The Nature of Prophecy

I’ve been debating for a few days how to write this blog, or if I should write it at all. I have again contacted the Secret Chiefs, and the Archangel Tzaphkiel of Binah, via the Estes Method. The contents of this conversation included many things which were extremely personal, and which I do not wish to share on the internet. However, I’ve decided to display just a few small snippets of the contents along with some commentary on them.

A few weeks ago I had a dream. I was watching a crowd of people fighting in a store, like the worst Black Friday sale you’ve ever seen. They were trying to buy a board game titled “The Prophecy Game”. However, the game wasn’t available in the store, and the crowd got angrier and angrier until it became a brawl. The employees pleaded with the crowd to calm down, for The Prophecy Game was completely sold out.

So what is prophecy anyway? As man sends pleas to the Gods for something to happen, the Gods in turn send prayers to humanity. If these prayers come true, we say they are prophecy. It is a prediction about future happenings. It could be from Gods, spirits, or man. Or, at least, that’s the definition I plan to use.

Look through the library of occult literature, and you’ll find many books that contain prophecies. Even to modern day we have remote viewers looking into the future and telling us what they see. Some are accurate in the short term, but over longer scales they seem to fall off, as the predicted dates and events come and go with little fanfare.

And yet people cling to them. Many engage in apologetics, trying to reconcile inaccuracies in the predictions with the actual things that happened. There is a well known supposed time traveler who posted on forums in the early 2000s and then disappeared, and people are still looking for excuses as to why his claims haven’t come true. While it is an entertaining mystery, there is little evidence that any of it was true.

I personally have very little experience with prophecy, apart from minor divinations about nearby events. It feels wrong to call pulling tarot cards, and other divination methods, “prophecy” to me. It feels like that word should be reserved for a message from a divine being of sort. Until recently, that is not something I had experienced.

But I have spoken with others who have, and they claim that these sorts of predictions have incredible accuracy. The difference here, compared to some of the above examples, is that these are not predictions of world events. They are predictions of personal experiences, usually including spiritual growth in some fashion. However, one of the major downsides is that the messages cannot usually be interpreted or fully understood until after the predicted events happen. The recipient experiences the results of the prophecy as a synchronicity, as if the words of the beings which gave them were magick unto themselves.

What follows is messages that I received last week, when I again spoke with the Secret Chiefs, along with the Archangel Tzaphkiel. Much of what they said was poking fun at me (they have a great sense of humor), but at one point the conversation changed. They became intent on delivering some specific messages, ones which I do not understand and likely will not understand until they come to pass. They made me repeat them back to them to make sure I was hearing them correctly. Despite knowing that I don’t and won’t understand them, I cannot help but try to interpret them anyway, so I’ve included a few thoughts about them as well.

It is important to keep in mind that what follows are selected snippets of the conversation, not including full context of everything that has been said, and with some parts removed to maintain privacy.

Lighting candles and incense, I ask my wife to act as the voice of the spirits I intend to contact. She dons the headphones and blindfold and we start the radio scanning. I activate DJ PH and ask his assistance in facilitating communication with the Secret Chiefs, for whom I have created a seal which is placed before us. I specifically ask to contact Dark, who I spoke with previously, and who had offered to help in the future.

At first, we get some seemingly random communication, then some spirits who seem eager to communicate but are not my intended targets. I ask that the line be cleared and that we start over. And then, something I did not expect. DJ PH himself speaks through the radio, confirming he now has the correct people on the line.

Spirit(via Cassandra)[DJ PH]: Here I've got them. Recharge. Lets go.

Jason: Thank you. Am I speaking with the Secret Chiefs?

Spirit[A new voice]: I wouldn't.

Jason: Why not?

Spirit: Inheritance. With no part of advice. Its easy to go overside.

Cassandra: I hear a Submarine Sonar ping tone.

The conversation starts out with them teasing me. Basically saying “you’re going to get lost trying to figure this stuff out”.

Jason: Are you the Secret Chiefs?

Spirit: Don't think of it like that.

Jason: How should I think of it?

Spirit: A single amostras.

“Amostras”, as I had to look up after the fact, is a Portuguese word which can be translated as “sample” or “specimen”. They are saying “No, we’re not all of them, we’re just a few of them”.

Jason: Tell me who I'm speaking with.

Spirit: You and me. We've got a rocket scientist, on fire.

Jason: Are you making fun of me?

Spirit: Henrick. How are you?

Jason: I'm good. Have we spoken before?

Spirit: I'm fine too. I'm OK. I'm fine.

Jason: Are you one of the Secret Chiefs?

