Reflections Part 3: The Stars

A few months ago I continued my channeling of a member of the Secret Chiefs named Black with Tommie Kelly and Spud Murphy for their Rituals series of videos. For these sessions, the channeling is accomplished via the Estes Method. During this session we each asked a single question and gave Black time to talk. As I was blind and in headphones, unable to hear the others speaking, Tommie asked my question for me. The transcript of this part of the session is below.

Tommie: Jason wants to know what, if anything, should he be aware of regarding the growth towards his next awakening.

Black (Via Jason): On it. This summer.
 No trouble for you, and It’s going to be a lovely, heavenly, good development. Just a sec. The details. Are you ready?

Over and over again. Number four is spectacular and imminent. Don’t worry. Have faith; you’ll understand. According to him, it’s already part of you.

Jason: (There’s a lot of music playing.)

Black: Patience, and fondly you will love it.

An invitation. It’s good to find the others. Synchronicity. Yeah, that’s right. Don’t wait until the stranger finds you first.  Have a good chat online with the new friends. It is certain this leads to the next shot.  

Last night I was sitting on the couch with my wife watching TV. It was a silly paranormal television show with an episode about a UFO cult in Thailand that uses meditation to talk to aliens. Midway through, I had to pause the show, as I found myself pulled away from the screen and into a vision.

It began with a feeling of expansion. This is something I had felt before, with previous experiences and visions. It is like infinitely growing such that you encompass the whole of the universe and beyond.

Next, things were cloudy. I saw myself: a bright spot of light pouring through an open spherical hole. Like a portal to divinity. As my viewpoint expanded, I found the edge of my being an infinity away. It was opaque, reflecting all the light coming from the center back upon itself.

I rested, infinitely silent and still. Then, the opaqueness of the bubble surrounding the light became transparent. I saw blackness beyond. There was a feeling it was not truly black, but only black against the brilliance emitting from myself.

Distantly, in the darkness, another spot of light appeared. Like a single star lost among the heavens. Another appeared, followed by more and more. Soon the darkness was filled with countless stars in every direction.

As my viewpoint extended, I saw that each of these stars was surrounded by their own bubble, upon which their light was reflected. And my light was reflected upon them, and their light reflected upon me. Like mirrors set to face each other, infinite reflections from infinite stars in every possible direction, all reflecting themselves and each other over and over again.

Feelings of home, and family washed over me. There was happiness and humor and joy. And as they brightened all together, a sense of unity. All separate expressions of the same one thing. Silent and still and eternal, slowly turning timelessly amongst each other.

And then I was back on the couch, but never having left that eternity. The everyday world was overlaid upon the vision, and the vision overlaid on the everyday world. And the stars were singing. Heavenly music was being played. The silence and motionlessness itself was its own music, and the movement of the world was part of it.

With all this came a deep understanding. An understanding that I, the light, and the source of all the light, was also all of these stars, but also the singular star that I recognized as me, and also the dream of reality in which I found my reflection. And this had always, timelessly, eternally, been and always will be the case.

The vision passed away, but the world itself kept the music. I can still see the stars if I look. In myself, in others, in the world, and in eternity.

As I returned to Earth, I found myself laughing at my annoyance that this happened at what I considered the stupidest possible time: while watching a silly tv show. But this is the gift of the serpent, its appearance always unexpected, as it descends down the tree to wrap itself about your heart.

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