Scrying the Aethyrs: 24 – NIA

This is the text of my journal entry for my scrying of the 24th Aethyr, NIA. See my previous post on scrying the aethyrs for instructions and a description of exactly what the Aethyrs are.

This post also contains references to my previous post about prophecy.

The Vision

I light a candle and incense, recite the 19th call, and lay down to let the vision arise.

I am walking down a stereotypical suburban street. I am in the middle of the road, flanked by tended lawns, sidewalks, and trees. Behind them, rows of houses. It is evening, and the setting sun in the orange sky paints the road gold where it leads off into the west.

I stop in front of a bright red fire hydrant, then walk past it up a driveway to a house. A quick jump up the stairs, and I knock on the front door. A middle aged woman in a nightgown answers and invites me inside. “Have a seat, he’ll be down in a minute” she says. Inside is a small sitting room with an arm chair immediately to my right, a coffee table in front of a fireplace, and a small couch on the other side. The couch sits so that its back is to a staircase, with a hall leading further back into the house to the left of the stairs. To my left is another small room where the front windows of the house are opposite an upright piano. Beyond that, a dining room.

There is music in the air. I cannot hear it, but I know that it is there.

I sit on the couch, and the woman walks past, pausing to ask if I would like some coffee. I nod, and she disappears into the hall. Hearing footsteps, I turn as a man adjusting the coat of his black suit descends the stairs. He sits across from me as the woman returns and hands me a cup of coffee in a white mug on a saucer. The fireplace spontaneously ignites.

I ask the man his name. “Christeos” he responds. He is not the governor here, neither is the woman. He nods at me to have my coffee. I lift it and take a sip. Looking down into the black liquid, I see my a reflection of my eye bubble up from within. Outside of the scrying session, my wife is downstairs having a conversation with some friends online. I cannot hear them in the room that I am in, but for a brief moment she raises her voice and I hear her say the words “The eye”. I blink, and the reflection is gone. “Gift horses looking back” he says. I take another sip, and he imparts knowledge of the meaning of the words to me without speaking.

Looking to my right, he is now sitting at the piano playing a familiar song. It is the theme music to a video game that I had played as a teenager, and is comforting and nostalgic. I blink, and the piano keeps playing, though he has returned to his seat across from me. I blink again, and I am the one sitting at the piano playing. I have played this song before, but not for many years. He stands behind me on my left side, his hand on my shoulder. I finish playing the song as the sun sets, lift my cup from its saucer on the piano, and have another sip of coffee.

We stand and walk into the dining room. I sit at the closest seat, placing my coffee on the white lace tablecloth, and he sits to my left at the head of the table, windows at his back. I ask “Will it rain soon?”. He looks over his shoulder. Outside it has grown dark and a wind has picked up. He turns back to me. “Soon, but not quite yet.”

A cat approaches from my right, where there is a kitchen. I ask “May he have some coffee?”. Christeos nods, and I place my cup on the floor. The cat approaches and begins lapping some up. The cat’s name is Soageel, he is the governor of this place. We sit smiling at the cat for a few moments, and then it jumps into my lap. I pet him.

The cat jumps down and I follow him into the kitchen. It is small, barely a hallway, with shelves and appliances on either side. There is something cooking in the oven, as I can feel the heat from it, but its light is off so I cannot see inside. The cat paws at a cupboard next to the refrigerator. I open it to find a bag of cat food, so I pour some food into his bowl.

The cat stops to eat, so I continue into the next room. It is another small space, with an old television against the wall, a coffee table, and a blue couch. I sit on the couch, lift a remote control, and turn on the T.V. I see a large image of an eye looking at me. I stand up, walk to the T.V., and adjust the antennas. The image changes to an American flag flapping in the wind as the station signs off, and then nothing but static.

I turn the television back off as the cat enters the room. I look down at him and ask “I was told of Ina, the comet, called home. What is that?”.

We are in blackness.

A brilliant light, the sun, appears in the distance. The cat and I stand on a rock hurling silently through the void. From its illuminated side thousands upon thousands of sparkling lights float away, becoming stars in the night sky. We gaze upwards at this happening for an unknown span of time.

I ask the cat “What is ZO?”. He shakes his head, as if to say “not now”.

The cat leaps from the back of the rock, floating away into space. I follow and find myself alone again in blackness.

The light of the setting sun pierces the dark around me, creating a golden road. I float towards it, and find my feet again on the suburban street at night.