Spirit: I'm good. Now lets hear it. The goal. One of Five.

Jason: Are you telling me we have one of five Secret Chiefs present, and you're one of them?

Spirit: Cute. It's Dark.

Again, they are teasing me as I fumble my way through this conversation. It’s ambiguous whether they area saying there are five goals for this working, or that there are five Chiefs present. In the moment I took it as the latter, and based on some previous things that they said I think that is correct. I’ve been given two names so far: Henrick, who seems to be new, and Dark, who I spoke with last time.

Spirit: So, you're quitting?

Jason: Quitting what, my job? I'd like to, haha.

Spirit: It's noted.

Jason: I don't see a path on how to do that though.

Spirit: The eye. So much to do, so many nothings.

Their relentless abuse continues. “I can’t see how to do that” I say. “Have you tried using your eyes?” they respond. Then pointing out that our earthly events here are of little importance when they are not ones that are focused on spiritual growth.

Spirit: What can you do?

Jason: That's kind of what I'm asking here, what can I do?

Spirit: Its fuzzy. Nothing important here.

I continued asking about quitting my job, since they brought the subject up, and they then reiterate its not important. It’s interesting that they brought it up, because even though I did not ask about it, I was thinking about asking about it, wishing that they would provide some advice.

Spirit: Force of the fact. 142. Don't have feeling. Do you know what that means?

Jason: No, I'm not sure I understand.

Spirit: Gift horses looking back. Join in.

Jason: We are the gifts looking back at the gift giver? Or at who we've been given to?

Spirit: That's that. Are you always so verbose?

Jason: Haha, not always.

Continuing to lightheartedly poke fun at me, as I struggle to understand what they are saying.

Jason: What do you think about this thing I'm going to be doing with Marco to talk to the Secret Chiefs? 

Spirit: Love that.

Jason: You love what I'm doing with Marco? Great, ok.

Spirit: I should know. Promotional. The workflow.

At the end of this month I will be the channeler for the The Great Techno-Magical Ultraterrestrial Hunt. They seem to think its a good idea.

Spirit: Your tenure. The ground is dry. Save it.

Jason: I understand that. I can make it rain, right?

Spirit: Thousand. We see a chasm. A great fall.

Jason: An abyss?

This seems to be a refence to the last scrying session of the Enochian Aethyrs that I performed. One of the few things I understood in the moment.

Spirit: Your eye floats up. Watch it disturb you. Aid you. Scare you. All are watching. Down the course, a freak. Intensive information, long time. Balance of 8 goods. Oh spare me, between life and the ship it sleeps.

This is when the conversation starts to shift. I acknowledge to them that I don’t understand what they are saying, but I am doing my best to get the messages anyway. I ask for a little clarity.

Jason: I don't think I understand. Is it something I might understand later?

Spirit: Hmm, feel it quick. Mandragora. 2224. The Eyes Around. Give a cat a tonic. We're still fun. Lane 2.

Even here, they’re still making jokes. “Give a cat a tonic”. Mandragora is the mandrake plant.

2224 in Jewish Gematria has some phrases which might be worth paying attention to. Here are a few cherry-picked selections, but I admit I don’t know for sure if there’s any connection here, and that I’m probably wrong:

For Thou Art My Rock And My Fortress
I Prepared For You Aeons In Advance
And Ever Do I Seek My Beloved
This Is The Truth Of This World
Aleister Alexander Crowley
The Truth Helps Others To Awaken
Image Of God Swerved Into A Man
Eternal Justice And Law
Holy Holy Holy Lord God Almighty
I Have Already Won

Again, I have no idea if any of the above phrases are relevant at all, but I found them interesting at least.

Jason: I don't understand what it is your telling me at the moment. Can you help make it clearer please.

Spirit: I'm distant, get ready.

Jason: I'm ready.

Spirit: ZO, lets be careful. There it was, did you catch it?

Jason: I heard that. "ZO, lets be careful."

Spirit: Z. O.

Jason: I got that. ZO.

Spirit: One more time?

Jason: Z. O.

Spirit: The easiest way is ON. Go for it. Nuncia. Low battery.

Jason: [trying to check the battery level on the radio]

Spirit: Not yours.

Jason: Ok.

I have no idea what “ZO” might mean in this context. “The easiest way is ON” might be referencing the ZO, as ON can be turned on its side to look like “ZO”.


Update: After posting this, I’ve been told the following. Thank you to Marco Visconti for this information.

ON is one of the most important Formulae of Thelema. 
It is one of the Words of the OTO Degrees, both Minerval and IX, and is referenced in the Gnostic Mass. 

