Scrying the Aethyrs: 23 – TOR

This is the text of my journal entry for my scrying of the 23rd Aethyr, TOR. See my previous post on scrying the aethyrs for instructions and a description of exactly what the Aethyrs are.

I light a candle, recite the 19th call, and lay down to let the vision arise.

I am walking down a black road with a dotted yellow line dividing it. The sky is bright, and there are palm trees flanking the street. Smaller bushes make it impossible to leave the road. Moving further down it, on my right side I see a combination gas station and convenience store. I leave the road and walk through the parking lot up to its front door and enter.

A bell rings as the door swings open. The store is well stocked, but there are no customers. I call out “Hello?” but get no answer. I ding the bell at the register and a small, goblin-like white figure emerges from a back room and scurries behind the counter. “Come on, you don’t want to be late” he says, pulling open a trap door. I walk around the counter and see a ladder leading down.

Climbing down the ladder, I find myself in a small smoky room. There is a small tv near the top of the wall to my right displaying a black and white feed of the inside of the store. Beneath it is a refrigerator with a see-through door, stocked with drinks. There are a few card tables scattered around the room. At the closest is a figure in a black suit with three faces. He has white, angelic wings that stretch the length of the room.

This is ONIZIMP. Motioning for me to sit, he waterfalls a deck of playing cards in his hands and spreads them facedown on the table in front of me. He tells me to pick a card. Removing one from near the center, I turn it over revealing the Ace of Diamonds. He has me pick another: the Two of Diamonds. Behind him, I see a cup, pentacle, sword, and wand, signifying him as The Magician.

I say “I thought this was a place to play games”. He responds “It can be, if you like”. He sweeps up the cards and shuffles them, dealing two cards to each of us, one face up and one face down. His shows the Queen of Hearts. Mine has the Jack of Diamonds showing, and facedown I have the Two of Diamonds. “Hit me” I say, and another card is dealt: the Eight of Clubs. I say that I will stay, and flip my facedown card to reveal it. He flips his as well, the Ten of Diamonds.

We both have 20 showing on the cards, and he flips one last card and places it between us: The Ace of Diamonds. He says “This is where the magick happens”. I understand the meaning behind this: There is no trick, or slight of hand, in the cards that came up. There is no “magic”, or maybe it is more appropriate to say that everything is equally magick.

This place that I am in is a demonstration of the effortless manifestation of reality. It is confusing in the moment, but becomes clearer as I stop trying to force myself to understand. Things are the way they are because they are the way they are. There is no prior condition here required for being. No trick required. Nothing hidden behind the scenes to shape the world. It is a manifested expression of its own nature. Our nature, and our understanding of that nature.

He tells me I have forgotten something, pointing toward a door in the back corner of this room. I open it, finding a walk-in freezer. There are objects on the shelves covered in frost to the point that I cannot discern what they are, but at the rear is what seems like a glass sphere shining with a golden light from within. I pick it up and, holding it with both hands, return to the game room.

ONIZIMP now looks like a “biblically accurate angel”. Six wings: two up, two down, and two crossing each other at the midpoint. At the center he is nothing but a shining golden light, similar to the orb in my hands. I press it to my chest, and it disappears from my hands as I feel a warmth wash over me.

The room seems to freeze in time, and I seem to be disconnected from the reality of it. It is as if I am remaining completely still and am without dimension, and the dimensions of the room can be whatever I want them to be. I am able to rotate it around in front of me, seeing it from any angle, like I was turning around a dollhouse in my hands. I can change the “when” of the room as well, moving backwards and forwards in time to see myself sitting at the card table.

I return to my perspective as a being within the room and walk back to the card table. I try to explain my understanding of this place to ONIZIMP, to confirm that I am understanding correctly, but the more that I try to put it into words the less it feels like it makes sense. It is something described better with silence than words. An unconditional nature unto itself that does not require speech, as the method by which the unconditional manifests in the conditional world. He says that my frustration with it is OK, and assures me that I do understand. I thank him, and the vision ends.

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