Scrying the Aethyrs: 2 – ARN

This is the text of my journal entry for my scrying of the 2nd Aethyr, ARN. See my previous post on scrying the aethyrs for instructions and a description of exactly what the Aethyrs are.

As with some others in the past, I scryed this Aethyr twice. The first attempt I simply did not realize how tired I was, and fell asleep shortly into it. Both sessions are contained here.

Monday June 5th, 2023

I light a candle, recite the 19th call, and lay down with my eyes closed to let the vision overtake me.

I am looking out the window of my bedroom to see the street in front of my house. It is night when I am scrying, but it is day in the vision.

I am in and apartment in New York City, looking out the large windows at Central Park.

A rift opens in the ground, like an earthquake splitting the city in two. However, it is more like a rift in “reality”. Rather than trees and rocks falling into the gap, the “textures” of the park are sliding down into it.

I fly through the glass of the window and over the rift. Past a few feet the sides of it are black, but from deep at the bottom is a line of pure white light.

I feel as if I’m being lifted upward. Not a pull or a push, but more like I am inside an elevator and the whole structure is rising. Music from a children’s movie briefly drifts through my head.

I continue rising and fly through a portal in space.

I find myself in a place where my left eye sees perfect blackness, and my right eye sees perfect whiteness.

I have an intrusive thought interrupt the vision, where I find myself wondering what Duncan and Crowley’s visions of this Aethyr were.

In real life, my dogs begin barking. I think of Gmork from The Neverending Story (which itself is an incredibly occult book and movie). I think of the Nothing from the same story. I think “nothing” is a canvas for “anything”. I think of the Ivory Tower where the Childlike Empress dwells.

I continue rising and shine with light, becoming a star in the night sky. I see a smiling woman’s face among the stars.

I see the night sky reflected in a puddle on a black street.

I see the night sky reflected on the surface of a lake.

I realize I have fallen asleep briefly, and try to focus back on the vision.

I see… a website? It is a non-specific white page as if displayed on a computer screen full of unreadable words.

Some time later I realize I have fallen asleep again. I give up on the vision for the day.

That night, I dream that I am moving at great speed through a tunnel made of hexagons. Their interiors are blue, and their outlines are orange.

Monday June 12, 2023

I light a candle, recite the 19th call, and lay down with my eyes closed to let the vision overtake me.

I am moving through “hyperspace” in the direction of my feet. Stars zoom past, and there is a double horizon: lines of brilliant white above and below me in the distance.

My body, though physical, feels formless.

It is as if I am smoke rising from a bonfire. Upon having this thought, I see a bonfire in a clearing in the woods with smoke rising from it, and I am within that column of smoke.

I rise above the trees and into the sky.

Leaving the Earth behind, now far below, I float among the stars.

Movement through this Aethyr seems slow, though there is also the impression that I am going great distances in little time. Somewhat of a paradox.

The stars recede away below me as well. I can see them far beneath me as I float continually upward in blackness.

Far above, a brilliant point of light becomes apparent. It gets larger and larger as I approach.

As I near it, I see that it is not an object shining, but a hole through which white light is pouring out.

I rise through the hole, leaving the universe behind.

[No further part of this article will be illustrated, as it does not feel possible to do so correctly]

I am surrounded by white light.

Continuing to rise, the world I left behind is a flat plane of blackness beneath me.

My perspective shifts such that I am no longer moving “up”, but “forward”.

At the center of this place of light is a brilliant silver ball, brighter than the whiteness around me. There is no clear edge to it, but countless churning points dancing around. It sparkles like Christmas tinsel lit from within, with a breeze flicking it around.

It is so bright that my body is translucent in its presence.

I call out “Hello?” but receive no response.

I approach this thing, and the points closest to me recede while the edges reach out to wrap around me. I am enveloped in a bubble within it, like a white blood cell engulfing an intruder.

I have a sense that coming into direct contact with it would destroy me, or a part of me. Not maliciously, but like a shadow in the presence of light.

Floating in my bubble through this tinsel-sphere, I cannot see anything beyond the blinding sparkles.

I approach its center, and the sparkles pull back. There is a clearing here.

At the middle is a dull sphere of light, simultaneously gold and silver and pure white. The edges of it are bright and the middle is dim. It is both brighter and darker than the sparkles around me. More seeming paradoxes.

“Hello?” I ask.

“Hello.” it responds.

“Is this the 2nd Aethyr?”


“Who are you?”

“I am [a/the/ ] Metatron.”

The entity simultaneously used the words “a” and “the” while also not including an article in the sentence. It “speaks” without a voice. By this I mean, that I have the impression of it “speaking”, not of it putting words into my mind, but there is no associated sound.

The next part is hard to describe, as the conversation I had seemed to take form as a whole. Rather than back and forth linear speech I slowly became aware of the entirety of it. I will do my best here to add some temporality.

I ask “What is here that I should learn/see/interact with/hear/smell/taste/feel/know/experience?”

My way of speaking/thinking begins to take on a similar quality to the entity before me, where I am simultaneously using multiple words.


An understanding is impressed upon me.

