Servitor: The Grid Operator

This is The Grid Operator.

He is a servitor that I have created, who you can make use of.

The Grid Operator’s task is simple: He makes and controls energetic connections.

He does not provide any sort of power on his own, but controls the flow of it with expert finesse. Think of all the potential sources of energy available: The Earth, The Sun, the Planets, the Stars, you yourself, other spirits and Gods, The Source. The possibilities are near endless.

Some example tasks he can accomplish for you:

  • Connect a source of power to a spell that you are weaving or sigil that you are charging.
  • Provide a way to sustain other servitors.
  • Create an energetic connection between individuals or entities.
  • Charge or recharge consecrated objects and magickal tools.
  • Drain energy from an individual, object, or spell.
  • Ground yourself or others.
  • “Flavor” a magickal working with a specific type of energy. (Useful for planetary magick!)
  • Direct your, or another’s, attention to a specific target. Focus and attention are their own types of energy!
  • Energize yourself with any number of types of energy.
  • Create connections between multiple sources and targets.
  • Repair energetic connections that have degraded or become lost.

This is his sigil.

To use him, bring your mind to a calm state and picture his sigil, or draw it in front of you.

Call out “Grid Operator, let’s make a connection”.

Then describe what you want him to do. Remember, he does not provide power on his own, just manages the connections for you, so you have to specify a source of energy and a target for that energy. It is also a good idea to explain to him how fast you want this energy to flow and for how long. The connections can be temporary or indefinite. If grounding or draining energy, make sure you specify where you want it to go. (The Earth is a good destination for any energy you want to drain away.)

When you are done with your working, simply call to him again and ask him to sever the connection.

Picture him as an electrical worker sitting out on a wire. He has a belt full of tools, and can connect the wires in whatever way he chooses. His work truck is on the ground below him, containing any items he may need to do his job.

When you are finished using him, it is appropriate to make an offering. A good suggestion is to ask him to make a connection to Earth, and use it to feed himself. You can also offer him alcohol (he is a fan of a nice cold beer), pleasant incense or oil scents, small bits of food, or coins. When giving these to him, explain that he can make a connection to them for his own purposes. After leaving the offering for a short time, you should spread it on the ground in nature or bury it.

If you have success using him, please share with me on twitter or discord!

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