A hole is a portion of a thing, within its boundaries, where the thing is not.

An opening, a gap, a place where something is missing or removed.

An apparent lack of some portion of an otherwise continuous structure, pattern, or collection.

Holes are a catalyst for motion.

Water in a bucket will pour out through a hole in the bucket. Sand falls through a sieve.

If you were to remove a portion of the air in a room, causing a vacuum in the atmosphere, a hole, the surrounding air will flow into it. Areas of lower air pressure, a partially filled hole, cause wind to rush in.

Gravity and pressure are the methods of action for this motion, but the hole is required for it to happen.

A doorway is a hole in a wall in a room. People moving in and out of this room move through that hole.

When a photon of light from the sun strikes a chlorophyll molecule in a leaf it can knock an electron loose. This electron gets flung away elsewhere in the leaf, but the hole it left behind also dances around through the cells, creating a flow of electric current which provides the energy necessary for photosynthesis (grossly simplified).

People have holes.

Sound goes in through the holes in our ears, where it causes our eardrums to vibrate. The shape of our ear canal, the hole, can change how we perceive sounds.

Air through the nose, the lungs move. Food through the mouth, we chew and swallow. We’re going to ignore the obvious sexual examples.

Your skin has holes. Hair grows through some of it, sweat pours out others. If we get an accidental hole, blood flows out. Your heart pumps blood by opening and closing a series of holes.

If people lack something, a hole in their resources, they try to find more. A hole in your food supplies, and a war might break out.

Routines have holes.

You can miss days of work to go on vacation, which means catching up on work when you get back. Forgetting lunch probably means that you will start looking for food when you notice the hunger.

But other types of routine disruption can occur. Maybe a hole in your normal reality arrives. This could be an out of place smell of a lost friend’s perfume, knowing that something bad happened to a distant family member, having a coherent conversation with a radio, getting abducted by aliens, an odd email, a ghost pinching your arm, or forgetting your camera on a walk where Bigfoot and Mothman are having tea.

Minds have holes.

People have gaps in their knowledge. When an information hole is recognized, people often wish to learn more about the subject to fill it.

So when people experience this hole in reality, something for which they have no external context or information, they begin seeking. They find words like “phenomena” and “High Strangeness”. A hole in reality causes motion to a new one that explains the hole away.

Light has holes.

A shadow is a hole in light. A place where the light is not.

If we construct an analogy wherein light represents our awareness, coming from our center and illuminating the world around us, then a shadow in that light would be something we have misunderstood or seen improperly.

Imagine being in bed, late at night, and you wake up from a restless dream. You look around your bedroom and notice a figure standing in the corner, watching you and completely motionless. You reach over and flick on the light, and the menacing silhouette is revealed to be nothing but a pile of clothes. By finding the origin of the shadow, filling the hole in our awareness of things, we dispel the illusion.

But these need not be optical illusions. Consider someone who touches a hot stove as a child and gets burnt, and then lives with a fear of touching a stove even if it is cold. The stove is not hot, there is no danger, and even if they can consciously rationalize it is safe the shadow in their perception of the world leads them to a false belief about it.

Divinity does not have holes.

Superfractal, indivisible but with each conceptual part containing the entirety of the whole.

But, we as humans can imagine an apparent lack of Divinity in an area (though perhaps poorly, without a perfect understanding of God), so what happens when the Divine itself does that?

Instead of saying “I Am“, it says “There is naught”.

Well, it cannot divide itself nor not be, and so within the apparent place where it does not exist it finds itself. Mirrored. A perfect hologram. A conceptual inversion, viewed from an apparent outside.

What sort of motion would such a hole provoke?

Motion in such a fashion does not exist to Divinity in Eternity. It is perpetually at rest in a timeless state. Motion requires time, for there has to be some metric to measure a distance.

And so we arrive at time. A perpetual “now”, with an apparent past and future that we never see. It is always now.

“Later” is the hole of the “now” through which we are pushed forward, within the body of the inverted Divinity, and in which we confuse the shadows we imagine for ourselves and for a separate external world.

And yet there is no hole, no later, beyond as a shadow in our own Divine mind.

As a friend of mine often signs off his livestreams, “Wash your holes”.

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