely encompasses the Earth. I am a thin sphere encircling it, but my “center point” doesn’t feel like it is at the core of the planet. Instead, my center is at my body laying in the bed at the beach house.

I “awaken” again in the beach house, and step off of the bed. Returning to the main room.

There is a knock at the front door, and I answer to find Cocarpt waiting for me. We both smile, and he enters the building, closing the door behind him.

I am about to offer him tea, or anything else he may want, but seeming to sense what I am intending to say he raises a hand and shakes his head to stop me.

We sit opposite each other at the table. I am about to ask if he would like to play cards, or some game, but again he senses I am about to speak and smiles, shaking his head as if to say “don’t spoil anything here with words”.

Still, I speak. I ask him. “Is the storm over?“. He shakes his head no, and his smile fades for a moment.

I ask “So, the hurricane was not part of it. Then why did I know of it beforehand?”

His smile returns, and I am aware of the answer, despite him not speaking or transmitting any words. “Because I am here with you”. The “I am” does not refer to Cocarpt.

Until now, I did not share this publicly and I’m debating if it is even correct to do so now.

In May, while talking to my wife, I spontaneously stopped mid-speech and made a prophecy about a hurricane hitting Florida later in the year. Specifically, I mentioned it being “very bad, one of the worst storms we’ve had.” I said that there would be much destruction, said it would happen after August (though, not specific to the date), and that it would hit on the Gulf side, at or south of Tampa, and “buzzsaw” the coast and across the state.

At the time, I shared this with a few other people, on discord:

I did not know why I said that, did not know if it was true, and just hoped I was wrong.

It happened last week. I watched the predicted tracks before it arrived, and they were far from what I said it would be. As the date of landfall came closer and closer, the tracks eventually converged to end up as I had said, leaving me horrified and wondering at the purpose of a prophecy such as this. Not every single detail was perfect, but the details weren’t part of the original prophecy, they were me trying to figure out what the feeling I had about the hurricane meant.

We sit simply smiling at each other, and I lose track of time. There is a simple happiness in being in each others presence.

After some moments, I realize that Cocarpt has a brilliant light radiating from his body. His smile widens as he notices that I’ve noticed, and he gives a slight nod to indicate I should look at myself. Gazing downward, I realize that I am also radiating light in the same way, seeming centered on my heart but emanating from every surface point of my body.

Looking back up, Cocarpt is still smiling, and I begin laughing with a pure joy that has overtaken me. He also begins laughing.

We laugh, and laugh, and laugh, until we laugh so hard we are crying.

I have become pure light, with nothing else around except for my radiance. I am aware Cocarpt is here as well, on my periphery, also pure light.

He begins to encircle me, leaving a trail of light behind him, as if he is wrapping me up like a mummy in his light. Still, my light shines within this space, and spills out through the cracks he has left.

I am looking down at the beach, house, and ocean from far above. I am all of the light that is illuminating this scene. I descend to the sand, warming it with my brilliance.

There is a feeling that there is a game here. I am an immense infinity of light, and Cocarpt is a single grain of sand, shining brightly somewhere buried with the billions of other sand grains.

I begin brushing away the sand at the surface, looking far and wide and deep for where he may be hiding. I find him, a radiant singular point infinitely smaller than me among the other grains that I illuminate. As this sand grain, he raises into the air, becoming a distant star in the sky.

The joy persists as the scene fades away, I open my eyes, and the vision ends.

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