Reflections Part 4: The Mind of God

On January 8th, 2023 I laid down outside as part of my daily rituals.

In the middle of the Unbinding practice for that day a thought kept pressing its way into my head. I did my best to simply recognize it and let it pass, but it arrived over and over again to the point that it was interrupting the practice.

I pushed it away and refocused, but it came back once more. As it did, it was so intense that it completely took over and pulled me into a vision. The following is a description of what I saw.

I did not feel any familiar sensation of expansion, as has commonly happened with these sorts of experiences in the past. Instead, there was a feeling of intellectual and analytical comprehension of something.

My eyes were closed, but the blackness behind my eyelids opened up as if it was now also including the world around me. To my right I could hear, distantly, construction work happening. To my left a dog was barking a few houses down. Above me an airplane passed over and somewhere in front a car drove down the road.

And with the awareness of these things around me came a concept: The Mind of God.

Every thing that is is a thought within the Mind of God. It presented as though it were a physical place with spatial geography, and that the thoughts or concepts which make up or create each individual thing in what we call physical reality are present in, and in fact come from, this place that I was now aware of.

The “real” object (or sound, or sensation, or anything) is in fact a reflection or hologram of the conceptual thought brought forth through the attention of Divinity. These thoughts are brought here and manifest with the familiar appearances of our daily lives. Their geometry seemed to include the dimension of time as a part of their “material construction” (for lack of a better way to describe it), rather than as a description of how they change.

This includes us as well. The concept of “me” was as though I was a subdivision of this mind, completely whole in and of myself, but as a limited perspective within it. Though each of us is actually the full wholeness of it, the experience of this limited perspective is the source of things seeming “external” to myself. And the experience of my world is my limited perspective reflecting these thoughts as well. A recursive infinity of reflections both up and downward.

And, perhaps the most interesting part of it all, was the idea that it works both ways. While the thoughts are brought here from the Mind of God, the rearranging of the manifest reality here changes the arrangement of things there as well. The example that presented itself during this experience was cleaning and organizing a room. There has been quite a bit of writing on the idea that physically cleaning a space promotes a clearer mental health, and this was an analogue I was shown as a way of understanding this concept. The condition of one’s soul determining exactly what appearances arise within their life.

While not present during the vision itself, expansive and blissful feelings came about on their own a few hours later.

The Mind of God can be thought of as the same Eternity I have written about in previous posts, just seen a different way.

As Magia is the main tradition I follow, it is helpful to me to think of this experience in its terms. In this way, I can describe this experience as seeing the light of Eternity reflecting, and in turn this world of Time being that reflection.

From timeless perfection to manifest creation.

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