Conversations with The Seven: Part 3

Over the past year, I, along with my wife Cassandra, have conducted a series of experiments to contact spirits using an SB7 radio with the Estes Method, along with a Dreamachine. In doing so, I’ve started up a conversation with a group of entities that call themselves The Seven. This is a summary and partial transcript of the third session that is part of this particular working.

Session 3: SB7

October 7th, 2021 1:17AM

We start this session, only using an SB7 and the Estes method, by having Cassandra in the headphones and me talking her into a deep meditative trance state. Afterwards, I put out a call for friendly spirits who have been aware of us in the past and wish to help with our working to come forward and speak with us.

The spirits arrive and begin speaking in Spanish. I ask them to speak English, as I do not speak Spanish very well.

Jason: Who am I speaking with?

Spirit (Via Cassandra): You speak often to me.

Jason: What is your name?

Spirit: Allie. You're looking at problems. You were born. Stop being angry.

I assure the spirit we are not angry. Words begin coming in too fast for Cassandra to repeat, so we ask the spirit(s) to speak slower. Taking a few moments, we try again.

Spirit (via Cassandra): I'm Perrette. 

More conversation in Spanish follows. It takes a short time to convince them, once again, to speak English.

Spirit (via Cassandra): Needs doing.

Jason: What needs doing?

Spirit: Research. Its novel.

Jason: I'm down for some research.

Spirit: Maybe you are. One so grand. There are flowers here. A sort of clear power connected to air. Got it?

Jason: Yeah.

Spirit: We see Africa in the night. Moonlit September. Africa. Today I'm more of a TNT.

Jason: Are you here with us often, or only if we call you?

Spirit: Your mind. Out there. Unshy out there.

Spirit(a different voice): Its happening. Outside. Go fuck yourself.

A different voice has taken over the session. At this time I hear a soft noise outside. I go to check but, there’s nothing there. I hear it coming then from a few different places, and move to search each of them, but I cannot find its source.

Spirit(via Cassandra): Down the camera. Stop. Download. Stop.

Jason: Do you want me to stop recording?

Spirit: No need to beg you.... come on. Work it. Blood.

Jason: Who is making the noise I've been hearing.

Spirit: The Hermit. Did you like that? Funny. Annoying.

Jason: Do you think its funny trying to make me chase a sound around?

Spirit: Noisy lips. Incense. Yearly. Do it.

At this point, I command the rude spirit to depart and once again ask for the helpful spirits to return.

Spirit(Via Cassandra): Oh my. Power. Natural.

Jason: Who are you?

Spirit: One of Seven, only. For now.

Jason: Are you something that came when we used the Dreamachine previously?

Spirit: Yes. Easy, ok?

The spirits all begin talking at once, making communication difficult, so I once again ask them to slow down and we can restart talking.

Jason: Are we the only ones you come talk to, or are there others?

Spirit(via Cassandra): Others. He has onion eyes.

Jason: Tell me your name. Were we speaking to you earlier tonight, or is this someone else?

Spirit: Anna Farco.

Jason: That's your name?

Spirit: Yeah.

Jason: What would you like to talk about?

Spirit: Something specific. The music in me.

Jason: Is that the sound I've been hearing?

Spirit: Are you looking?

Jason: I was, but I can't find where its coming from.

Spirit: Did you find it? Its not outside. Far away.

At this point, frustratingly, another rude voice once again takes over the session.

Spirit(via Cassandra): Scared.

Jason: I dont think anyone here is scared.

Spirit: You are.

Jason: I am not.

Spirit: I'm right.

Jason: Are people that talk to you normally scared?

Spirit: ...You say no. Get out of it. We bind.

After this we’re unable to get the more helpful voice back, and end the session for the night.

This is the first time this particular set of spirits have identified themselves as a cohesive group to us. They seem to be specifically a group engaged in some sort of research, and they are ones that have come to contact us previously.

This session was a big one for us, not only because we got some clear identifications, but also that we successfully called back the same group of entities. Our methods were not refined yet at this point, but over time we have become skilled at calling entities that we want to speak to, and only those entities.

The rude voice in this session seemed to only want to get in the way. Its possible this was “Lagrand”, a voice from the previous session. Overall so far we’ve identified five by name: Lagrand, Flickr, Ally, Perrette, and Anna Farco. There are others that we know my temperament only, and at least one that only speaks Spanish, who we’ve had difficulty communicating with.

The next session is one of the longer ones we’ve done, with many different entities coming forth, almost as if The Seven have now realized this is something we’ll continually be doing and are bringing others to speak with us as well.