Scrying the Aethyrs: 12 – LOE

This is the text of my journal entry for my scrying of the 12th Aethyr, LOE. See my previous post on scrying the aethyrs for instructions and a description of exactly what the Aethyrs are.

I light a candle and incense, recite the 19th call, and lay down with my eyes closed to let the vision overtake me.

I see a cow.

She stands in a grass field behind a wooden fence. In the distance are low but rocky mountains. I’ve never been to Wyoming, but the area reminds me of pictures I have seen of it.

I call out, asking if anyone is around and the cow responds.

She is Ambrial, a governor of this place, and confirms I am indeed in LOE.

She tells me to come with her, and walks up to the fence. I ask if there is a gate and she tells me to climb it and get on her back.

I hop the fence and sit on her back and she begins walking.

I ask “Where are we going?”

“We are walking to the farmhouse”.

In the distance I can see it: A solitary two story archetypical farmhouse with a gabled porch. Two wooden columns flank the porch entrance.

As we approach a gigantic tear in the world opens up. A black void like a rip in reality. It envelops us and we stand in darkness.

“I thought we were going to the farmhouse” I say.

“I never said we were going into the farmhouse” Ambrial responds, smiling. Still a cow.

I dismount and stand next to her in the blackness.

“Now watch” she says.

As I look out in the direction she is facing a bright point of light appears suddenly. It is so bright I expect that it is some sort of explosion, and for a blast wave of hot air to wash over me at any moment.

But no blast comes. I ask what I’m looking at, and Ambrial tells me just to wait and see, smiling again.

As I watch, it gets closer and closer.

I can see now it is a lantern hanging on a pole extending from the front of a driverless black carriage pulled by two black horses. It stops in front of us.

Ambrial, now a human-like angelic figure with red hair and white robes, opens the door and gestures for me to get in.

She hands me a flower. It is something like a sunflower, but deep orange-red in color instead of yellow.

I step into the carriage and sit on one of the red velvet seats, and she sits across from me.

The door closes, and the carriage begins moving.

Ambrial smiles warmly as the carriage travels through the nothingness around us. I ask a few minor questions, and she gently teases me with the answers.

I ask where we are going.

Ambrial answers “Where the carriage takes us”.

I say “Well, that’s not really an answer. And I feel you’re enjoying not being direct about things.”

She responds “Sometimes it is better to see and experience what will happen instead of be told. And I am.”

I say “Well, I was just trying to pass the time while we go where we’re going.”

“What time?” she answers.

The carriage stops.

We exit the carriage, and I find we’ve arrived at a place, still in the blackness, with clear water still over rounded stones.

I reach down and touch the water, barely feeling it. It is neither hot nor cold. The stones, however, are quite cool.

“Should I skip one?” I ask.

Ambrial simply smiles in response.

“What is this place?”

“The Shores of Eternity” she answers. “She is out there, and you must go to Her”.

“Is this… will I arrive there within this Aethyr, or is there elsewhere I will have to go?”

Her answer again is just a smile.

“What are these stones?”

“What do you think they are?”

I pick one up. “I remember the islands I saw, many with giant trees. These remind me of them for some reason, but they are all submerged.”

Ambrial gives no response.

“So, is there a boat, or do I just walk out onto the water, or…?”

“You know how to do this already.”

She is right, I inherently understand how to proceed. I sort of sit in the air, as if there was a non-existent chair behind me, and begin moving forward lightly dragging my foot along the water.

Jetting forward through the darkness, I see strange sights. Waterspouts frozen in place, reaching high into the nothingness above.

There is an archway, as in for a door, but it is made of words instead of brick and its center is empty. I cannot read it.

Eventually the water is no longer beneath me.

For a brief moment I am a crow, flying with wings spread in the nothingness, and then return to my semi-seated human form.

“Are you still here?” I ask to Ambrial, who is nowhere physically present around me.

“Of course. I am the governor of this place” is the mental response.

