Scrying the Aethyrs: 3 – ZOM

This is the text of my journal entry for my scrying of the 3rd Aethyr, ZOM. See my previous post on scrying the aethyrs for instructions and a description of exactly what the Aethyrs are.

I light a candle, perform a small ritual, recite the 19th call, and lay down with my eyes closed to let the vision overtake me.

A distant point of light in an infinite void. It emits a beam, in which I am standing.

A woman stands next to it. She is transparent, almost like an illustration of a constellation in the night sky. Her long hair is lined with stars.

Her hand reaches out into the beam of light. When it enters it is solid. I reach out and take it, expecting to be pulled somewhere as has happened in many other Aethyrs. Instead, she gives my hand a small squeeze and seems hesitant to release it.

Eventually, she lets go. She then kneels before me, smiling. It is like a mother fixing up a toddler’s clothing before sending them out into the world.

She places a hand on my back and gives a slight nudge forward.

The beam of light becomes illumination on a dark ground coming from an open door.

I walk forward and into the lit room.

It is as if I am standing on the interior of a multifaceted crystal. Every face of it reflects me from a different angle. I cannot tell if the floor, also crystal, is clear or if I am simply seeing it reflecting what is above.

There is a plinth made of white stone, atop which is a bowl of water. I step forward and look into it.

I see an argument I had with a family member. It was not important at the time, and is not important now. [NOTE: As I am typing the end of this post, that same family member messaged me to say “Its all ok”]

I see a time where I did not know what to say to someone in pain, upset that I have not offered help.

I see myself crying as a child, forced into a situation in which I had no say.

I see myself as a much younger child. I have done nothing wrong, but I am in trouble anyway.

I see a family member in a similar situation as a child.

I see further and further back, a line of people experiencing their own version of similar situations.

A smoke pours out of me and into the bowl.

A door opens on the far side of the crystal room.

I step through it.

I walk out into blackness. I turn right and follow an unseen path.

I stand before the steps of an enormous pyramid. I begin ascending.

Flanking the stairs are jackal headed statues in armor, holding spears.

As I get to the landing at the top of the stairs, only a short ways up the pyramid, two of the statues pull open a large set of double doors.

I step inside and find myself in a large room supported by stone columns. It is a long hall, and as I walk forward I come to a stone altar lit from a beam of light pouring into the room from far above.

The top of the altar is inscribed with my name.

I push the lid off of the box and lay down inside.

An unseen hand returns the lid to its place, and I am in darkness. I hear poles being slid into receptacles in the altar, and I feel it being lifted.

I am mildly jostled around for a short time as we travel. Eventually, I feel the movement stop.

I push the lid away, and stand up.

I am in a field of golden grasses swaying in a light breeze. There is a dirt path, which I begin to follow.

I come to two figures. One has the head of a jackal, the other has green skin. There is a scale on a table next to them.

The jackal-headed figure reaches a hand into my chest and pulls out a glowing light. He places it upon the scale opposite a feather. The feather side plummets like a rock.

Behind the figures, a double door opens revealing stairs leading down. I exit to find that I am leaving the pyramid I was previously in. At the bottom of the stairs is a yellow brick path, which I follow.

The stones lead me to a gigantic silver goblet. Its rim is level with the road, but as there is no ground of substance apart from the road I can see the rest of it beneath me.

Looking inside, it is full of water churning as a violent whirlpool.

I kneel down, and reach a hand inside to pull some water out to drink. Almost expectedly, a hand reaches from within and grabs my wrist, yanking me into the swirl.

I am carried round and round, barely able to stay on the surface. As I get closer to the center, I open my mouth and swallow all of the water in the goblet.

Now, standing at the bottom of it, I see the wretched corpse-like being which pulled me in. It lays unmoving in the fetal position.

Looking up, I can see there is a ladder on one side of the goblet, but I cannot reach it from here.

I expel nearly all of the water I drank in a huge torrent from my mouth. Now it is still, and I swim to the ladder and climb out over the lip of the goblet.

I am in a twilight enchanted forest. There are little specs of light floating in the air and the trees themselves seem to glow with a magical light. A distant deep blue fog prevents me from seeing too far, and distant trees are just dull shadows surrounded by illuminated atmosphere.

I walk through this forest, touching trees and stepping over logs, until I come to a grassy clearing.

With a deep breath, I stand in the center of it and release the rest of the water that I ingested.

Everywhere it falls flowers sprout up instantly. The clearing becomes covered in them.

Small woodland creatures arrive from the trees. Foxes, rabbits, squirrels, racoons, and many others, rush around me and lead me away from the clearing.

A rabbit runs into a burrow, and I crawl inside behind it.

The dirt tunnel gives way, and I am falling.

I am at an immense height, and I cannot see the ground.

