Scrying the Aethyrs: 13 – ZIM

This is the text of my journal entry for my scrying of the 13th Aethyr, ZIM. See my previous post on scrying the aethyrs for instructions and a description of exactly what the Aethyrs are.

Since my last blog post, I read Duncan Barford’s and Crowley’s scrying of the Aethyrs up to Aethyr 14. I found many other similarities, synchronicities, and matching themes. Too many to list on this blog. I urge you to read them for yourself and see what stands out to you.

I have not yet read the 13th Aethyr for either of them. After I write my experience of it here I will read them and then post any further thoughts that may arise at the end of this article.

I light a candle and incense, recite the 19th call, and lay down with my eyes closed to let the vision overtake me.

I get a sense of something bubbling and boiling in the blackness. Like water in a pot, but without any associated imagery. As if a switch is flipped it begins to spiral away, like it was being sucked down a drain.

I see a palm tree.

I reach out and touch it, feeling the rough texture. There are coconuts growing from it high above.

Looking around, I am in a grassy patch in the middle of a desert. An oasis of sorts. Dunes surround the area.

Turning to see what is behind me, there is a giraffe bending down to drink from a pond. There are also stork-or-crane-like birds walking around.

On the opposite side of the pond there is a freestanding arched stone doorway, not attached to any structure. Two large wooden doors are closed within it.

I approach to get a better look, and I see on the three stones at the top are the letters “Z I M”. They glow with a slight blue light.

I rest here for a few moments, and then push the doors.

I see an arched tunnel. At first, it has the appearance of a rail tunnel, and then something like a sewer. The image that settles is one of long catacombs. There is an electrical cable on the ceiling from which hangs a few yellow lightbulbs, illuminating the passage.

I enter the catacombs and the doors shut behind me. A bar falls in place across them. I could open them from this side to go back, but I get the sense that there is some requirement for them to allow entry here.

I walk forward, and the tunnel seems to shrink around me, such that it is only about 6 feet wide. As I continue on, I notice there are skulls built into the wall.

I run my hand over the forehead of one on the left, and say “I wonder when you died and were interred here”.

To my surprise, the skull answers: “I have never existed”.

I resume progressing through the tunnel, and around a few corners.

I arrive at a dead end, except for a metal grate on the floor. Lifting the grate, I see another passage below and jump down.

Landing in a shallow trickle of water, I see that the passage continues from here in the same direction I was previously walking. The water is coming from a small hole near the floor of the wall behind me and running along the center of this tunnel.

There are no lights here, so I produce a lantern, light it, and continue walking.

I am startled by a figure in dark grey hooded robes as I come to a side passage. They are standing motionless in the hall. I cannot see his face above the mouth.

I raise my lantern to see them better, and they raise a finger to their lips to indicate not to speak here.

They turn and begin walking down the side passage, and I follow.

We come to a spiral staircase and descend.

In the “real world” where I lay scrying, I being to feel that I am in a deep deep trance. It comes with a feeling of expansiveness, tingling sensations, and dizzyness.

My vision changes to that of a 3rd person perspective, and I watch us heading down the stairs for what seems like ages.

I return to first person view as we reach the bottom. There is another door here, similar to the one in the oasis. The figure, still not speaking, produces a set of keys and unlocks it, stepping aside to allow me to cross the threshold.

I am in a cave covered in moss and mushrooms. I no longer have the lantern, but have no trouble seeing.

As I press onward, I come to a patch of long grass growing out of the stone floor. There is a crack in the roof allowing the tiniest bit of light to shine onto it.

Without speaking, I reach out mentally to ask if the governor is here.

A large rock nearby responds. It’s voice is slow and deep.

“GEEEECAAAAOOOONNNND” [GECAOND, a name of one of the governors here]

It is as if the entire floor of this cavern is speaking, and yet there is no actual sound, only mental communication.

The lack of sound is incredibly present. My ears begin ringing in “real life” from the lack of any noises around.

Ahead, I see a strange structure of metal bars crisscrossing the interior of a cube.

I ask Gecaond mentally what this is.

“This is the Playground of Souls.”

I ask what I should do here with it.


I lean against the outer bars, but cannot find a comfortable position. Even so, I close my eyes and allow the silence around me to simply be.

I am in another cavern. Water is running through the center, much faster and deeper than in the tunnel above. I slip into it, and it carries me roughly through its length.

I stop short of going over a waterfall, climbing out to the entrance of another cave.

At the center of this chamber is a sapling. Not even as tall as I am, it grows directly out of the floor.

Above, the roof is penetrated by hundreds of roots of other trees grown above. They glow with a pale white light, like dull stars.

I hear Gecaond’s voice mentally again. “EVEN HERE IT GROWS”.

Despite being in my head, not as a sound in the room, his voice seems to echo around the walls.




I see a brief vision of the rapids outside carrying me over the waterfall to smash against rocks far below, presumably to my death. I am then back in the cavern.

I walk out of this cave and back to the stream. Leaning down, I cup some water into my hands and carry it back to the sapling. I gently pour it over it, and tenderly run the back of my hands over the leaves.

I walk back and forth a few times, bringing more water to the tree. Gecaond’s voice continues to echo around.




I open my eyes and the vision ends.

I am now reading Crowley’s and Duncan’s scrying of this Aethyr, and adding commentary as I do.

  • Crowley’s starts with an image of shining water in the sun, with a gold floor. Very similar to the oasis at the beginning of mine.
  • Crowley sees an angel in gold, giants, and a bird. This is similar to the giraffe and stork/cranes that I saw.
  • Crowley sees a garden in a castle on a rocky mountain. I saw things growing in a castle-like tunnel underground.
  • Crowley sees an angel in white robes who tells him that every man has a garden which comes from the desert, which he waters with the water called death. I saw a figure in grey robes, a desert with water, water pulling me to death, and tended to a sapling by watering it with those waters.
  • Crowley literally sees a vision of an oasis in the desert.
  • Crowley enters the earth, meets a veiled figure, and despite it being in complete darkness he can see. I entered the tombs and caves underground, met a veiled figure, and could see in darkness.
  • Crowley mentions the Hermit giving of his light. I carried a lantern into the darkness (A Lamp in the Underworld?) in a similar fashion to the Hermit tarot card.
  • Crowley mentions stars that roof the garden. I saw roots of trees growing from a cavern roof, like stars in a black sky.
  • Crowely mentions the Vision and the Voice (name of the book!) and asks if the essence of the Aethyrs are from the Aethyr itself, or of the Seer. This is almost the exact same question I asked in the previous Aethyr I scryed. The answer is similar as well: Yes, created by you the scryer, and out of the essence of the Aethyr.
  • Crowley has a voice tell him “Thou dost well to keep silence”. It was gestured to me to be silent, and silence was a major feature throughout the vision.

  • Duncan’s vision starts by going through a window and landing on grass. I went through a door, and grass was also a prominent feature.
  • Duncan encounters a god whose devotees depart the world by entering torrents of water. Duncan (along with others) ends up in water suspended in nothingness. I was in water that would end in death, and saw a bubbling and boiling water in a void, which was sucked away.
  • Duncan gets a number from the deity, 52, which he associates with “Hoor Pa Kraat”, a Thelemic deity also known as Harpocrates, who is a god of silence, and whose sign is raising a finger to the lips. I saw a veiled figure in grey robes who did not speak, and made the same sign.

I am once again absolutely blown away by the similarities, both thematic and direct, comparing my vision to Crowley’s and Duncan’s. I have no words to explain the feeling of seeing a vision, and then reading other’s visions from 10 and 100 years prior.

As such, simply a description of what I have see will have to suffice.

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