A Voice for the Gods

It has now been over a year since I started this blog. In that time I have participated in many workings using the Estes Method, and others, to speak to many different types of spirits. But one selection of workings has stood out: Speaking with the Secret Chiefs.

My methods and opinions about being a voice for spirits have changed drastically since I first began fumbling around in the dark looking for different ways to contact entities. From giving open invitations for anything that is around to make itself known, to calling on specific groups that had contacted us previously, to contacting the dead, then to angels and other “known” spirits, and finally to speaking with the Gods themselves. I made many mistakes along the way, but also had many successes.

Most of the time I am the one in the headphones, so I’m the person speaking for them, rather than to them. Here are a few things I’ve learned over the past year of being a voice for the Gods.

Why talk to Gods?

This is an important first question to answer. Why would one talk to a God?

Everyone has their own reasons. But we should consider when it would be appropriate to approach them. If you’re looking for lottery numbers, business advice, where to eat dinner tonight, or where your lost socks have gone you might want to reconsider. Going to the Gods with mundane questions about your life does not honor the relationship between you and them. It is not what they are concerned with.

Instead, call upon the Gods to receive their words about your spiritual path.

This allows for a magic to happen that few other workings do: Prophecy.

We contact the Gods to receive individual prophecy. Messages tailored specifically for your growth and the fulfillment of destiny. It is then your responsibility to not kill the message by attempting to force it to happen, over analyze details to the point that they lose their meaning, or to read things into it that are not there.

Conversations for Dollars? Never!

Black, a member of the Secret Chiefs, said this in response to a specific working I did to contact them to ask about Hellier for someone else’s Patreon subscribers. This was not something I was paid for, but overall it was the wrong way to approach them.

I, and you, should not sell access to the Gods. None of us are the exclusive purveyor of divine words, and we should not look to profit off of this. Anyone has right to converse with the Gods if the Gods wish to converse with them.

Speak to the Gods for prophecy, and speak for the Gods out of love.


Talking with the Gods is not capturing a demon in a triangle and binding it to your service.

Approach the Gods with respect for who and what they are. Give an invitation for them to come, with whatever method you choose to experience them, and wait for them to arrive. Say please and thank you. Act as if they are an honored guest whom you have invited, and treat them appropriately.

Do not waste their time with irrelevant questions or try to compel them to answer you or perform services for you. This is not their purpose, and does not respect the relationship between you and them.

Calling the Gods is different than calling upon other spirits. You should not need protection unless you have been doing other work that might mean something else may try to interrupt the conversation. You can introduce yourself and ask for their name, but do not incessantly try to force them to identify themselves if they do not do so immediately. You can look at their words and actions after the fact to determine if you were indeed speaking with them.

Conversations are not Interviews

When the Gods arrive, let them speak.

You haven’t called them to grill them with pages and pages of questions. So, have a conversation. Say “hello” and “goodbye”. Thank them for their time. Respond to questions they may ask you.

Treat the interaction as if they are another person in the room with you. You asked them to come, so let them be the ones to say what is appropriate and necessary without interruption. There is an impulse, especially when using the Estes Method, to jump into any silent points and try to get a new response. Temper this urge, and allow the discussion to flow naturally.

They will speak whatever is needed to be said in their own time.

Your Own Magick

Speaking to the Gods, even with the assistance of others, is a personal affair.

You do not need months and months of preparation, special magick words from a 10,000 year old grimoire, or expensive incenses and tools.

Find an appropriate time and place where you won’t be interrupted during the working, make sure there is an available means of manifestation (such as the Estes Method, a trance, tarot cards, or receiving visions), say whatever prayers you find to be correct for the contact, and simply invite them to come.

If it is the right time for you to converse with them, they will come to you.

This does not mean don’t ritualize the working. Light candles and incense, anoint yourself with oils, or wear robes if it makes the magick feel more correct to you. But, do every piece of the ritual with a purpose, and make it your own.


Be in the moment, and pay attention to what the Gods say.

Bring a recorder, or have someone taking notes as the conversation happens. Not everything will necessarily make sense during the working. Some prophecies may take years before they come to pass. It is good to have a record of what was said to refer back to later. Some things may only make sense when read back after the working has ended and you can review the entire transcript.

Look at the specifics of the words. Review what they say, no more and no less. Do not add your own opinions on what something might mean, but instead examine the details of what the exact words are. They were spoken in a specific manner for a reason.

Some things may have multiple meanings, separate meanings for different individuals who are present, or use specific symbolism that only you understand. Numbers for gematria and references to specific books may come up if you are intending to speak with them in that manner, but secret codes are not required. If they wanted to hide information from you, they had no reason to tell it to you in the first place.


It is a wonderful thing to speak to, and for, the Gods.

Treat it as such.

Do not come to them in anger, or with demands.

Come to them for the joy of speaking with them. Come to them for love. Come to them for destiny.

And allow the working to be the miracle that it truly is.

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