I spread my black wings and begin gliding. I am a crow.

Wind begins to pick up. I am tossed about in the air.

A gigantic tornado forms in front of me. Hail pelts down upon my wings.

I manage to hold myself in one position, and with a powerful flap I send wind swirling in the opposite direction of the tornado directly towards it. I do this again and again and again.

The four smaller tornadoes spinning counter to the large one spin around it before all converging at once, neutralizing it.

I begin gliding to the ground.

I land in a grass field outside of a forest. I am once again a human as I stand up.

The sun shines brightly overhead, and I feel its intense heat on my body.

The plants around me begin to shrivel as they dry up and are roasted. Some begin to smoke slightly.

Looking upward, I let myself expand.

I am clouds. I shelter the ground from the harsh light of the sun, and from beneath me pours a life-restoring rain.

The plants recover and reach upward in my shade.

I am the sun.

I look down upon the clouds, smiling as they rain down upon the grass below. I see many areas they don’t cover, and many other clouds in the distance. Me seeing this does not seem to harm anything.

My vision pulls back further, and I see I have watched all of this from the bowl of water on the plinth in the crystal room.

The door I entered the room from is open, and I walk out of it.

I look down the beam of light and see myself, distantly below, laying on my bed as I scry this Aethyr.

I descend in the light and stand next to myself.

The me in bed is as the physical me is at this moment, but the me through which I am viewing is the me from previous aethyrs.

Not only is the me-in-bed me, so is the bed, and the room. I am a dream of myself, as is everything around me.

I (The angelic-me) reach underneath the scrying-me and begin rising into the beam of light.

I carry myself upward, away from the bedroom and toward the point of light far above.

The angelic-me dissolves away into light, and the me that was carried continues to rise.

I open my eyes as I rise, and I see I am standing in front of a mirror. The edges seem frosted over.

As I stare at myself, it as if every light in the universe simultaneously turns on behind me.

I dissolve into light.

I open my physical eyes, and the vision ends. My candles has burnt to its end.

As with previous Aethyrs, I had not read the scrying of Aethyr 3 by either Duncan Barford or Crowley before scrying today. I am reading them now, and adding relevant similarities here:

  • Duncan’s vision includes early on an appearance of his mother vacuuming the house. I saw and interacted with a very motherly figure.
  • Duncan notices a clock with a reflective rim and irregular circumference. This is somewhat similar to the crystal room. His clock is recursive, with clock face inside clock face, which is very similar to a different experience I had. My scrying itself was also recursive, as I was scrying in bed but also in a bowl of water within the vision itself.
  • Duncan notes that the visions are harder to grasp and more sparse. This has been the case with these recent Aethyrs for me as well, where I seem to have less agency than in earlier ones. It is more like watching a film in which I could turn back or turn it off, but have not much ability to consciously interact.

  • Crowley’s vision, like mine, starts with light. However, his is angry.
  • His light is minute, and he calls it the true Sun. Mine seemed an infinite distance away and did seem tiny.
  • Crowley mentions here the City of Pyramids, which is from a previous Aethyr. I entered a pyramid.
  • Crowley mentions 4 devils which are great princes of evil of the world. I did not directly encounter something I would have called a “devil”, however I did experience 4 challenges of a sort after leaving the pyramid.
  • Crowley mentions BABALON guarding the abyss, and as a redeemer above to those below. This reminds me of the woman I saw in the darkness, who reached out to me.
  • Crowley says “the Veil of the Aethyr sundereth… …and thou shall see him as from afar off”. I saw myself scrying from a great distance.
  • “The Seer prayeth that a cloud may come between him and the sun”. I became a cloud that blocked the sun.
  • “Lilith, a black monkey crawling with filth, running with open sores, an eye torn out, eaten of warms, her teeth rotten, her nose eaten away…” This is reminiscent of the “wretched creature” which pulled me into the goblet.
  • Crowley mentions that in this vision gold is Kether, blue is Chokmah, and green is Binah. These colors were prominent in the pyramid, the enchanted forest, and the grass under the sun.
  • “Thus she appeareth in the Aethyr, adorned with flowers and gems”. I spit upon the grass to grow flowers and scryed from within a crystal room.
  • Crowley describes a woman, specifically calling out her “complexion is fair, but not transparent”. I saw a transparent woman who became solid.
  • Again, Crowley speaks of beholding the “face of the Magician”. My vision had many themes of reflections and of seeing myself.

It is becoming difficult to compare the visions I have to Crowley. There are many places where I feel synchronicity between what he writes and what I’ve just seen, however I cannot clearly explain why I’m drawing parallels so I have not included them in this. This vision comparison is interestingly opposite the last one, where I had much more to say about Duncan’s vision and less about Crowley’s.

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