I come to a point where forward no longer makes sense. As in, there is no forward direction anymore. Neither is there an up, or a down. Horizontally still exists as does backwards, the direction I came from.

I move left and right a short distance, searching for some way to proceed, but as I do those directions also vanish. I have the impression that if I want back to also no longer be there I can will it to be so, and so I do.

I am now left with no outward directions to move, singularly still in a void.

So, I begin to move in the only direction left.

I move inward.

In doing so my “body” seems to grow to gigantic proportions, or my point of conscious “self” is shrinking.

“Me” becomes smaller and smaller and smaller, until I have no sense of a “body” around me.

Then, without so much as a blip or pop, the point of “me” becomes so small it stops existing as well.

I am in a dimensionless place.

Directions, location, and position do not exist here.

It is somehow different than other experiences I’ve had, where I felt like I dissolved away into a nothingness.

This was still something, but without size or place.

It was a very peaceful and still feeling.

After an unknown period of time, I ask Ambrial “Is this what I was here to learn?”

I get no verbal answer, but I get the impression of a smile.

My phone begins to ring on the table next to the bed, despite me having set it to silent earlier, and the vision ends as I open my eyes.

Again, I had not read the scrying of Aethyr 12 by either Duncan Barford or Crowley before scrying today. I am reading them now, and adding relevant similarities here:

  • Duncan’s vision begins with him meeting someone who will not give information about what may be coming up or where he will be going.
  • Duncan’s commentary mentions how the self is illusory in a vision or dream, as the whole thing is within us. Mine involved the self vanishing.
  • Duncan, without a walkable path, begins flying.
  • Some yellow items appear in his vision as a possible caution symbol. In mine, something I expected to be yellow was instead a sunset color.
  • Duncan notices themes of the “author” of the vision, which is something that I was questioning in Aethyr 14, and Crowley questioned in Aethyr 13.
  • Duncan ended up needing protection. Ambrial, the angel who appeared to me (first as a cow), is sometimes written Ambriel, and is an angel known for providing protection.

  • The commentary in the book I have on Crowley’s scryings begins by mentioning the central theme of this vision being The Chariot and the zodiac sign Cancer. My vision contained riding a cow, a carriage, and me in a sitting position flying. Muriel is the angel of Cancer, while Ambriel is the angel of Gemini.
  • Crowley sees two pillars of flame and a chariot of white fire. The carriage in mine was at first an incredibly bright light. The farmhouse had two wooden pillars supporting the porch.
  • Crowley’s pillars support the night sky, the body of Nuit. My vision involved beginning a journey to “Her”.
  • Crowley’s chariot driver is a man in golden armor with sapphires, a white robe, and a red robe over that, with a golden helmet. He holds a cup radiating a bright light, the light of the sun. My carriage had a bright light. I received a sun-analog item (sunflower) which is the color of the setting sun instead of gold.
  • The driver speaks of the cup of the blood of the saints and the Scarlet Woman, Babylon, Lady of the Night. My guide spoke of journeying to “Her”.
  • “Thou mighty Mother, that ridest upon the crowned beast”. I rode Cow-Ambrial.
  • Crowley and Duncan both had visions of a city from a previous Aethyr. I did not see a city, but there were references to previous Aethyrs which I scryed.
  • Crowley’s speaks of understanding vs false understanding. It was explained to me that experience was superior to being told something.
  • Crowley’s speaks of the size and location of the Aethyrs compared to the Sephiroth of the Tree of Life. Mine specifically involved moving away from size and location.
  • Crowley’s begins to end with a bell tolling. Mine ends with my phone ringing.
  • Crowley sees the light of the cup vanish light a sunset. Mine had a sunset theme.
  • Crowley mentions that light has gone out of the stone and he is cold. Mine featured stones that were cold.

Again, many similarities. I think the most shocking to me this time was Crowley hearing a bell and me being pulled out of the Aethyr by the modern analog of one: a phone ringing.

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