It is also encoded in the Tarot as the gateway to Tiphereth: Aiyn = O = The Devil, and Nun = N = Death, being two paths that lead from Hod and Netzach to Tiphereth. 
ON is the Gate of the City of the Sun, Heliopolis. 
This is the literal translation of "Babalon". 

Therein a mystery, the two Initiations being the Great Work: Adepthood and Mastership. Finally, Ayn and Nun = 120 = the "secret number" of Christian Rosenkreutz, another Qabalistic shorthand for "Initiation into Adepthood"

“Nuncia” is Latin, translated as “to announce”. And then, they comment on me trying to check the radio’s battery level after they say “low battery”.

Update: Thanks to Spud for the following:

Nuncia is in the Roman Catholic church as far as I remember: a diplomatic representative of the pope at a foreign court or capital: equal in status to an ambassador.
Spirit: A jar. He won't speak it. Vampire. An argument for a mark of truth.

Jason: I'm receiving the message, but I'm afraid at the moment I don't understand.

Spirit: Isn't it 105, infinity speaking. Ready? On it. Ina, the comet. Were you asking? Pound or president. A lane, open wide, like on Z. Z88. I will be waiting for you in the blindfold. Here's what in France. Utah. A billion different lights. Home.

Jason: Something just rumbled, just making a note for the recording there was a rumble.

“A Jar” could have been “ajar”.

” Isn’t it 105, infinity speaking. ” has a lot of interesting phrases that come up in the NAEQ, but too many to reprint here, so I will leave that as an exercise for the reader.

What I’ve written as “Ina” here was pronounced “E-nah”. It comes up again later, and I’m not completely sure of the spelling. “Enna” is a city in Sicily. It could also have been “Binah”, and I missed hearing the “B”. This would be interesting, as the next entity spoken with is Tzaphkiel of Binah.

“I will be waiting for you in the blindfold” seems to be a reference to me doing Estes Method sessions, and saying that I will speak with them again.

The only connection with France and Utah that I can think of is Utah Beach, one of the locations of the Normandy landings during D-Day in World War II. I have no current plans to travel to France.

The rumble I heard sounded like thunder, though it was not storming at the time. I have no idea where it came from.

Jason: Thank you for coming and speaking with me. I don't understand the message, but I will review it as best I can, so thank you very much, I appreciate that.

Spirit: Good luck. Can I...?

Jason: Can you what?

Spirit: Um, no... bye. Ina, oh Ina. Home.

Jason: Ok, we're going to stop this now then.

Spirit: Thank you. Its Dark.

Jason: Sorry, did you have something else to say?

Spirit: You've heard it.

Jason: Anything else before we stop then?

Spirit: The last answer, in an Oak. Just open it up.

Again, Ina.

“In an oak” is interesting, as it seems to reference something that was communicated to me in a completely separate and unrelated a few years back, with the Archangel Uriel.

The incense and candle still lit, I say goodbye to the Secret Chiefs and then call upon the Archangel Tzaphkiel of Binah. Again, much of this conversation has been omitted, due to the personal nature of some of the questions and answers.

Jason: Is Tzaphkiel here?

Spirit: First time back.

Jason: Thank you so much for being here right now.

Spirit: Very good.

Jason: I appreciate your presence here. I called you for one specific question.

Spirit: Have you tried listening?

Jason: I haven't asked yet, but sure. What do you have to say?

Spirit: Five major grounded daybringers. You're fine. You can do this. Ateh. The one thing.

Jason: Ok.

Spirit: Hmm... questions for me?

The statement is correct, I’ve spoken to Tzaphkiel via Estes Method previously, but this is the first time I’ve called them back since then. I will not be sharing the intended question here.

“Ateh” is the opening word in performing the Qabalistic (or Kabbalistic) Cross.

Spirit: On the right, you'll find her. All dressed up for November.

Jason: What happens in November?

Spirit: Wearing her mother's crown. That's it. Whoever's watching: love and light. Not to worry. Don't stop, next?

Jason: Sorry, umm... 

Spirit: Direct line.

I ask my question and get an answer, then proceed. The angel asks if I have more questions, and I struggle to find any.

Spirit: Please, you need to find radio's breath. I'm serious, talking is strange. Nothing wrong with that.

I ask then about a few things I had just spoken to the Secret Chiefs about.

Jason: Is there any advice you can offer about that?

Spirit: Excellent. If we forget you can point us around the world. This guy. Napoli. Catch flight.

Jason: I can't fly to Napoli, I'm sorry. Not any time soon anyway.

