Scrying the Aethyrs: 8 – ZID

This is the text of my journal entry for my scrying of the 8th Aethyr, ZID. See my previous post on scrying the aethyrs for instructions and a description of exactly what the Aethyrs are.

I say a prayer, recite the 19th call, and lay down with my eyes closed to let the vision overtake me.

A palm tree.

I see its trunk first. Looking upward, I see the long green palm fronds against the blue sky. Yellow-green coconuts hang from it.

As my vision pulls back, I see that it is growing from the ground at a beach. I see and hear the ocean surf beyond it.

Turning around, I see myself laying on a beach chair on the wooden deck of a tiki bar. I’m wearing swim trunks, an open Hawaiian shirt, sunglasses, and a large straw hat. I’m holding a tropical beverage with an umbrella and fruit in it.

My vision shifts, and I am in a first person view from myself laying on the chair. I take a sip of the drink through the long straw. It is cold and fruity and sweet.

Looking left at the bar, there is no one tending it and no one else around.

I watch as the sun sets over the ocean, past the palm, and a deep blue sky filled with stars.

My vision pulls back, and I see everything that I previously saw in the reflection of an enormous eye. It stares forward, unblinking, with the ocean and stars (and my feet stretched out in front of me) at its center.

I mentally say “Hello?”.

The eye shifts to look in my direction. (As in, the direction of the perspective from which I am currently viewing the eye) Reflected in it, I see myself as a roughly human-shaped figure of pure white light.

I receive the mental impression of the word “Watch” as the eye shifts back to reflect the view of the beach and stars.

I ask “Who are you?” and again receive the word “Watch!” as a response.

Reflected in the eye, I see the view begin moving. It looks down at the beach from above now, and is rapidly moving away from it.

It pulls back far enough that I can see the globe of the Earth. As it retreats further and further away, I see the Sun recede into the distance and just a field of stars before me.

I’m no longer seeing this reflected within the eye, but instead I’m witnessing it directly.

The speed the vision is moving increases, and shortly after I can see the Milky Way galaxy also falling away into the distance.

Vast gulfs of blackness are around now, punctuated by distant galaxies.

Then, as if I were falling backwards into a black hole, the visual field of galaxies begins to pull in from the edges. That which is “behind” me pulls to the side of my vision and then toward the center, until the entirety of the universe collapses to a single bright point of light.

Complete blackness for a moment.

Then, a sphere half shining with a brilliant light. The other half of it is perfectly black.

From the illuminated side the light springs outward from every point on its surface. It forms a sort of half-bubble of light moving away from the sphere. It spreads out for a ways, and then begins to fall backward toward the dark side of the sphere.

It forms a torus, or donut-like shape as it does so.

I again see this reflected in the great eye.

Then, I am looking at it from the perspective of the eye, and the vision is projected onto the wall of a cave.

Looking around, I see the walls of this cavern are a light brown color, and the source of the projected image is an opening behind and above me. Light is shining through this entrance, through my body (which does not seem to obstruct it), and onto the wall.

There is a stone staircase which leads to a path to the entrance, and I take it up and out.

I am standing surrounded by perfectly white light, the cave entrance now behind me.

At some point I find myself sitting, though I do not remember doing so.

A one-winged bee flies out of the light, landing on my legs. I look down at it and say “Hello”. It flies up to my nose and lands there, putting it’s butt forward as if to say “I could sting you if I wanted to”.

Earlier this week I was laying outside doing my daily practices. As I finished and opened my eyes from somewhere in the sky above a single wing from a bee floated down and landed on my leg.

I collected it, pictured below.

The bee flies away from me, and lands on a large pile of money.

It seems to be saying “You can have this”, so I “take it”, though not with any physical action on my part.

I look back to the cave.

I am again laying on the beach chair on the deck under a star filled sky.

My drink is empty, and looking left toward the tiki bar I see someone is now behind it. I stand and move to sit in one of the stools in front of it.

I greet this individual and ask their name.

“Pristac” is the response.

They pour a glass of pineapple juice for me, and I pay for it by taking a bill that the bee gave me out of my pocket and handing it to them.

I ask where I am, and they tell me “Exactly where you think”. [The 8th Aethyr].

I ask if there is anything else for me to see or learn here.

They smile and tell me “I think that’s it. I’m off for today. Have a good one”.

They put down the few items they were holding as I say goodbye and walk out of the bar. I drink the pineapple juice and look up at the stars for a few moments longer.

I open my eyes and the vision ends.

As with the previous few Aethyrs, I had not read the scrying of Aethyr 8 by either Duncan Barford or Crowley before scrying today. I am reading them now, and adding relevant similarities here:

  • A note at the beginning of Duncan’s scrying calls back to Exodus 3:14, wherein God identifies himself as “I am that I am”, which relates back to another recent experience of mine.
  • Duncan views a building through a skylight. Thematically, related to a lot of sky and light in this vision.
  • Duncan sees someone dressed as Worf from Star Trek, which is interesting given the space travel included in my vision.
  • Duncan’s vision takes him through mind, body, and speech, then id, ego, and ideal ego. Mine took me through various perspectives of myself.

  • Crowley’s vision begins with motion and changes of a light, and an Angel/Pyramid which is made of light.
  • Crowley states the Angel/Pyramid speaks of darkness being made light and the child created from this. This reminds me of the sphere of light/darkness and the torus of light formed from it.
  • Crowley gives instructions on creating a room in which to meet one’s Holy Guardian Angel. He states that the only window should be in the roof, which is interesting comparing it to Duncan’s scrying where he is looking down through a skylight.
  • Crowley speaks of a ritual with a lamp after the “prayer of sunset”. I watched the sun set on the beach.
  • Crowley’s vision takes him from Earth to a place of light, and then back to Earth. It ends with him under the stars. My vision did the same.

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