Scrying the Aethyrs: 4 – PAZ

This is the text of my journal entry for my scrying of the 4th Aethyr, PAZ. See my previous post on scrying the aethyrs for instructions and a description of exactly what the Aethyrs are.

I light a candle, perform a small ritual, recite the 19th call, and lay down with my eyes closed to let the vision overtake me.

It starts with a color. I see a sea foam green. I feel as though I am vibrating.

I am standing next to the bed on which my physical body lays. I see myself, eyes closed.

Looking upward, there is no ceiling, just a field of stars.

I rise into the sky.

I am floating among the stars.

They pull back. Faster and faster.

I see the galaxy rotating in front of me. Its center is a brilliant white.

It recedes away and I see other galaxies creating long, undulating filaments in space.

The filaments converge into a central point. It is the brightest light I have ever seen.

It pulls back further and further, and I see it is all a reflection in a soap bubble.

The soap bubble condenses into a solid marble, and the filaments connect from the bright center to the edges creating electric patterns like a plasma ball.

I become aware of myself. I float in a void, enormous, with hands around the marble. My fiery wings stretch out to either side from my back.

The reflections in the marble are a mirror of the light within my chest.

I see a piece of paper with a hole in it. The edges of the hole are frayed, as if the marble passed through it at a high speed. I feel the paper is in some way a part of me.

I see a sunset horizon. That specific time of night where the ground and the sky are both dark, and all that can be seen is a thin line of colors.

My physical body tingles and vibrates. I feel as if the bed on which I lay is gently floating upon calm waters.

I see pebbles and small sea shells in the foam of ocean surf.

They begin moving and piling on top of each other, forming a curved staff.

My hand reaches out and grasps it. From the end of the curve a light brighter than daylight emanates, illuminating wherever I point it.

I look out over the ocean and step forward, placing the base of the staff into the waves. The water retreats from it, forming a dry path for me to walk. It is lined with rocks and seaweed.

I continue along this path as far as I can walk until I come to a cliff’s edge leading to untold depths. The waters remain to either side of me.

The head of the staff turns to look at me. The length of it remains pebbles and shells, but the top is a snake. It stretches toward me and wraps itself around my heart.

It tells me “I am the staff you carry”.

I look out over the cliff and take a step. For the first time I am aware of my feet. They are bare. I am wearing loose fitting white clothing with an open white robe over top.

Sand rushes forward to form a solid landing for my descending foot. It creates a bridge ahead of me over the cliff.

I continue forward.

As I walk, the water rises up around me, forming an arch ahead. It is like I am walking through a tunnel.

Within the water, tiny lights twinkle.

Moving onward, the path is blocked by a black gossamer veil. It also shimmers with the small lights.

I walk directly into it and it comes loose, falling over me.

I turn within it, and it becomes wrapped around my entire body. This continues for some time. Turning and wrapping, turning and wrapping.

Completely mummified within the veil, I look through it out at the world. My body seems to be gone.

Every object I see is outlined by the tiny lights, as if everything was its own constellation.

My eyes open, and the vision ends.

As with previous Aethyrs, I had not read the scrying of Aethyr 4 by either Duncan Barford or Crowley before scrying today. I am reading them now, and adding relevant similarities here:

  • Duncan’s vision of this Aethyr starts with him feeling a “buzzing” sensation which he identifies as the beginning of an out of body experience, but which does not fully develop. Mine also begins with a similar feeling, and then an actual out of body experience.
  • Duncan stares out a glass window into complete blackness. He then sees his reflection mirrored within the glass. I found myself floating in a black void looking at the reflection of my light as the universe contained within a marble.
  • Duncan mentions that the features of his reflection are very different from his own, and reminds him of Bob from Twin Peaks. I did not experience this, but it is interesting to note that within the show Bob’s face is eventually seen as floating in clear sphere, not unlike the marble in my vision.
  • Duncan sees his sister transformed into a creature with matted hair fanned out like seaweed, and that it reminds him of the Fiji Mermaid. My vision had a large sea theme, including seaweed.
  • This creature transmutes into the Ace of Wands from a specific tarot deck. Generally this card is a hand from a cloud presenting a staff. My vision contained me accepting a staff and traveling with it.

  • Crowley’s vision starts by declaring “The Stone is translucent and luminous”. Very much like the marble containing the reflected universe in my vision.
  • Quite a few symbols present in Crowley’s vision align with mine: Blackness and Brilliance, things torn apart, reflections. His vision is quite personal to him, but also about the conjunction of opposites, balance, transformation, and new modes of consciousness. There are few other direct comparisons to make, as his vision mostly consisted of strange beings speaking to him, and mine, like many previous ones, was more of a journey.

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