I think I should probably renew my passport.

Spirit: To north we go. Riders we are. Lets find something, brother.

I have been considering moving north to be closer to family.

Spirit: Are you ok?

Jason: Am I ok? I'm ok.

Spirit: You're stronger on the radio.

Jason: Yeah, but then I cant talk to you directly like this.

Spirit: Come home.

Jason: I'm working on that in a number of ways.

Spirit: Are you ok?

Jason: I think so.

They seem concerned for me. They mention I’m usually the one on the radio during Estes Method sessions, but that makes it difficult for me to be the one asking questions.

Spirit: You want to know where and when you will die?

Jason: Oh... Huh, I don't know if I want to know that. Sure, tell me.

Spirit: A low view. You wont like it.

Jason: Alright then don't tell me. Do you think I should know?

Spirit: El Bosque

Jason: I don't know what that means.

I got chills when that question was asked. I realize I honestly do not know if that is information I would want to hear.

“El Bosque” translates to “The Forest” in Spanish.

Spirit: Hear me. Something for you to know about. W. Rachael. A new girl. You know her?

Jason: No.

Spirit: You did. You are her.

Jason: Past life?

Spirit: Its crooked. I've gone all the way up. I have. And you, be careful. You're still her.

As someone told me when I mentioned this, “Classic Occult Knowledge”. Suspiciously specific information, but with no way to verify any of it.

Spirit: Move over here.

Jason: Over where?

Spirit: No? Is it evil?

Jason: Is what evil?

Spirit: Choose.

Jason: Choose what? I don't understand.

Spirit: Nothing's going to happen for itself.

Jason: Ok. [Response omitted here for privacy]

Spirit: Happenstance. Fervor. Need a mark?

Jason: I mean, sure?

Spirit: Sure you do. In life, death. Now take your soul where you find it. Orlando.

Jason: ok...

Spirit: Soy mas. Adonde?

Jason: I don't speak Spanish very well... Aqui.

They are attempting to get me to take some form of action, and it seems related to going somewhere.

Spirit: You've connected, here we go. An astrolabe. Weeks. On holiday. So why not call back, its free.

Jason: You think I should call you again?

Spirit: Have this, whoever you are. One more written. Do you have an impression?

Jason: I kind of understand, but not completely.

Spirit: One toe, don't drag. After you.

Jason: Ok

Spirit: See, I knew. You often find in the open, or in a boulder, the devil's circle. But this stone is just a show. You know doors.

An astrolabe is an instrument to make astronomical measurements for navigation. Again, the theme of travel. The last sentence here is beautifully symbolic, but I’ll refrain from forcing my interpretation onto it.

Spirit: A lovely gift, next time. You have one very lovely family.

Jason: Thank you. I'm not sure what else to ask, so I'm going to stop this soon.

Spirit: You're on to something.

Jason: Ok.

Spirit: I'll leave it. Would you say I'm foreign?

Jason: I don't think so.

Spirit: Why not?

Jason: Because I understand what I am.

Spirit: Speak up!

Jason: I at least, in part, understand what I am and you are not foreign to that.

Spirit: I've been found not here, not by you, not exclusive. That's your work, not mine. But wait, deep down do you know me?

Jason: [Private response omitted]

Spirit: Which team am I? Which temporal scene here rising over dunes? Pay attention!

Jason: Ok, I'm trying to, and I will.

Spirit: Far down. I'm in deep. Three governors.

Jason: Ah, I understand.

Spirit: And a tree.

Jason: Ok, I get it. I will do that soon.

Spirit: A name? Important. Part of the ritual.

Jason: Ok

Spirit: One more, you've got it. Homages, can't stand it.

Jason: Ok

Spirit: There you go.

Cassandra: I just saw something really clearly.

Spirit: Did she see me? A person. Real. What gives?

Three governors, to me, seems to be a reference to scrying of the Enochian Aethyrs again. I believe they are saying they are in a place (Binah) which is far down that path. The Aethyrs are scryed starting at the highest number and moving lower, so “down” is a reasonable description.

“A tree” could be a reference to the oak called out earlier, or in reference to Magia, where a person is seen as a tree that grows from a seed. Those could also be the same thing.

“A name” is a reference to questions asked earlier, which are omitted here.

And don’t make homages to Tzaphkiel.

So is any of this prophecy?

Time will tell. There are certainly messages here that these entities intended as important for me to hear. At least one seemed to be about the future, another about the past. Travel, and distant locations seem to be a theme.

If any of this becomes clearer, you can look to this blog for updates.

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