I will try to explain this in terms of playing Dungeons and Dragons. This is a pen and paper roleplaying game, where each player gets a character to take on an adventure, and one person, known as the Dungeon Master, controls everything else in the world. The Dungeon Master plays every other character, describes the sensations the player’s characters are aware of, and the events the experience. The players describe the actions their characters take in the world.

At any point, often when a character dies, the players can create a new character. There is a shared world, sometimes created by the Dungeon Master, sometimes created by someone else and published for others to use. If they so wished, the players could change who was the Dungeon Master for their game. They could play in the same world, or a different world.

The Dungeon Master can also take control of a character and say that they do something. This can create a dispute between the player and the Dungeon Master, with neither accepting the world the other has created. Or they can agree, and everything moves on from that point. The Dungeon Master could use the world of a different creator for the players to play in, and they might say something different than that original creator intended the world to be. This, again, could cause disputes between the players and the Dungeon Master, or even between separate Dungeon Masters in different games.

This set of agreements and disagreements, simultaneous possibilities of both agreeing and disagreeing at the same time about the state of the world, every possible permutation of a shared or unshared reality, is like each of our individual experiences of our world as both player and Dungeon Master.

This infinite set is present as/within the tinsel-sparkles of the sphere around me outside of the bubble I am safely contained within, which seem to flicker and move around me. But it is also clear they are unmoving and it is my perspective which is constantly shifting. We might say “multiple timelines/universes!”, but this is a way of thinking of it from below looking up. In this moment I am looking at it from the level it is on.

It is as if every individual “atom”, for lack of a better fundamental division, of the tinsel-sphere around me is an entire timeline-universe created from each “atom’s” opinion of each other one. Separate and one, a purely mental construction of possible/impossible infinite physical possibilities, burning together but each still individualized and containing the whole of all others.

The being before me is the same. It is My Metatron, but also The Metatron, but also A Metatron, and also not anything at all.

“I wish to touch you” I say.

“Raise your arm.”

I, physically, raise my arm from where I am laying scrying. Within the vision I see part of the light-entity before me stretch out into the bubble. I feel a very slight tingling within my fingers, similar to static from an old television which had just been turned off.

Time seems to stand still, as if it is ages between my questions/statements, but it also feels like I am rushing things.

“Have patience” it tells me.

I ask about things which are bothering me in my “regular” life, and immediately feel bad for asking about them.

Metatron responds. “Why would it not be appropriate to ask? You have to live your life. Those are part of that experience, as is this.”

My mind is flooded with things that I cannot clearly describe, and some not recall, but also feels perfectly empty. Within the vision, I find no other words or things to ask.

“Why are you doing this?” Metatron asks me, meaning the scryings.

“I.. don’t think I know. I just am.”


Time passes. I think. Much is unclear after the fact, despite seeming to make sense at the time.

“Is there anything else I should experience here?”

There is a period of silence before Metatron responds.

“No, this is finished.”

At this exact moment, my wife comes down the stairs and cautiously checks if she is interrupting me as I open my eyes as the vision ends.

As with previous Aethyrs, I had not read the scrying of Aethyr 2 by either Duncan Barford or Crowley before scrying today. I am reading them now, and adding relevant similarities here:

  • Duncan begins his scrying in a dream, flying lucidly through a park. I flew over Central Park split by a rift.
  • Duncan experiences a large, powerful entity, but loses lucidity of the vision. I encountered Metatron at the center of the tinsel-sphere, and I also fell asleep a few times during my first scrying attempt at this Aethyr.

  • Crowley speaks of Hebrew scribes joining different fables together to make a connected story, shaped by their social and political conditions. This reminds me of the atoms of the tinsel-sphere.
  • Crowley gets ideas here, from an unknown source, but no actual vision, and has to stop and try again at a later time. I also had to scry this Aethyr twice.
  • Crowley sees a brilliant whiteness through which all colors are implicit. This is similar to the “hole” of white I entered.
  • Crowley states pure light is colorless and the pure soul is black. This reminds me of when I saw black and white from my left and right eyes.
  • “In my Father’s house there are many mansions” Crowley quotes here. This reminds me again of the atoms of the tinsel-sphere. The reflection of the light rather than the reception of it.
  • Again, Crowley has to stop and try again later. This reminds me that I fell asleep twice during my scrying, before giving up to try later.
  • Crowley, finally getting a vision of the Aethyr, describes it as “burning”. This is very similar to my experience of the tinsel-sphere.
  • Crowley finds himself wondering what he can say. I had an experience of not knowing what to say.
  • Crowley cries out for help and states “I have come too close” as he moves through the Aethyr. This reminds me of the sense I had of the destructive or divorcive nature of the tinsel-sphere. Destroying one, or separating the physical and spiritual permanently.
  • Crowley loses his intelligibility for a while, as I lost my ability to describe what I was experiencing.
  • Crowley states of the Mystery of the Aethyr “even that which understandeth cannot hear its voice”. Metatron “spoke” via silence.
  • Crowley again pauses his vision, returning to it after he has scryed the 1st Aethyr.
  • Crowley again describes the whole of the Aethyr as swallowed in a forest of unquenchable fire. This would be an accurate description of the tinsel-sphere.

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