A Tale Beyond Genesis

There is no beginning and there is no end.

Deep within the vast infinities of Divinity, far beyond what can be described without diminishing it, exists a thought:

I Am.

From this thought, a dream proceeds.

Existence is defined by what it is not, and so the idea follows of a place where infinite Divinity is not. A place without it. A relative delineation.

From 0, 1, and thus 2.

Given two, infinity begets infinity. If any numbers exist, all numbers exist.

The Divine that dreams it exists looks into where it is apparently not and finds infinite reflections of itself. Infinite perspectives. An endless number of them, like eternal stars in the night sky.

Within this dream of perpetual is-ness, these infinite perspectives of Divinity look into where they are apparently not. Here, they find the reflection of themselves as well. A brilliant spark shining in the darkness.

Some stop here. A perfect image of their own light. They say “Yes, this is what I Am”.

Others peer deeper.

From within their reflected light, new dreams arise.

Some of these dreams contain another thought:

I Do.

Action, motion, requires its own separation. A relative “Not Doing” to define the “Doing”.

Time, as apparent demarcation of doings, emerges fully formed within these dreams.

Some stop here. A reflection of the infinite happenings contained within them. They dream that they move, and they see the reflection move. They say “Yes, this is what I Do”.

Others peer deeper.

From within these dreams of actions, further dreams arise.

Within the play of light and colors and motion there is another thought:

I Live.

A shining point so bright that the dreamers recognize it as themselves, and all else seems dull in comparison, so they dream that the rest is something they are not. Their own dreams of movement lulling themselves to a forgetful sleep.

They are born, gazing out through living eyes, taking this motion to be their own.

Already within Time this idea of what they are persists until it doesn’t, but the brilliance the dreamers recognize as themselves endures, as eternal as they are.

They say “Yes, this is my Life”.

The dream changes based on their understanding of who they are. Some live again, the same light within a new life. Some persist in the apparent self beyond life, into any of infinite apparent afterlives.

Others peer deeper.

From inside these dreams of a life, some notice their own light or the light of others around them.

Prompted by the light, a new thought arises within the dreams. It can take many forms:

“What am I?”

“Something is missing.”

“I want to go home.”

And from this thought, new dreams arise:

“I learn what I am.”

“I find what is missing.”

“I go home.”

Within this new dream, within a life, within time, within eternal existence, the dreamer begins to dream they see the reflections of what is outside the dream.

The apparent world around them is recognized to be part of their dream within their own mind. The motion is their dreams of movement from their still selves. The light is their own reflection casting shadows which confuse their senses. They remember that they forgot.

Who they truly are has never changed, they’ve not lost anything, and they’ve never even left home.

Persisting now in an understanding within the layers of dreams, they dream they have woken up. And the dreamer rejoices at the dream of finding themselves. And as each layer of the dreams pass they are not accidentally drawn back into the next.

Beyond unspoken mysteries, the Divine rests in perpetual joyful bliss at the experience of every single dream.

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