I walk back up to the house, noticing the number on the mailbox: 2224. I open it, finding a letter addressed to me, upon which is written “FOR LATER”. I replace the letter as the storm begins, rushing up to the porch.

Christeos and Soageel are waiting for me. We sit on wooden chairs, the cat on my left and Christeos on my right, watching the wind and rain. The woman returns and hands me another cup of coffee.

A car speeds down the street, rain glittering in its headlights. It loses control on the slick road and slams into a tree. I begin to stand, but Christeos says “not everyone is ready”. He claps his hands twice, and the car disappears.

The cat again jumps into my lap and sips my coffee. I pet it as the storm continues.

The vision ends as my eyes spontaneously open.

Further Thoughts

It is tempting to say that my recent working to contact the Secret Chiefs, wherein they said many things which appeared in this vision, caused the things that I saw. However, this is to ignore the truths contained within the vision itself.

These visions, and in fact every moment of our lives, is a reflection of our understanding of ourselves.

I also can honestly admit I did not consciously remember most of the words of the prophecy, nor review it before this scrying session.

But we can still examine symbols and connections.

Walking down a suburban street at sunset is a liminal place. A point of transition from day to night, where we know it is time to go home.

The sun creating a golden path home is a symbol from Magia.

The music I knew was there but did not hear, Audrey’s Dance, is from the T.V. show Twin Peaks. There are many different theories and analyses of this show, far too many to go into, but for this music in particular I believe it is a signifier of a dream.

Coffee is another symbol which is prominent in the show. What do we use coffee to do? We drink it to help us wake up, or to stay awake late into the night.

Themes of dreaming and awakening are themes of the enlightenment process itself.

“Christeos” is a name, but it also appears in the 19th Enochian call, which I recited to start this vision. Looking it up as I write this, from Enochian to English it would be translated “Let There Be”. The call of creation itself.

Spirit: Your eye floats up. Watch it disturb you. Aid you. Scare you.

Literally, the reflection of my own eye bubbled up from within my coffee. I’ve discussed the meaning of reflections previously. Hearing my wife say “The eye” at the exact same moment placed a synchronistic emphasis on it.

Spirit: Gift horses looking back.

A simple phrase with a simple meaning, but one which eluded me when it arose. I thought they were making fun of me (and honestly, I still believe they were) but there is more here. We are a gift from ourselves, to ourselves, and we look through the eyes of our own reflection back at ourselves.

The music played on the piano was from the video game Final Fantasy VII, which appeared for me at a lovely time during my life. Christeos played it, no one played it, and I played it, showing that these are all the same. A demonstration of non-duality expressed through an appearance of separation.

The soundtrack of the game is one that has always stuck with me, as it has for many people. It brings a longing for a simpler time and fond memories. Music is one of the highest forms of magick, and it being played here is a reflection of the silent knowing that we come from an eternal ideal world which is apparently absent here, and we long to return to it.

My asking about rain is in reference to the previous aethyr I scryed. I was told that I could make it rain, and here we see the storm just about to start. Note, that when last speaking with the Secret Chiefs, I heard thunder at one point, despite it not raining outside.

Spirit: Give a cat a tonic.

In sharing coffee with the cat, the governor of this place, I am also sharing it with myself. There are many gifts here in NIA.

The oven having something inside which I could not see is reasonably straightforward: Something is cooking, and will be ready soon, but what it is is not yet known to me.

Feeding the cat is just tending to the things which currently need to be tended to.

The eye in the television is another demonstration of self reflection. As we look out into the world, we find ourselves looking back.

The flag and signoff is something stations used to do before going off the air. A version of this features in the movie Poltergeist. Given the current political climate, one could say we’re reaching the end of our current culture and making way for the next.

Spirit: Ready? On it. Ina, the comet.
Spirit: Ina, oh Ina. Home.

I speculated about this part of the prophecy in my last post. Something I did not realize at the time was the fact that the next aethyr to scry was NIA. INA shares the same letters. Not a perfect reflection, but one that is reasonable to take note of.

Ina is the comet, Ina is also home. The stars in the night sky are the Gods, and I was treated to a spectacular display of them returning from this world to their place in Eternity, followed by the golden road again leading me home.

I’m not sure that this is the last I will hear of Ina.

ZO is the mirror of OZ, the dream world from which Dorothy is trying to get home.

Spirit: 2224. The Eyes Around. Give a cat a tonic.

2224 was the number of the house, one with eyes around, where I gave the cat coffee.

The Storm arrives, bringing the rain. We cross from earth and fire to water and air being dominant. And not everyone is ready.

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