Scrying the Aethyrs: 19 – POP

This is the text of my journal entry for my scrying of the 19th Aethyr, POP. See my previous post on scrying the aethyrs for instructions and a description of exactly what the Aethyrs are.

I light a candle and incense, recite the 19th call, and lay down with my eyes closed to let the vision overtake me.

I see a figure in a classic “meditation” pose. They sit with crossed legs and hands resting on their knees. They are made of light, floating in a black void.

I am standing in front of two large barn doors. Everything is black and white. As I reach forward and open the doors color returns to the world.

It is night. I step into the barn and look around. There is thin layer of hay to the left and right, and a concrete floor. There are stalls, but no animals. In front of me, a bit offset from the center of the barn, there is a ladder leading to a loft. The roof is made from wooden planks, and the walls are large wood panels.

As if on cue, in “real life” my air conditioner turns on, causing a vibrating sound in the walls. In the vision the barn also begins to shake. Again, in “real life”, an airplane flies overhead. The doppler effect of its engines passing through the walls makes an unearthly high pitched humming sound. In the barn, a light spills through the gaps in the bouncing roof slats.

I turn and look back toward the door from which I entered. The light coming from outside is so bright that I cannot make out any details beyond it. A figure enters. They have a long neck and grey skin, with two gigantic black eyes, no nose except for two small slits, and a tiny lipless mouth. Their arms are equally long, ending in hands of four fingers with round tips.

I ask, “Is this the alien abduction aethyr?”. “No” is the response, and I can sense amusement. “Are you the governor here?”. “Yes, I am…”

An Enochian word, Levithmong, enters my mind. It translates as “beasts of the field”. I am not sure why this word comes to me.

“Xi” (pronounced “She”, with more of a “z” sound at the front) the figure finishes introducing themselves.

Together, we walk into the night as the brilliant lights fade away. Outside the barn, in a clearing between the pines, rests a spacecraft. It is silver, somewhat resembling a fat football with a brim around the center. On the top is what seems to be a glass dome. It sits on three struts, with a ladder from the bottom center leading to a hatch as an entrance.

At Xi’s instruction, I climb the ladder and enter the craft. I ascend the full way into the dome, where there seem to be controls to pilot it. There is a chair, and a set of levers and buttons, but not many. There is nothing resembling a seatbelt. Within sitting reach of the chair are two small pyramids on the dash, one for each hand. They are divided into four segments that can move independently of each other.

The dome itself is not fixed in place, such that it can maintain its orientation relative to the outside world while the craft rotates independently of it. Xi presses three buttons in sequence, sort of heads-up display appears, showing the craft’s orientation, and the view outside the dome changes. The world looks like a desaturated film negative, and objects become semi-transparent such that they can be seen through each other. It is somewhat like looking at an x-ray.

Xi leaves me in the pilot’s seat, and descends the ladder. There is the sound of hydraulics as the hatch closes, followed by the hiss of air pressure equalizing. I can hear Xi speak from elsewhere in the craft, instructing me on the use of the pyramids to control it. I place my hands on them, and we lift into the air.

We rise a few hundred feet, and the craft shoots forward at incredible speed. As it flies, the entire thing rotates such that it seems to be almost standing on its edge, with the dome pointing forward in its direction of motion. We come to a dead stop outside of a city. I can see the lights of the skyscrapers a short distance away, but I do not recognize the skyline. At Xi’s control, not mine, the craft ascends at the same speed, until we are high above the Earth.

We point the craft toward the moon, and begin flying towards it. It only takes a few seconds to get within its vicinity. Xi explains that we can move at a much greater speed, but would risk colliding with it. I orient the craft such that the dome is facing “forward” toward the point of the “football”. “Down” is toward the moon’s surface. Xi does something which “locks” us in relative position to the moon, such that no matter where we go on it “down” will still be toward it’s center.

Xi has me test the controls, moving in each possible direction. The craft is capable of moving so fast that we can fully orbit the moon multiple times in a single second. I note that with the way things are viewed through the dome, I am able to look directly at the sun without it being painful. We point the craft back towards Earth, and speed back home.

The craft hovers over a city. It is still night. “This is Syracuse”, Xi tells me. In real life, I have never been to or even seen a picture of Syracuse before. I assume they mean the one in New York. There is a lake near the city, with a channel exiting it that meets a river. On it’s opposite side, roads merge and pass into the city center. I ask why we are here, and Xi tells me to observe “how things swirl and flow”.

The following are images of Syracuse, NY from Google Maps which I captured after the scrying session, showing the full city and relevant sections:

At Xi’s instruction again, I turn the craft. Something sort of “charges up”, and we shoot forward and stop in the same moment (as far as I can tell). We are hovering over of a different city. “This is Paris” Xi says. Another city I have never been to, and though I have seen pictures of it I am unfamiliar with its geography. I look out and see all the different lights. The Eiffel Tower is illuminated in the distance. Again, I ask Xi why we are here. “Look to the river” they say. I look down, and see we are near a point where the river forms a Y. I’m unsure which way it flows.

Again, here are images of Paris from Google Maps, and the relevant sections:

“I don’t understand what I’m meant to learn here. Surely, its not to pilot a UFO” I say to Xi. “Do you want to have an experience?” is the question in response. I answer “yes”, and the craft points upwards and flies into the sky again.

We are moving at an indescribable speed. However, I get the impression we are not moving through “real” space, but in a different direction. We arrive somewhere that contains a great joy just from being there. Looking through the dome, I can see uncountable lights, like an infinite sea of candle flames. Creeping through them are tendrils of shadow. It is like looking at a leafless bush into which someone has stuffed the world’s supply of Christmas lights.

The shadows become the branches of a twisted tree. I watch as they writhe together, splitting off into many different paths. It seems as though some of the branches terminate at a light, and other branches close in around that light, trying to get close to it. Many of those branches in turn end at their own lights, and the process repeats infinitely.

“I’m not sure I understand…” I say, trailing off. “Don’t worry, you will” Xi replies.

My eyes open involuntarily, and the vision ends.

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