Scrying the Aethyrs: 17 – TAN

This is the text of my journal entry for my scrying of the 17th Aethyr, TAN. See my previous post on scrying the aethyrs for instructions and a description of exactly what the Aethyrs are.

I light a candle, recite the 19th call, and lay down with my eyes closed to let the vision overtake me.

I get vague impressions of something spinning. Like a wheel on a car, a gear turning, the face of a clock, and other similar items. It passes in a few moments.

I stand on the tan sand of a beach. Waves lap upon the shore in front of me, and the sun is high in the sky and slightly behind to my left. Looking in either direction, the beach continues to infinity.

Before me is a chest resting in a hole in the sand. I have seen this chest before, from previous magickal workings. Inside it are worries and concerns. I kneel down and spread the sand overtop of it, filling the hole and burying it.

I walk forward to the ocean, rinsing my hands and arms off in the surf. Distantly, I see sailboats far out on the water.

I call out a few times, but get no response.

Seeing nowhere else to go, and no one around, I begin wading into the water.

Taking a deep breath, I sink beneath the waves.

Submerged in the blackness of this ocean, I see there is a light coming from far below me. I allow myself to gently fall towards it, finding that breathing is not an issue here.

Deeper and deeper I descend, eventually coming in contact with a glassy surface. It has a rough texture, like a Fresnel lens. The light is coming from within it.

At first, I think it is something like a PAR lamp, the kind of lights used in theater lighting, but it is somewhat spherical. Backing up a bit, I see there is a second, and this is the eye of a huge creature resting on the ocean floor.

It has features of both a snake and a sort of elongated shark. It rises from the position where it rests and begins swimming away. I place myself so I am sitting in front of one of its fins and let it take me wherever it wants to go.

We travel for a time through this empty void of ocean, and the creature begins to surface. We breach the waters and land back upon the beach. A short walk away is an office building.

I depart from the creature and walk to the entrance of the office. Inside is a hall of elevators and a directory on the wall. I check it, and see a listing for “SIGMORF 302”. I call an elevator.

I arrive on the third floor and walk through a glass door labeled “302” to find a young woman in a sweater typing at a computer behind a receptionist’s desk. I tell her I’m here to see Sigmorf, and she points to a door next to her desk.

Opening this door, I find an office with two chairs in front of a desk. On it are a bankers lamp, laptop, and stacks of papers. Behind it is another chair, shelves and bookcases. To the right are large windows that overlook the beach.

A man in a suit stands from his chair behind the desk, walks around it, and shakes my hand. He half sits against this side of the desk and motions for me to take a seat, which I do.

He introduces himself as the governor of this place. I inquire as to the nature and purpose of it. He tells me this is a transitional location. A place to rest and prepare for the next steps of a journey.

Images come to my mind of tarot cards: The 4s and 8s of each suit.

I ask if there is something for me to do here, or something specific to learn. He continues to explain that no, there is not something to “do” here, it is a border. The nature of it’s appearance is such because I came to find him as “Sigmorf” and not by any other name.

I have found transitional points in previous aethyrs as well. They are part of the journey.

I gaze out the window at the beach.

Sigmorf moves to the left side of the room, reaches up to the ceiling, and pulls on a dangling rope to release a trap door. A staircase unfolds from it, leading up to the roof. He gestures for me to follow him as he ascends.

I climb the stairs behind him and stand in a steady sea breeze as we look out over the infinite beach.

On the beach side, the sky is blue and the sun is high above us. On the ocean side the sky is dark and full of stars, and the full moon hangs low over the water.

We simply wait, observing the gentle waves flowing in and out across the sand.

The vision of the beach, and Sigmorf, fades away. The border demarking the boundary of sand and water remains as a solid white line in the blackness around me.

This state persists for a few moments, and the vision ends as I open my eyes.

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