Conversations with The Seven: Part 2

Over the past year, I, along with my wife Cassandra, have conducted a series of experiments to contact spirits using an SB7 radio with the Estes Method, along with a Dreamachine. In doing so, I’ve started up a conversation with a group of entities that call themselves The Seven. This is a summary and partial transcript of the second session.

Session 2: Dreamachine and SB7

June 27, 2021. 11:26 PM

I am in the isolation headphones, both of us looking toward the Dreamachine with our eyes closed.

I see flashing lights in a checkerboard pattern, and Cassandra sees a full red field of vision. My vision changes to be that of television static, and then a very clear rainbow pattern. The rainbow begins spinning, and I find myself seeing a disk that is reminiscent of a UFO rotating at a rapid speed, with multiple lights on it.

Spirit, via Jason:
Reading you.

Cassandra: Both of us?

Spirit: People.

Cassandra: How many of you are there?

Spirit: Counting...

Cassandra: Sure, take your time.

Spirit: 20.

I begin experiencing an effect wherein the switching of the radio station exactly syncs up with the flashing of the lights that I can see.

Spirit, via Jason: Tell me something.

Cassandra: What would you like to know?

Spirit: What's around? 

Cassandra: We're in our house. There are three dogs and a cat and a snake. 

Spirit: Cat 

Cassandra: Moosh. My cat Moosh.

Cassandra at this point says that she sees a cat. Not our cat, just a cat laying down. Then, through closed eyes, she clearly is able to see the table in front of her. The black cat lays in front of the record player as it spins.

Spirit, via Jason: You are seeing.

Cassandra: Is that you?

Spirit: Doubtless.

Cassandra: Thank you for joining us.

Spirit: Call for more. Do you hear me?

Cassandra: I can hear you.

Spirit: We hear you. Clearly. It's something important.

Cassandra: I dont understand, can you say more?

Spirit: We want it.

A pause in dialogue, then a new voice comes through the box.

Spirit, via Jason: Hello. 

Jason: That was a different voice.

Spirit: Welcome. 

Cassandra: Thank you. Who are you? 

Spirit: It's me.

Cassandra: Do we know you? 

Spirit: You will. 

Cassandra: What name shall we call you?

Spirit: Flicker. 

Cassandra: It's a good name.

Spirit: Hold on. [pause]. It's OK.

Cassandra: Did you have to check something?

Spirit: We looked at it.

Cassandra: What did you look at?

Spirit: The device. Go round. Go round. 

The spirits seem to be checking out the radio and the dreamachine. The dreamachine spins rapidly, and they seem to be commenting on this fact. We lose contact and reestablish it a few more times, as the spirits comment that they are trying different things and that this communication is difficult for them. “Completing the call is hard”.

Cassandra: Why have you contacted us?

Spirit, via Jason: We're fortunate. [A Pause]. Explosions. Boom! Colors! Fireworks! Lights! OK.

The words coming through the radio are describing what we’re both seeing.

Spirit, via Jason: Touch me.

Cassandra: Where are you?

Spirit: Up. 

Cassandra: Can't reach very high up. What will happen if I do?

Spirit: Hmm, it's high? 

Cassandra: It is. See my problem. 

Spirit: Okay, maybe not. Damn.

Cassandra: [Laughing] Sorry.

A loud voice comes through speaking in a language I don’t understand and am unable to repeat. It comments “It’s loud” and I, annoyed, respond “YES, it is!”. “Sorry!” it responds. This individual stops talking. We decide to take a short break, and switch.

Cassandra is now in the headphones. We reestablish communication and the spirit says “Teamwork.” It tells us we have work to do in July, related to music. It introduces itself as “Lagrand” and shortly after some very rude words begin to come through. At this point, we ended the session.